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PART - 32

(Continued from the previous issue)


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Sathya comes back home and ponders deeply. His teacher and classmates want Him to go with them to the Scout Camp. For that, He must have money. But His brother has told Him to tell the Teacher that there is no money. Is there any other way of generating at least some money? He hit upon an idea. He has just been promoted to the next higher class. He no longer needs His old books. They are in very good condition. Perhaps, He could offer them on sale and get some cash. He decides to go to the house of a boy He knows, who might like to buy His books.

SATHYA: [standing outside the house of the boy] Kondalu, Kondalu!

KONDALU: [comes out] Raju, what brings You here?

SATHYA: You wanted old books, didn’t you? Look, I have brought them!

KONDALU: Old books? These appear to be new!

SATHYA: I don’t use these for My study; that’s why they are looking new.


KONDALU: What is the price?

SATHYA: I’ll give it to you at half-rate.

KONDALU: Half-rate means?

SATHYA: Ten rupees.

KONDALU: Ten rupees?

SATHYA: Yes, only ten rupees. With ten rupees, I can go the Pushpagiri Carnival and do service. That is why I am selling these books to you.

KONDALU: I cannot afford that price. I have only five rupees that my father earned with great difficulty; and that too in small coins! Raju, I cannot give You ten rupees

SATHYA: No problem; five rupees are enough, and take all these books.

KONDALU: Here are the five rupees [offers the money].

SATHYA: Kondalu, study well.

KONDALU: Raju, I can never forget Your kindness.

SATHYA: See you soon!



Sathya comes back to His house with the cash, which is in the form of small change. Trouble is in store for Him. As He enters, the coins slip and scatter all over. Seshama Raju’s mother-in-law sees the money and becomes agitated.

MOTHER-IN-LAW: Oh my! So much money, so much money, money, money! Where did You get all this money from? Did You steal it from here?

SATHYA: I did not steal. I got this money by selling My old text books.

MOTHER-IN-LAW: Sold old books? To whom?

SATHYA: To Kondalu. He is very poor. If you want, I’ll call him and you can check with him.

MOTHER-IN-LAW: Oh, so you want me to ask him? You two are together playing a drama – You for him and he for You! My goodness, the mouse is the witness for the cat! Where did You get this money from? Let Your elder brother come, and we’ll settle this business once and for all.

Seshama Raju enters

SESHAMA RAJU: What’s all this noise?

MOTHER-IN-LAW: No noise, son-in-law; just that He is saying that He got the money by selling His books. I am asking whether it is true or not.

SESHAMA RAJU: Sathyam where did You get this money? I am asking you!From where did You get this money? Books are for studying and not for selling. We all are struggling so that You may study well and secure a very good job but You are selling Your books, pencils, and pens! We just don’t know when You will change for the better!

SATHYA: It’s not that way brother; what I am trying to say is……

SESHAMA RAJU: Shut up! It You utter another word, I’ll lose my temper and I don’t know what I’ll do then. Get lost!

The Mothe in law takes all the coins.

MOTHER-IN-LAW: My money, my money!


Sathya’s plan has been scuttled; He now has no money and therefore cannot go to the Scout Camp. Soon, His friends would be coming to pick Him up. He must dodge them. So, when the boys come, He pretends to have a stomach ache.

SATHYA: Oh, pain, stomach pain, stomach pain, oh, oh, ……

BOY: Raju, what happened to You?

SATHYA: Stomach ache, severe stomach ache!

BOY: Oh dear! Why did You not take some medicine? Your pain would have come down.

SATHYA: No, I have not taken any medicine.

BOY: Raju, we are going to the Pushpagiri Carnival. It is time for the bus to leave. Aren’t You coming?

SATHYA: No, I am not coming.

BOY: Raju, if You do not come, we too will not go.

ANOTHER BOY: That’s right Raju, we will not go!

THIRD BOY: None of us will go!

SATHYA: You should not say that! All of you go to the Carnival, and I’ll come somehow or the other.

BOY: You’ll definitely come, won’t You?

SATHYA: I’ll come. I never break My promise. I always sustain those who have total faith and trust in Me. Now all of you go; I’ll find a way of coming to the Pushpagiri Carnival.

CHORUS: Really? You’ll come?

SATHYA: Definitely; I’ll come.

BOY: OK Raju, we will go; come on, let’s go.



(To be continued)

- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 5 Issue 08 - AUGUST 2007
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