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Catch The Pun And Have Fun

To a devotee, Baba once asked, “How do you spell wife?” “W-I-F-E”, the devotee responded. Then making an acronym of the word ‘wife’, Baba mischievously teased the devotee saying, “it means Worries Invited For Ever”. The devotee put on a downcast expression. Baba to cheer up the devotee changed it instantaneously saying, “No – it’s Wisdom Invited For Ever”.
In another instance, Baba remarked to a devotee, “What interests you is not Divine but ‘deep wine’ ”. Similarly, He said to a group of devotees once, “I know your committees, they are all ‘Come-To-Tea’ ”.

Picture 1Instances like this are galore when Baba through practical jokes has conveyed penetrating and profound messages that one cannot forget so easily. Anybody who has had the good fortune of interacting or observing Baba at close quarters would know how often Baba puns with words, splits words and plays with the words. Everything He does is soaked with his all conquering love and has a definite purpose though it may appear childlike to the naïve. Through His wise and witty words, Baba, not only gives us so much joy and happiness, but also teaches us the most profound spiritual truths in a manner even a child can understand.

Having said all this, now, we have for you a simple exercise which we are sure you will enjoy it. Down below are a list of simple, nay, apparently simple words which Baba has often punned or split to give us new insights and fresh perspectives. All you have to do is to tell us how Baba has often punned or re-examined these words for our benefit.

1. Diamond
2. Technology
3. Devotion
4. Silence
5. Properties
6. Hrudaya
7. Samsara
8. History
9. Politics
10. Mankind
11. Samaadhi
12. Sadhana
13. Radha
14. Baba says,
a) “People crave for interviews, but what is important is ________.”
b) “One should study to be ________.”
c) “The only way to immortality from mortality is removal of ________.”
15. Vinayaka
16. Sai baba


Volume - 2 Issue - 13 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004