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  Volume 4 - Issue 07 JULY 2006




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Dear Heart2Heart Team,

I thank God for this opportunity to be with Baba everyday of my life through Radio Sai receiving Baba's messages of love and wisdom. They are my everyday bread and the only reason why I run to the computer to see and feel what is awaiting me.

I 'discovered' Baba last year when I was looking through previously owned books at a market in Sydney, Australia when to my surprise I found a book written in Spanish (which is my mother tongue): 'Sai Baba, the Miracle Man'. Since it is very unusual to find books written in Spanish in Sydney (unless you look for them in bookstores or libraries where they specialise in books in that language) I immediately knew that the book's message was for me. Later, I found Radio Sai and I have been 'tuned' with it ever since.

I would like to thank everyone looking after the website and congratulate them for their wonderful work of love. I would like, if possible, to receive more personal stories of people who having come from a non-God-believing background (particularly if they are from Latin America ), and have found their faith through Baba. I often find myself being inspired or just simply crying over Baba's messages. Thank you once again for your love and dedication.

Margarita, Sydney, Australia.

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Dear Heart To Heart team,

I thank you for doing this service in a most wonderful way. You have asked how did you like this article, and did it help you anyway?" It is an understatement to say "yes, it is helping in many ways". Words can never experience what the heart feels. As the title says "heart to heart" the message goes where it goes, and it is doing its process of transformation.

I wanted to write earlier after reading the many articles. To mention a few "I am a Sai devotee by Sri Sai Sandesh’, ‘Unforgettable Moments with Sai’ by Chidamabaram Krishnan, ‘An Amazing Personal Transformation’ by Charu Sinha. I was particularly moved by the article by Sri B Arvind titled "Precious Closeness to Bhagavan".

In this world of constant distractions, this service of yours serves as a constant reminder to people like us who long to achieve the pristine state of surrender. Therefore, I would like to have as many article as possible. They are just wonderful.

With love,
R.Balakumar, Taiwan .

Response to the Sai Seva article "Creating New lives...Through Service." To read this now, click here.

Dear Brothers and Sisters at Radio Sai,

A few days back you published another great article and quoted a devotee's question about how to combine a Godly life with this earthly one - or at least something to that effect. This question touched something in me.

This morning when I was doing something really wonderful that is also seva, I had, what was to me, a very inspiring thought that could very well be a little short inspirational message:

This life can be so stressful. You feel like you are always running after the proverbial carrot on a stick. You know that you will never reach it - and Swami tells us that it is not even worth running after. This thought came to me in response to the futility of my striving:

There is nothing out there,
In time or in space.
The goal is right here - right now.
And the goal is to realize that -
I am - right here in the heart...right now.

- Anita, Carlsbad, NM, USA .

Response to the feature articles "Mantras - Man's Link To God" and "Sai Movement in Guatemala."

Dear Team,

Thank you so much for the article on Raimundo Panikkar - "Mantras - Man's Link to God". I was so excited to find out about him because I am hoping to enter graduate school soon for religious studies. The dialogue between Christianity and Eastern religions is a controversial topic around here (Toronto, Canada), in both academic and lay discussion. Dr. Panikkar's broadminded approach is extremely exciting, and thankfully, I discovered that my university library system carries many of his books.

All of the articles on the website are excellent and beautifully presented. I have begun to read from the article on Buddhism to our mostly Sinhalese Buddhist Sai Centre, as members often gripe that they don't learn much at their temples. So it is very helpful. For me, personally, as a practicing Hindu, the articles on the Vedas are superb, as it is very difficult to find such information presented in an accessible way. Around Easter, there was also a beautiful article on Christ that I enjoyed immensely, as my father is Catholic. The religious and spiritual education on the website is of a very high quality, expertly done, and easy to absorb. It is difficult to find this quality of education elsewhere!

I also very much enjoyed the article on the Sai Movement in Guatemala and would love to see more articles about the Sai Movement in other countries. It helps a lot to know that there truly is a common bond that is uniting humanity in this way, and it is wonderful and inspiring to see Swami's message transcribed into different languages and cultures. I particularly enjoyed seeing the photographs of the happy children in the Sai school in Guatemala . Sometimes people get misled into thinking that Swami's mission is a Hindu/Indian one, exclusive to a particular group of people, so this is wonderful evidence that God transcends all boundaries of religion, culture, or nationality. It is also nice to learn about the history and geography of different parts of the world - it is very important to be aware of the rest of the world.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this service! You are educating us all!

Sai Ram, Ellesha Wanigasekera.

Response to the Sai World News article "Sai Hospitals - A Revelation At IIM-A Health Conference." To read this now, click here.

Dear H2H Team and Dr Venkataraman,

Sai Ram to you all!

Thank you very much for the scintillating presentation of Dr Anil Kumar at IIM-A. We got the opportunity to see for ourselves the wonderful work which the Sai Organisation is doing. It also makes us think. We want to appreciate the various extracts of conversations that you are letting us access through H2H. We sometimes miss the lovely talks and discussions on RadioSai. It would be indeed wonderful if these conversations become available for us on H2H. In particular, Dr Venkataraman's talks on Shirdi Sai Baba could be put on the web for us.

S. Mohan

[Dear Mohan, we will be having the Shirdi talks of Dr. Venkataraman in H2H as a serial article sometime in the near future.]

Response to the Swami And Me article "Precious Closeness To Bhagawan." To read this now, click here.

Sai Ram,

Dear Devotee of Sai,

Thank you for the transcript from Swami's student Arvind. The whole thing was so inspiring and helpful to me. More articles like that would be very much appreciated. Swami's students are so special, we want to be more like them so we need to know what they are doing in their spiritual practice, how they overcame challenges, and how they get close to Swami. Also I am grateful for your work for Radio Sai so we can get to read these articles.

Lisa Knight, Washington , D.C. USA.

Sai Ram,

The transcription 'Precious Closeness To Bhagawan' by Sri B Arvind, in the current issue of Heart to Heart was invaluable to me. I picked up many ways to practice my devotion, and it reaffirmed many of the ideas that I had. Please provide more in the future.

I think students who are directly under Swami's guidance can provide many pointers and guidance to other devotees of Swami, as they are have benefited first hand from His influence. (However, even as I say that, I am aware that I too am benefiting directly from His influence).

I read Sai Inspires either first thing in the morning, or during lunch in the midst of a busy day. It is a most soothing balm, and a great gift from Swami and His students. Thank you.

Kavitha Sandrasagaram, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dear Heart2Heart team.

My name is Krish Boodhoo and I am from Durban, Natal In South Africa. I have enjoyed immensly the talk given by brother B. Arvind and others that come via email to me. I read every message that comes via email from Heart2Heart team. I thank the Heart2Heart Team very much for the wonderful work they are doing. I love you all very much.

Jai Sai Ram.
Krish Boodhoo.


[Sai Inspires is a free daily inspirational email service sent to all subscribers. To subscribe to Sai Inspires, click here]

Dear Team,

My name is Simi Kavita Sikka, and I live in Fremont, California . I am 20 years old. I have been subscribed to your emails for about the last few months, I am so thoroughly gratified and appreciative of all the time and effort you devote to this noble cause. It truly enriches my life and furthers my connection with Swami. I have learned so much about life, love, spirtuality, forgiveness, forebearance, and most of all, about the teachings of beloved, beautiful Baba.

Please do let me know if there is anything I can do to assist or support you in any way possible. I would love to get involved. Thank you.

Sincerely, Simi.



I have been subscribing to H2H for some time now and I would like to congratulate your team and everyone for so diligently delivering this message from Swami to us on a daily basis. These small potions of love you send us everyday are what we need on many days to get along with our day to day activities in the right spirit! I have also saved up several of Swami’s pictures which I use for various functions organized here. Please keep up the good work, and pray that Swami continues to inspire you to do greater deeds!


Dear Heart 2 Heart Team Members,

Sairam, I am member since few days only, but I am very much impressed with the service what you are offering to us. We are physically far away from Swami. But after reading the messages from you we feel as if daily we are visiting Swami! Once again congratulations on the first anniversary of SAI INSPIRES.


Sai Ram,

Just a note to express my gratitude to the staff at Heart to Heart. I have been silent up to this point until I read this morning that it is your first anniversary. I have been reading the daily quotes and articles so long now that doing so has become such a precious and integral part of my life that it is hard to believe that there was ever a time when your publication did not exist.

Anyway, thank you so much for all that you do. Your beautiful service is enriching my life every day. I have not been able to travel to India in the past couple of years and H2H makes that fact easier to live with. I do believe that your articles are reminders that help me to integrate the fact of unity more firmly in my consciousness.

Again thank you and loving Sai Rams,

Dixie Cooper.

Dear Sai Brothers,

Most heartful congratulations in this first anniversary for your dedication and loving service to all of us, which comes in the form of these beautifully prepared messages that reach our hearts. It is most comforting to daily get a bit of Prashanti for all of us who have been born and have to live physically distant from Swami's enchanting and inspiring form.

Keep going with the good work!

Sai Ram,
Veronica, Argentina.


Every Sunday the subscribers to Sai Inspires also receive a spiritual discussion
on a topic of current relevance called Sunday Special Articles.

Responses to the Sunday Special “The Three C's” sent on 3rd Jun 2006.


Dear Spiritual Brothers and Sisters Team,

I am a regular reader of Sai Inspires and have been getting wonderful insights. Today's article on Conscious [C1], Conscience [C2], and Consciousness [C3] has further helped me to strengthen my belief that God is there in every one, including the one who hurts me and has helped me to remain conscious of my feelings and responses in my dealings with people. Please accept my hearty compliments.

Warm greetings to the entire team,
Sushil Goel.


I truly appreciated your article on the three Cs. It made me truly conscious of the subtle difference in evolutional stages from C1 to C3 via C2. True knowledge sets me free, and thanks to your article, I became a little freer on this sunny Sunday morning . Thank you for your good work. Please keep it up!

Mina Yamazaki,
Los Angeles, California, USA.

Om Sai Ram!

This is regarding your last Sunday special- 3 C's. I really appreciate your efforts in putting up the things in place in such a simplified and legitimate manner. The take away message was absolutely clear and it did enter deep inside me. Indeed, we humans are unique in being blessed with conscience to enable us to follow the path of righteousness. This is also true that being good is necessary but not enough to merge into the Ultimate. I think, internalising and practicing this concept of Universal consciousness is what brings about transformation of heart. I have always felt on coming in contact with many good natured people that what is it that is missing in them. What makes the Sai organisation so different from others? But then I realised it is this 'transfomation of heart' that makes one see the same God in all and loving all with no exception that makes this organiation so special. Thank you so much for sharing such valuable ideologies with us.

Jai Sai Ram!
Nayanika Jayaram Romanyuk

Dear Reader, you can write to us about your feedback/suggestions/comments concerning any article of H2H, Sai Inspires or Sunday Special write-ups at Please mention your name and country when you write to us.

– Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 07 - JULY 2006
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