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  Volume 3 - Issue 9
SEP 2005


Spiritual Quiz

Quiz-I - On Swami's Life and Mission called Blessings of Divinity.in September and
Quiz-II - On different religions called Faiths of the World.

Quiz- I

Blessings of Divinity...in September

A Quiz on Swami's Life and Mission

Every month is special, for most of its days have been hallowed by Bhagavan's divine mission as anniversaries or divine festivals. As before, we have selected the current month, now September, and picked out some significant happenings in September, during which Swami has made His mark in His(own)story. Can you remember the years to match these important events?

Before you get started, a small reminder: the Quiz format is designed more to tell you than to test you, to tell you about the milestones in the life of our Lord. So, don't worry so much if you cannot get them all right, as you can teach yourself the answers and learn more about Swami simply by doing this quiz.

1.The Golden Chariot Festival was held to fulfil a scriptural prophecy. Swami blessed all from atop the chariot and later gave a discourse during which He said, "Whether you believe or not I have no liking for such functions. What should be offered to Bhagavan is unsullied love...It is better to sell such objects and use the money for providing drinking water to the people." When did this occur?

2.Swami visited Mysore for the first time when young in age and witnessed the Dasara Festival; when was this?

3.The Sri Sathya Central Trust oversees all of Swami's service activities such as the water projects, the educational and medical institutions etc. Swami commented on the Trust as follows, "All these years, I have been personally supervising the day-to-day affairs of the Trust. Ever since my students have joined the Trust, they have taken up the responsibility and are doing a good job." (10-9-02) When was it founded?

4.The National Symposium on Value Orientation was attended by Vice-Chancellors and educationists from all over India. In the Valedictory discourse Bhagavan stated, "The heart cannot be transformed by lessons in a classroom. The world cannot be changed by mere preaching. Only through action and practical example can the impulse for change be intensified." What year was this?

5. H2H's cover story in the issue Dec 01 2003 was on the 'Enchanting Festival' otherwise known as 'Dasara' when Prashanti resounds to the priest's chanting of the Vedas for hours each day. This has been celebrated every year since its inception in.?


Faiths of the World

6. Zoroastrianism is an ancient religion. Which country did it originate from?

7. In the Jain religion, what were the names of Lord Mahavir's parents?

8. Where did Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba go to school at the age of 7 years?

9. What presently stands in the birthplace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba? Is it:

10. In which state in India did Shirdi Sai Baba live? In the state of -

Vol 3 Issue 9 - September 2005
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