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  Volume 3 - Issue 11


(Continued from the previous issue)


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LAKSHMI BAI: Baba! …..Baba!…..Baba! …….Baba!

Baba now calls out to His other devotees.

BABA: Shyama…….Malsa……are they here?

MALSA: Baba, all of us devotees are near you …….We are all here, Baba!……….Ramachandra Patil, Bala Shinde, Lakshmi Bai, Bhadoji, Nimodkar, Appa Kote Patil……………..all are here Baba!

With quite an effort, Baba gets up, sits, and begins to talk to them.

BABA: So you are all here………………Only four more days left for Vijaya Dasami [the last day of the Navarathri Festival that typically comes in September or October; Sirdi Baba gave up His body on Vijaya Dasami day]……….. I am not able to go to Lendi [the garden created by Baba] or to seek food……….I think Buti Wada is better for Me than this place. I’ll go there. Take Me to the Krishna Temple in Buti Wada. ….Malsa, take Me to the Krishna Temple .

Baba has a violent coughing fit.

A DEVOTEE: Baba, Your health is not good. You look very weak. Please Baba, take rest here itself.

ANOTHER DEVOTEE: Baba, after You get better, I shall myself take you there.

BABA: I feel like going there right now. It will be good for me if I go.

MAN: Baba, we cannot go against Your will. But please! If you rest here for three or four days, You can go to Buti Wada by Yourself.

BABA: Does that mean all of you will not come with me now?

MAN: Baba! What are You saying!! Can we live even for a second without You? Surely, we will go wherever You go!


ANOTHER MAN: We are just anxious about Your health Baba, that’s all.

BABA: Shyama……Appa Kote Patil……Malsa…..Ramachandra Patil…. Why are you all so full of anxiety? Whatever has to happen will happen. You should not worry. Understand?

LAKSHMI BAI: Baba, we are frightened by Your words.

BABA: Lakshmi, why are you afraid? It is an illusion to think we have come to this world. It is another illusion to think we exist here. To believe that we leave this world is yet another illusion! This business of so-called coming and going from this world is all a part of the Lord’s Play! It is a part of the secret of Creation! When we came into this world, were we afraid? In the same way, why should be afraid to leave it? We should not be afraid because it is all a part of secret of Creation! That’s all. … It is time for Bhajan. All of you go without any worry. ….Go …..Go peacefully……Go please!

MALSA: How can we go, leaving You in Your present state?

BABA: Malsa! You cannot understand My situation but I understand yours! Nothing is permanent in this Creation, because impermanence is the very characteristic of Creation! However, I am Eternal! … Anyway, you will not understand these things! ….. Go please…..Don’t worry about Me. …I am alright… I really am!

Baba gets up

BABA: I ……. I say I am alright…Go away all of you!

Devotees take Pada Namaskar and leave one by one.

Slowly all the devotees leave and Baba is now alone and all by Himself.


Baba reflects.

BABA: How innocent are these people! They all are thinking about Me but do they know that I am all the time thinking about them?… How can they know!!

To Be Continued...


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Vol 3 Issue 11 - November 2005
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