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Feedback on the Cover Story


Sai Ram,

The cover story was excellent. Thanks much. I was there in person and your article brought me back there again!




Feedback on the Article: Tsumani Of Love

Sairam and pranams at the lotus Feet.

I read the article and I was witness to the wonderful experience in Chennai. Swami showed the world how much He loves His devotees and also the whole humanity. We are all blessed by His visit to Chennai. When He was here we had no other thought except to attend the yagna somehow and everything else was unimportant. When He left Chennai we felt as though our closest relative had gone away and we all missed Him and we still miss HIM!

Thanks for the article. Sairam.




Feedback on the article “What to Ask From Swami?”

 Dear Heart2Heart team,

Thank you for publishing the transcript of this brilliant and profound talk.  It was most incisive and illuminating.  The various scriptural quotations helped immensely as well, to illustrate the point that we often do not know what true happiness is - we look for it in the world while God waits until we are ready to seek it from its true Source!  One of Swami's analogies fits here - that of the camel chewing the thorn-bushes, enjoying the taste of its own blood, and thinking that the thorn-bushes are responsible! We are much like that camel, thinking that external things give or remove our happiness, when truly, we are responsible for that!  Thank you for this incredible article. 

Ellesha Wanigasekera

Toronto , Canada

Feedback to the Article: Gita for Children


The writings of GITA FOR CHILDREN’ , with all its beautiful pictures and simplicity in language is commendable.  Is it published in the form of a book and available for purchase, if so please do let us know about the same. Thanking you, Jai sairam.

Dr. GVS Murthy, Jamshedpur .

[Dear Mr. Murthy, all these articles are available in the book entitled “Krishna Arjuna Dialogue” sold in the Books and Publications Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam].


Feedback to the Sunday Specialof March 11: Does Anyone Care?

I am prompted to write this letter in response to your Sunday Special dated March 11, 2007 . You have rightly highlighted the fall of values in our public life, especially in our elected house and how nobody seems to be bothered about it and instead are mislead by the poor quality of our media dishing out trivia. You have also pointed out the frightful scenario of our educational system which is focused on imparting 'knowledge' to the near total exclusion of skills and values into our younger generation and how it contributes to the present national scenario of falling values and how it forebodes even graver implications for the future.

Fortunately we have our Swami who has been preparing us - His devotees, His students - to face the unfolding dismal scenario and has been equipping us with the skill and the wisdom to counter the situation. I am reminded of my article, written by Swami's Grace, titled - 'What is progress?' published in Sept. 2005 of Heart2Heart, proposing a mechanism to counter this situation. I pray to Swami that he blesses the concept so that it can be improved upon, if needed, and is made into a reality.
Yours Truly,

Dear H2H team,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful articles and Swami's messages. I do read, enjoy and try to practice them. I do agree that values are very essential for us and they need to be taught at a young age. Today's curriculum needs to incorporate classes for ethical values and vocational skills.

I would like to see even meditation included in the curriculum. If the kids are taught from childhood, they would imbibe the values which helps them to become fine human beings. I will pray to Swami that He extend His system of teaching to all schools in all parts of India .

In my childhood I attended a primary school run by a Sai devotee called Sai Grace Primary school . I really liked the classes we had for moral values, bhajans, sloka recitals and story telling (which included various panchatantra tales and epic stories containing values). I hope and pray that at least some schools adopt this into their curriculum.

Thanks again for all the great articles, Regards, Sobha Gottipati


I agree that we have stopped listening fully, our concentration has been lost or should I say our lack of commitment to this great cause is missing. I am very worried about myself and my progress and the future of my children because of my progress in developing myself in the way that I should.

Swami has been screaming, appearing in our dreams, in our daily lives each and every day, yet our blindness and short sightedness is preventing us from seeing Him. Yes, He is there, every single moment; if we look at all the things happening around us and for us. Swami is making it happen just for us to recognize ourselves/God within these things. Daily life and all that happens around us is part of our spirituality. Seeing the everyday events in the right light and living life in the right way with everything that is happening around us is seeing “through what is happening”.

I learnt this idea of seeing through things to the end or final goal which is only God, which is our only destination. We should keep our hands focused on the daily actions and work in God’s workshop, but keep our mind looking through the suffering and pain, joy and successes to the eventual and final goal.

If I do not change, I cannot ask of anyone else to change, hence, I commit to changing myself from inside out before I can try to change the world. Swami by your Grace, may I succeed in this endeavour.

Jai Sai Ram, Nerven Maistry

Dear Editor, Sairam.

In these troubled times, the importance of value-based education propounded by Swami can’t be over-emphasized. However, more than anything else, in my personal opinion, we also need to instill and reinforce similar teachings in the adults as well, more particularly the parents of the target audience, i.e. the impressionable youngsters. Moral living in our homes will help build stronger values in the children and will make the task of the gurus so much easier, as the young minds will be able to relate better to whatever is imparted in the Bal Vikas / EHV classes. Above all, we do need to stress the point that in the present-day context, a commercially successful existence has its role to play in our lives, however, not to the exclusion of higher values that can yield higher satisfaction and better harmony among people.  

Mr. Ajit Kini , Abu Dhabi .

Sai Ram,
Thank you for this very important editor's article of today. It is a great pity that mother Bharat is also ailing from the same evils as the West suffers from. As to education:  as a young boy I was trained vocationally as a carpenter. In those days we had value-oriented lessons in between the vocational training, the school being a Roman Catholic school. Nowadays we don't find this anymore. We should pray to Swami to set up a next generation of educational institutions, especially for vocational and professional training at different levels, interspersed
with SSEHV.

Mr. Hein Vink, The Hague , Holland



I am very happy to see the article which agrees with my thoughts. For this same reason, I wonder how people spend hours together absolutely immersed in reading a paper every morning without fail. When I pick up the paper, I do not find anything worth reading. It's absolute junk.

Today, all the sources of entertainment are full of vulgarity, polluting the minds from a very tender age. A healthy home environment where children are taught to live an idealistic life showing basic common sense and human values is very much lacking today. Parents seem to grow in age - but maturity and responsibility towards family and society is lacking in them. Hence, the expectance that they will teach their children the way to live life is out of question. This is one of the reasons too why children do not respect them.

They do not find any love in the relationships, a sense of finishing one's duty by hook or crook is what is seen today, no matter whether one is harmed or hurt by the act.  The literacy percentage in the country is increasing; men and women are seen in the rat race for name, fame, and money. Everybody around is highly educated, trying their level best to earn as much money as possible. I wonder where the rat race will end up and where people will land upon reaching the finishing line. In fact, it is then that one will realize that the finishing line that appeared so beautiful from distance, doesn't exist in real. It's all an illusion of the mind.

Ms. Jaya.

Sai Ram

 Thanks for your recent articles which reiterate the value systems that need to be nourished and safeguarded amongst our growing numbers of Indian youth.

I am in full agreement that both newspapers and TV are responsible for the degradation of our youth. As you very rightly remarked, newspapers report sensational things about actors and actresses - their dressing, etc and the TV shows serials which are eroding the moral values of our children. None of the serials have values attached to it, they show splitting of families, love and sex, divorces, violence, acts of terrorism which the children absorb and imbibe. Unless government takes strict measures to stop this press and newspaper menace, we will lose our children and the youth to this evil demon.

Thanks once again for coming out with these articles and it is my sincere hope that by reading this people would do all within their means to bring sanity to our rich culture and heritage.

Sai Ram, L V Subramanian


Feedback to the Sunday Special March 18: Game of Love & Unity  


Dear H2H Team

Sai Ram to all of you!

The article on the ‘The Game of Love and Unity’ is excellent.   Even the best of scholars (from my point of view) would not have compiled such an article. Everything written is very true. Thank you and waiting eagerly to read many more.

Ms. Ranjani Silva , Australia


– Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 5 Issue 04 - APRIL 2007
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