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- Feedback from our readers on the July issue


Feedback on the Cover Story - The Legend of Sai Geetha… Unsurpassable and Eternal. Click here to read it again

I am not able to say the impact in words. In fact words fails to explain the impact of the article on me about the love of the saint elephant Sai Geetha towards God.
Even if you add a million pages more, it will be too short. If you can collect more love stories about Sai and Geetha it will be awesome. And if you can publish a series as part - I, II etc each month about Sai Geetha it will be great, but I can understand the practical difficulties. Thank you so much for this lovely and wonderful article. Thank you so much for your time dear heart to heart.
Jai Sairam,


Dear H2H Team, Sai Ram.
I just read the cover story of Sai Geeta and her relationship with Swami. You cannot imagine the inner inspiration that it brings me, and I gently wept at my work desk as I finished reading this incredible story of love. I live and work in Perth Australia and have known of and followed Swami since 1986, but have never seen Him physically. (But I have been blessed many times of His darshan in my dreams). He has also saved my life (literally) from 2 motorcycle accidents and a drowning as a youth, but that is another story! I only want to let you know thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for printing these amazing stories of love and devotion because they are very inspiring.
Sai Ram,
Paul Bachman.


Dear H2H Team,
I just finished reading the above story. For me it is marvellous that Swami gives us the opportunity to participate in the life of this little Princess and that He allows us to know about the bond between Him and Sai Geetha. Non stop tears were flowing while reading about the Divine Love between Him and Her. But this is not the first time. It happened to me before, concerning the preceding article about Sai Geetha from February: "A Mystifying Tale of Unmatched Love".

Last Christmas time, when I was in Prashanti I spent some time with Sai Geetha and before I Ieft again for Germany, I went to Her to tell Her goodbye and that I will return - but She is no more. This hurts my heart very much. The lesson Bhagavan gives us with all that concerns this pure celibate Soul is obvious and apparent. My personal longing is to experience a fraction of Her devotion and love for Swami. And this depends on Swami's Divine Will.
Loving regards,
Hannelore, Germany.


Dear brothers, Sairam,
I had the wonderful opportunity to be in Swami’s school and college between 1983 and 1992. We also had a great blessing of having Sai Geetha in front of the hostel the whole of the stay there.

The cover story on Sai Geetha is a wonderful ode to her legacy. The story was touching and heart rending - Swami Himself mentioned that Sai Geetha was the epitome of love and devotion and most of us need to imbibe that from her. Her soul rests in peace.
With warm love,
M Nagesh Babu.


Dear H2H Team,
The cover story was superb! Though it took me two days and several sittings to finish the reading, it was worth the effort. Sai Geetha was indeed a true "devotee in action". I was fortunate to touch and feed her at least six or seven times. Let me, join all of you and other devotees, to pay my last respect and prayers to our departed dear Sai Geetha.
Sai Ram,
Venugopal, Canada.


Sai Ram,
Thank you so much for this wonderful story about the relationship between Swami and His elephant. It moves you to tears. It is a pity, that many  photographs didn't come through. May be there is another possibility to show them? I hope so. From this story I learned that Sai Geetha could read our minds, which I also noticed during Swami's 75th Birthday celebrations. I was sitting on my wheelchair in the stadium, not far from the dais and the path along which Swami was expected to come. It was a cloudy day. Finally the procession came with Sai Geetha in front. When she was coming close to us patients, I thought: 'Oh, Geetha, you look beautiful! Isn't it nice to see your Lord again? You must be as happy as we are!' Immediately Geetha stopped walking, looked at me and lifted her trunk, sniffing the air. I kept communicating mentally with her. Her caretaker tried to persuade her to move on, but she didn't obey, still standing there with her trunk high up in the air. Understanding that this situation must have been somewhat awkward for her caretaker I decided to try to persuade her my way, by thinking: 'Geetha, I think it is better to walk on to your place from where you can welcome our beloved Lord better. He will surely be pleased with you.' Right after I had been thinking this, she lowered her trunk and continued majestically her way to her place.

For me it was clear, that she had read my mind, but I didn't tell anyone until reading a similar story in your tale. Now I know for sure that it was true and not my imagination carrying me away.

Although Swami says that He is not grieving, I can't help for feeling sorry for Him, for on the human side, it must be a loss to miss the only creature that loved Him so directly, with no nonsense, and that simply couldn't lie to Him, because she was an animal. For her there were no doubts, just unconditional Love and Faith. We will remember her with great loving respect and awe. 
With Sai Love, Henriette N.M. Schakel  


Dear H2H,
What a great article! Sai Geetha's devotion and Love for Swami brought tears and I was overwhelmed when I finished reading the article. The article was written extremely well and I forgot myself and stayed by Sai Geetha. Thank you so much. May Swami Bless you all.
In Loving Sairams,
Jay Ram, Toronto, Canada.


This article about Sai Geetha and her love for Swami has clearly depicted what true love is. Sai Geetha has made me feel really small in front of her. A few words to her:
My Dearest Sister Sai Geetha,
I have no words to express my wonder at your pure and unsullied love for Swami. I guess the tears that fell from my eyes when I was reading this article would've told you all that I felt about your relationship with Swami. I bow down before you from the bottom of my heart.
Sai Ram, Your Loving sister,
Roshni R.


Sai Ram Dear brothers,
I’m extremely thrilled to read your article on The Legend of Sai Geetha.  You all have done a marvellous job – unsurpassed by any I’ve read so far! Sai Geetha, an inspiration in itself, has indeed left a legacy of its devotion to our Swami, unrivalled by any in this day and age. Thank you once again for this beautiful offering to Swami’s beloved Sai Geetha. 
May Swami bless you all.
Shobhna Maharaj


Dear H2H team,
I have carefully gone thru the whole Cover Story about Sai Geetha. Not only that I am impressed but totally moved after reading the detailed information and wonderful description of all the events after she left the body.

No doubt, she was and will continue to be an example of "devotion in action"--an eye opener for many of us to follow this example in our lives. Of course, Bhagavan's love for us all, including for Sai Geetha, will continue to be a motivating factor in our lives.

The continuity of events is so well maintained that reading interest continues all thru. The whole story had a very long lasting impact on us. Myself and wife will surely talk about Sai Geetha between our friends and relatives, having known and understood so much about her after reading this story, which we would not have done otherwise.
Great job done! Our congratulations to all.
JK Dewan.


Sai Ram!
I have just completed your cover story on Sai Geetha. How touching and inspirational!  An example of devotion chosen to teach us via the costume of an elephant.  May I become a devotee like Sai Geetha!  This is my prayer and yearning today.
Jai Sai Ram.
Wilbert M. Stephenson, New York, USA.


Dear Heart2Heart Team,
The cover story on Sai Geetha was excellent. Tears were hiding my vision when I was reading. I really felt very much moved. I now know what Pure Love and Devotion is.

I have very little knowledge on Shri Sai as a divine form. I got this article from my friend as an email. Now I feel very bad for missing His darshan when He came to Chennai. Maybe I'll get it some day if He blesses me. Keep up the good work of enlightening people like me who have very little exposure to Shri Sai's love and greatness. Sarvam Krishnaarpanam.
Spiritually Yours,


Sai Ram to H2H team,
It was just wonderful, I have no words to explain at all. I could not read the entire article in one go, as I was choked and my eyes filled with tears, so I had to read it bit by bit to complete it. There was so much love and devotion depicted through her life which we were fortunate to witness in this Kaliyuga. We only read of Lord Hanuman but now we have seen her before our very own eyes. Dear Swami you have one true Devotee. Thank you for presenting Sai Geetha's Love in such a wonderful form.
With Regards,
Manjula C.K.


Om Sai Ram,
I am very much inspired with this story; really it is a source of inspiration for me. I can't express more than this. Really my eyes are filled with water while reading this story. No words to express Swamy's love.
G. Vineeth.


Aum Sri Sai Ram!
The cover story on Sai Geetha was wonderful and touching! I couldn't hold back my tears as I read about her love and devotion for our Swamy. It was such a detailed account that though unfortunately I have not seen her, I could feel her through your article. Thank you so much!
Radha N.


I was so moved by the story of Sai Geetha and her devotion and relationship with our beloved Satya Sai Baba. Today is the first of July 2007 and I was drawn to find my beloved Sai Baba.....for a long time I had lost touch as I could find no website. It was meant to be this day that I found you and am so grateful for now I can once again share in the glory and abundance of love and wisdom that emanates from the Lord. A most beautiful story, wonderful photographs, thank you so much.
With great love and blessings,
Isabel Morris, Philippines.


Feedback on: He Is My Swami - Conversation with Mrs. Padma Kasturi, Part - 3 Click here to read it again

Sai Ram Dear Members of the H2H Team,
I live in the UK. I really liked the articles on Padma Kasturi, and am looking forward to the next edition. I really would like to read more such conversations with Sai devotees.
Loving Regards,
Nimish Ubhayakar.


Sairam Dear H2H,
This article by Mrs.Padmini Hundy in July H2H is very good and inspiring. One thing I came to know from this article is we can serve our beloved Swami not only with this body but without also.  The author says Swami took her father because He has work to do with him.  Please keep publishing more life time experiences of our dear Swami's devotees.


Om Sai Ram,
I really enjoyed reading all the articles of Padma Kasturi.  They are all very touching and bring to light the love and affection Swami has for His devotees. Articles of this nature would be welcome definitely.  
Thiru Thirumalai, Canada.


Sai Ram!
Can we please have more lovely interviews with Padma Kasturi – it is so lovely to read and she has so much precious information.
Josephine Meister.


Feedback on: Amazing Grace In Africa Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,
I am so happy to have read this article, I will keep it as a treasure in my heart and I believe it is thanks to the grace of the Lord that I am able to read this and be happy.
With love, Sai Ram,
Mariette Sentobin, Belgium.


Feedback on: Gita For Children Click here to read it again

Dear Heart 2 Heart team,
I have just happened upon 'Gita for Children' and am looking forward to reading all the previous 31 parts I have missed. I am a student studying to become a yoga teacher as well as an educational teacher. These articles are perfect for me to learn from, as I study the history and philosophy behind yoga. Many thanks. Om Shanti,
Suzie Leadabrand.


Feedback on: The Sai Movement In Puerto Rico Click here to read it again

Thank you for wonderfully inspirational articles, such as this one, from around the world. I particularly enjoy reading how people have put into practice Swami's spiritual education/educare programs in various ways. Thank you again for your service.
Om Sairam.
Veena Sundararaman, Sai Spiritual  Education Coordinator, Palm Bay/Melbourne, Florida, USA.


Feedback on: A Life Time of Love Click here to read it again

A Life Time Of Love is fantastic. It shows the acquired merit of the person. Not all are so fortunate. Swami is protecting me also in the same way.


I felt very much moved by your article mentioned above. Our beloved Bhagavan Baba is a unique Avatar, that His devotees are blessed and granted so much bliss in this Kaliyugam. My whole hearted thanks to the Radiosai for conveying such good experienceses of the devotees.
With love and regards,
BCRamanna, Hyderabad, India.


Om Sai Ram,
Thank you for posting this miraculous article, it is so amazing and wonderful to read the leelas and miracles of Baba. On reading this my faith in Baba, that He is always watching us and protecting us and without His will nothing can happen, has increased.
Thank you Padminiji, for posting your experiences with Baba, so that all of us can read and share the joy and increase our faith in Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. May God be with everyone.
Om Sri Sai Ram,
Padma Somavaram, California, USA.


Feedback on: Prashanti Diary Click here to read it again

Dear team, Sai Ram,
Wishing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your achievements: reading the Prashanti Diary of June moved me to tears. "Chaala Santosham", as Swami would say. Go on with this wonderful service of yours, it brings love and light in
the hearts of those who are not longer able to come to Prashanti in their physical form.
Hein Vink, Holland.


Feedback on: the series Search For Infinity Click here to read it again

Dear Prof. G. Venktaraman,
I have gone through the series of articles written by you under the title Search For Infinity. They have been really informative and clarified various difficult concepts in a very easy way. These articles would really enhance the clarity of presentation of astro physics option to my IB Diploma students.
I have a request for you sir: If there is an article interlinking the Bhutakasa,Chidakasa and Chittakasa which Swami quotes quite often.
I thank each and every one at the Heart2Heart team and also Radio Sai Global Harmony for the wonderful articles and programmes that are being putup.
With regards and love,
CVK Sastry, HOD Physics, Good Shepherd International School, Ooty.


Feedback on: Sai Inspires, the daily inspirational email service

Sairam, Dear "Heart2Heart" Team!
Sai Inspires is truly a wonderful inspirational service. When I read one of the points in the nine-point Sadhana program outlined for Sai youth, regarding reading Baba's discourses daily, a thought came to me as to how nice it would be if I could receive excerpts from Baba's discourses daily in my email (since I access email daily). Further, it would be just perfect if that is accompanied
by an image of Baba. It also came to my mind that maybe I could try writing a computer program to do this.

But then Baba immediately put another thought in my mind about checking the website to see if any such service exists already. And when I checked, sure enough, I immediately found "Sai Inspires" which fulfilled all of the above ideas plus added more! I am truly amazed at how carefully this service has been designed. Thank you so much for performing this wonderful service for all Sai devotees.
Jai Sairam!


I enjoy reading all the messages from Baba and trying to make my life much better to be a good human being and love all. Thanks a lot for all the nice and beautiful messages of Baba.
kabhi alvida na kehna.
Love, Sunila.


Feedback on: the Get Inspired Story The Ultimate Solution and the Sunday Special from 8th July What Kind Of Bliss Is Ours

Sai Ram Dear Members of the H2H team,
I really liked the story "The Ultimate Solution". It has struck a chord within me. Please do keep on putting more such inspiring stories on the H2H website. I also liked the Sunday Special article "What Kind of Bliss is Ours?" I had heard that there have been incidents of former students of the institute standing up against corruption in their professions - I would very much like to read about such incidents in Sai Inspires.
Jai Sai Ram,
Nimish Ubhayakar.


Sai Ram,
The Sai Student in his article painted before the readers an appropriate and profound analogy yet in simple terms. It was an eye opener for me and it could not have been in more simple terms. As he rightly points out,  let us not be Dick, Tom and Harry and lose no further time in understanding the Sai comet, for we do not know when it will appear again.

Feedback on: the Sunday Special from 22nd July: Hamlet And The Dreamliner

Om Sai Ram, Dear Heart to Heart team,
This article makes you think.  It occurred to me that as Sai devotees, we are beholden to set an example.  Consider the amount of time, energy and money we spend visiting Prashanti Nilayam.  Don’t you think that with less visits to actually “see” Swami in the flesh, could we not develop a better ability to see Him in spirit?  Swami has indeed pointed out that we do not need to travel to see Him, as He is with us all the time.  If we concentrated on this don’t you think it would be more beneficial to the rest of humanity because, as minds are joined, we would be actually transmitting our thoughts to the collective unconscious, and thereby, to the collective consciousness.    I am carrying out experiments with patients demonstrating to them the power of their thoughts and how these affect their environment.
So what I am saying is this: we can set an example of “ceiling on desires” and, in the same token, contribute to the consciousness raising of humanity.
Although I am not one to often quote from the Bible, I would like to remind you of the story of Lot and his request to “God” to save Sodom (or Gomorra).  Allegedly, God said to Lot: “Find me 10 just men and I shall spare the city”.  Lot couldn’t find these just men, so God destroyed the city.  It seems that the message is the following:  Only a small number of people are needed to effect a change in the consciousness of the larger population.  Of course, the change needed has to radical and profound.  Isn’t that why Swami is here?  
Much love,
Jacqueline Trost MA, Australia.



The article clearly puts forward the truth that is in my mind also. The western culture places more emphasis on acquisition and enjoyment. Can the world support or sustain that style for all its billions of residents? Swami's advice of simple living and less desires is verily the answer. But how to spread this to the masses is the crux of the problem. There is no other way; we have to take Swamiji's teachings to the masses. The article is timely and thoughtful and truthful. First I will change myself and try to stand as an example. Thanks to H2H team.
Om Sairam,



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