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PART - 36

(Continued from the previous issue)

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Sathya goes to the well to fetch water. There He sees an old man struggling to draw water. There are many people already there but no one is making any effort to help the old man.

SATHYA [to a lady near the well]: That poor old man is struggling to draw water. Could you not help?

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LADY: If You are so full of concern, why don’t You draw for that man?

SECOND LADY: Leave that boy alone and pour water into this vessel.

SATHYA: Grandpa, you step aside…..Move over, and I’ll draw.

Sathya draws water for the old man.

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OLD MAN: May You live long and be happy!

A LADY: My dear boy, can You give me also some water?

SATHYA: Certainly mother.

Draws water for the lady.

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LADY: May You enjoy a long and happy life!

SATHYA: The strong must always help the weak; only then will God help you.


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The scene is again the Uravakonda High School. Raju has been made the class leader on account of His exemplary conduct. He is now in the class, cleaning the blackboard in advance of the commencement of the class.

A BOY: Raju, why are You cleaning the board?

SATHYA: I want to show how a class leader must set an example thorough his behaviour and actions. That is why I come ahead of everyone else to clean. For students, the classroom is the temple.

Only if it is clean will our minds and thoughts be sacred, and the Goddess of Learning bless us.

Soon, more boys come into the class. Sathya is wearing a white cap. One of the boys seizes the cap, and it gets passed around as Sathya tries to get it back. Despite Sathya’s repeated requests, the cap keeps getting passed around.

Sai Hoffer

SATHYA: Gaffar Khan, give back my cap….give …….Hey, give it back…..give……Shyam, return My cap…give, I say!… Gopal, give back the cap…..Khan, My cap please!

KHAN: What will You do if I do not return?

SATHYA: I won’t do anything. Khan, what will you do with My cap? You can only tease Me for a while and amuse yourself, isn’t that so?

KHAN: Raju, don’t You ever get angry?

SATHYA: No, Gaffar Khan. Anger is man’s enemy number one. Anger promotes the spirit of vengeance, leading in turn to conflict, and evil deeds. Slowly, man becomes submerged in emotional turbulence.

Mental agitation is like an invisible fire; it will slowly but surely consume man. That is why I keep far away from anger. ….Khan, if having My cap makes you happy, keep it.

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KHAN: Raju, You are just a student like me; yet, how nobly You speak! Here’s Your cap……..I have a request!

SATHYA: What is it?

KHAN: We have had our fill of sugar candy and such other sweets that You give us. Right now I feel like eating Mysore Pak! Will You give me some?

SATHYA: O yes!

Sai Hoffer

Sathya materialises Mysore Pak.

KHAN: Mysore Pak, Mysore Pak!!

BOY: Raju, will You give me a guava?

SATHYA: Certainly!

Sathya materialises a guava.

A BOY: Wow, a guava!

ANOTHER BOY: Raju, You gave him a guava; how about an orange for me?

SATHYA: Definitely!

Sathya materialises an orange.

BOY: Look! Orange ! Orange!!

Boys surround Sathya and clamour for all sorts of things. At this stage, the Teacher enters.

TEACHER: Silence, SILENCE! What’s all this noise? Is this a market place? Why are all of you crowding around Sathyam?

BOY: Sir, Raju is materialising sugar candy from thin air!

TEACHER: [sarcastically] Oh, sugar candy is it? Not tender coconut? Creating from thin air? What kind of a joke is this?

BOY: Sir, I’m not making this up; it really is true

TEACHER: True is it?…….Sathyam, come here…… It seems You are creating things out of thin air! Let’s see, how about creating a fruit for me?

Sathya creates a fruit. The Teacher is stunned.

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TEACHER: No, no! Not this…… I want a custard apple, custard apple!

Sathya creates a custard apple; the teacher stunned even more.


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Seshama Raju’s house. Seshama walks in and is greeted by his wife Suseela.

SESHAMA: Sathyam…..Hey Sathyam! Where is He? I can’t see Him.

SUSEELA: He said that He is going to meet His friends. It’s an hour since He went. He’ll be back soon…..

Sathya enters.

SUSEELA: Look! He is here!

SESHAMA: Sathyam, examinations are approaching; what’s the meaning of all these games? If You don’t stay at home and study hard, You will not pass in the English examination. Remember, You are now in a High School and not in the Puttaparthi Elementary School. Study hard!

SATHYA: I already know all the lessons. Without any further study, I can answer well.

SESHAMA: This is not like materialising things with magic and Mantras! Study! Only if You study hard can You really grasp.

SATHYA: I am not creating things. For Creation, God is the cause. Goddess Saraswati has showered Her Grace on Me. So, words will automatically flow from My pen.

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SESHAMA: Is that so? Tomorrow when You write the exams, we will know how much Goddess Saraswati has favoured You! Increasingly, Your speech lacks meaning. You seem to think that You Yourself are God! You must listen to what elders say and not argue.

SATHYA: I am not arguing. I am just expressing My faith and belief.

SESHAMA: Your faith is Yours, and my anguish is mine!


It is the day of the examination. Sathya comes to School and finds two of His classmates sitting under a tree. These two boys share the same desk with Him, and sit on either side. One of them is Ramesh and the other is Mahesh.

SATHYA: What’s this? Why are you both still sitting here? Are you not going to the examination hall?

RAMESH: Raju, we are not going to write the examination! We are going home!!

MAHESH: No matter how much we study, we cannot remember anything!

RAMESH: If we do not answer properly in the examination, the teachers will have a poor opinion of us.

MAHESH: Raju, we are going home!

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SATHYA: Listen, staying away from the exams after coming to School is not correct. Answer the questions for which you know the answer and leave the rest to Me. Listen to Me. Trust Me, and I will take care of everything.

BOYS: Alright Raju.


Sai Hoffer

The scene is the examination hall; the room is the classroom but the seating order is different. Sathya is well separated from Ramesh and Mahesh. The examination has commenced; the question paper has been distributed to the candidates.

TEACHER: First read all the questions carefully and then write proper answers. If any of you tries to copy, I’ll skin you alive! If you know the answer, write; otherwise, sit quietly in your place. No one is allowed to get out till the final closure bell rings. Now start writing!

Teacher moves around, and watches the boys writing.

TEACHER [to a boy looking at the teacher]: What are you staring at my face for?!… Look at the paper!! ..Hm, continue!

Sathya embarks on a Divine drama! He is about to help His friends. Meanwhile, those two boys are completely stumped; they are unable to answer the questions. But they have the faith that Sathya would somehow come to their rescue.

Sathya starts writing but quickly folds up the sheets. The teacher thinks Sathya is unable to answer the questions and is going to submit a blank answer sheet.

Sai Hoffer
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TEACHER [thinks]: What’s this? It is only five minutes since the exams started, and instead of answering the questions, Raju has written His name, folded the paper and kept it under the pad!… Why bother?!

The final bell rings; boys have to hand over the answer papers to the teacher and go out. Everyone does so. Sathya too hands over the answer book and goes out. He has given three answer books, not one! The other two are those supposed to be those of Ramesh and Mahesh. The answers in those books are in the handwriting of those two students!

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The teacher sees Sathya going out. He instinctively feels that something strange is going on but does not know what it is.

Sai Hoffer
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People may wonder: “Is what Sathya did correct?” This question looks at the matter in a purely worldly sense. Where God is concerned, such an analysis is meaningless. God will shower His Grace on anyone, at any time, and in any manner He wants. He is not bothered about worldly yardsticks. He is concerned only about the faith the devotee has in Him and the Love that the devotee has for Him. If faith and love are present, God is ready to do anything. This is the important lesson that Sathya communicated to the world through this most unusual episode.

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Vol 5 Issue 12 - DECEMBER 2007
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