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  Volume 4 - Issue 07 JULY 2006
Between you and us
Dear Reader,

We live in an age where we wake up everyday to be baffled by mind-boggling breakthroughs be it in information, communication and entertainment technology (or ICE as they call it) or genetic engineering or space exploration. We live in an age which is at the crossroads – the path to destruction or redemption. And each one of us, our every thought is adding to the mass which is attaining criticality. A good act will definitely add to the critical mass and so will the evil one. But now comes the best part. We live in an age which also hosts a phenomenon which is most remarkable, incredible and unprecedented. And what is more wonderful, we know about His existence!

What we have with us today is not an enlightened being but the being which embodies the consciousness of the cosmos in his 5-feet-three-inches tiny frame. Whether we realise it or not, our fortune is incalculable, unimaginable. For, how many times in the past have we got this opportunity to live with the ‘personification of all goodness in the universe’ and how many times in the future are we going to get it? And He is here moving amongst us, speaking to us, showering His love on us, caring for us in ways we cannot even fathom with His divine motherly love and also at the same time teaching us, training us and transforming us like nobody else can just like a perfect Guru.

Yes, He is the preceptor unparalleled and unprecedented in the history of mankind. For, there are instances in history where the guru has reached the heights of a Sadguru and become godlike but never before has God assumed the role of Sadguru. He is the one who has no guru above Him. Even avatars like Rama, Krishna and also Shirdi went to a Guru to get initiated but not Sai. So what is so special about God becoming a Guru? What difference does it make to us and to the world at large? And how do we make best use of this ‘once-in--lifetimes’ opportunity?

When you read our cover story you will find answers to all these. You will know that while an ordinary preceptor sees us as clods of earth awaiting to get molded, the Sadguru shows us that we are already perfect, only we have to become aware of it. The mission of a Sadguru is global, not local. It is not to redeem a few chosen ripe souls. A Sadguru is for everybody and He is all-pervading. Can we not see that happening every day?

Never before in the annals of man has there been such a phenomenon as what we are witnessing today: the experience of Bhagavan Baba as a Divine Presence by persons in different parts of the world, through inexplicable incidents and happenings. If streams of Chinese, Europeans, Americans, Africans and Asians continually pour into Prasanthi Nilayam for "darshan, sparshan and sambhashan" (seeing, touching and speaking to Baba) the common impulse that is animating all of them is a spiritual quest - the hunger to experience God as a personal reality.

In the Sai Seva section, when you read our story about how a criminal-infested village is now suffused with Sai bhajans and Seva; or the story of how Sai entered the hearts and minds of the Roman Catholics along the coasts of Atlantic and Pacific in Colombia in the features section; or in the Sai Seva section again, how Sai-inspired volunteers rushed to the scene within moments of devastation and death in the Yogyakarta region of Indonesia; Or how there is silent yet effective Education in Human Values programmes continuously going on in countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Israel and in many other European countries in the Sai World News section; Or even how the recently held “Walk For Values” in Toronto was a trial-blazer which made not only the local community and the government sit up and think but also inspired a chain of similar events creating a colossus of positive vibrations in different cities of Canada - again in the Sai World News section; or…well, we can go on and on but there is only so much that we can present to you in a month’s issue. But the crux of the issue, as already stated is this – when God assumes the role of a Sadguru, it is not for a few individuals, it is a mission which is mammoth and magnificent.

And it is an opportunity like no other because when God walks on earth, He is full of Love and so magnanimous that what would have taken years for us to achieve, He will grant us in a moment. It is like ‘liberalization of liberation’ in the divine scheme of things. All we have to do is to just make sure that we do not become a hindrance to His love.

In the Arathi song which we sing at the end of every bhajans session, we say: "Jai! Sadgurudeva!" (which means, Victory to the Divine Teacher of the Supreme Reality!) What is the victory we wish for Him? He seeks nothing from anyone, no earthly dominion or power. What then is the victory that will please Him? It is our response to His Divine epochal mission that will rejoice Him. It is when we see Him in every being and love every being the same way He loves and cares - that would be the real victory.

It was last year when during a session with the boys in Kodai Kanal Bhagwan said, “I don’t want your devotion”. All the boys were shocked. What else could He want?, they thought. That’s when He said, “I want transformation”. He continued “Devotion comes and goes. Transformation comes and stays.” So, let this become our mantra. Let’s take this as the Guru mantra that He has given us as we celebrate the auspicious occasion of Guru poornima this year.

Let us sparkle with the fullness of His love and shine and smile every moment of our life.

In Sai Service,
Heart2Heart Team
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Vol 4 Issue 07 - JULY 2006
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