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- Feedback from our readers on the November issue

Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say

Feedback on the Cover Story: Liberating Love … ‘Prema Jyothi’ Lights up Chennai Metro Click here to read it again

Truly!  The November issue of H2H is one of the best ever, specially the incredibly moving story of the Prema Jyoti exhibit in Chennai and the wonderful interview with Sri Raja Reddy.  You have outdone yourself for an all-time best issue of this monthly Prasad from Swami!  When are you arranging for an exhibit like this in the West, as we badly need it?   A video complement of these exhibits would perhaps be of great value outside of India. Thank you again for your service to devotees!

Perry Naik,

Atlanta, USA

Sai Ram,

My wife and I (in Australia) just watched and read your presentation on the H2H website - amazing, amazing, amazing!  You are all working so hard to spread the good words and work of Baba worldwide.  You may not be aware just how far-reaching your work is.  Thank you all so much.

In Baba's Love,

John Beales


Sai Ram,

I am a Sri Lankan Sai devotee from Ukraine. My request to you all is that the `Prema-Jyothi’ exhibition must take place in Ukraine and other Russian-speaking countries, because our Ukrainian Sai brothers and sisters are waiting for that.


B. Sathyojahthan.

My most humble pranams on the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Baba. It is really wonderful. I could not help reading the whole of it, though it was quite lengthy. Whoever visited 'PREM JYOTI' were blessed by His Grace. I bow my head in salutation to all those who organized it and managed it.

Jai Sai Ram,

Bodh Jawa,


The conversational presentation of the exhibition at Chennai was wonderful. My emotions can not be described adequately in words. I was in Chennai as long as I was on the computer. I was experiencing Swami's presence and love here in USA.   Thank you all very much.

Love, Viwanath.

I hope that this exhibition “Prema Jyothi” can once be staged in Holland too. It is to say in one word, God! God - Generation, organisation, destruction, but before the last (destruction), please come to Holland!

With kind regards,

Titia de Groot-Boelens.

This is a beautiful article and the style of putting it is even more heart rendering.  Relating incidences by people makes one feel so close to the situation - it is as if you can feel the proximity, and there is an automatic union with the supreme Baba. Thanks for putting the same down for all of us.


Sai Ram,

Koti Pranams to the most compassionate Lord Sai Nath! Your article is most inspiring. Is there an exhibition like this always present in Prasanthi Nilayam? Is it possible that this would be permanently kept in Chennai or Bangalore for the benefit of all? Thanks again for H2H. This is really food for our souls.

With love,

H.G. Krishnan,

Tata Consultancy Services

Dearest Heart to Heart team, I bow to our beloved Father Sathya Sai Baba. I want to thank you for this beautiful, moving, loving, soul touching, inspiring, elevating account of the Prema Jyothi experience in Chennai. I have no words to express my gratitude to you all and to all the volunteers in Chennai who made the exhibition a grand success and in the process changed several thousand lives.

God Bless,

A Servant of the Lord.

Om Sai Ram,

I am thankful to all the beautiful hands and the minds that made this lovely, inspiring and educational exhibition. Though I live in Australia, after going through the pictures and the videos on the website, I thought and felt it would have been a wonderful thing if the videos could be downloadable, so that people could share and be a part of the Sai-inspiration for others. The videos are extremely touching. I could feel all the speakers speaking from their hearts. I would appreciate if these videos could be made as downloadable files.

Sai Ram,

Vidya Mohan,



Feedback on: 'Enthralling Encounters with Eternity:
Conversations with Mr. Raja Reddy – Part 2'
Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

The talk by Shri Raja Reddy was very informative. I would like to share that when the mike was pulled out of Reddyji's mouth, I was present in the bhajan hall as I was a student of the Institute. Swami had come from the interview room and told one of the boys sitting in front not to give the mike to Mr Raja Reddyji.

It was a shock for all of us that time as we could not understand His ways. I was thinking what he would be feeling for such a humiliation. Here are old devotees with strong faith in Him that whatever He does is good for us. Till today this incident kept lingering in my mind to know Shri Rajareddy's reaction, because as students we could not muster courage to ask Him. It was only after reading the interview I felt really happy to know the strong faith which these old devotees have.

Thank you very much; kindly have more experiences from this devotee because he is very introverted and does not talk to anybody. Also he has not written any books. If not recorded, these beautiful experiences will go away with him!

Sai Ram,

Vikas Mishra

I cannot live without Heart to Heart. I love reading the inner views of people close to Baba. They answer every question that arises in my mind. I often think Baba only speaks to people close to Him. I have had an interview in 1978 when my group with Mr Tan F Tan was called in. Since then He has never spoken to us. Through Mr Raja Reddy, I know that it is not important because I converse with Him every day. God Bless this team, you are doing a wonderful job.

Navena Gopal


Feedback on: 'A Unique Experience Of ‘Liquid Love’ :
The stirring story of the service at the Blood Bank in SSSIHMS'
Click here to read it again

Hello H2H team,

I am from Bangalore. I am very happy to read this month's healing touch article. I am so excited to see all those pictures, and it is because, last year when I did volunteer service for the first time in my life, it was in this blood bank. It was a unique experience to serve there as a volunteer. There are so many beautiful things I saw and learnt during that period.  I was serving refreshments to a boy who had just then donated the blood. He seemed to be very happy and his face was shining with a sense of satisfaction. He told me that his mother was healing from a heart surgery performed in Swami’s hospital. There were tears in his eyes and suddenly he was smiling and said that he is expressing his gratitude to Swami by donating blood often. He said, “I am very satisfied if I give my blood to this noble cause.” Thank you for the article.

Hema Vathi


Feedback on: 'Harnessing The Heart – Part 1: Careful Choices' Click here to read it again

Sai Ram.

A very moving article. It brings to my memory my own experiences as a senior executive in IDBI, Bombay for 18 long years from 1970 to 1988. Being in a position of patronage, the incentive to go wrong was very powerful, but it is my faith and following of Swami's thoughts of the day, and my family's devotion to Swami that helped me to keep on the right track and earn a good name.

There were many occasions when powerful superiors wanted me to do things which were not right, but again it was my faith in Swami that helped me to stay on ground. I was punished unjustly for refusing to do things which I thought was not right and was placed in a useless department for over two years - a sort of banishment. But then the ways of Swami are mysterious. The boss was called to Delhi and returned sacked. During the two years of banishment, none of my colleagues would take a walk with me and all of them would join the boss. But after he returned from Delhi, all these colleagues abandoned him.

I saw him walking alone and I thought I should join him. He was very moved. Later, he and his wife took all the trouble to attend the marriage of my son, a past student of the Sri Sathya Sai University, all the way from Bombay to Bangalore. There are many such incidents in my working life in the past and I could keep my sanity only because of my faith in Bhagavan. Today, even though I retired more than 19 years ago, my erstwhile junior colleagues in service treat me with the same love and affection.

Swami alone is my companion now and my constant prayer to Him is to allow me to merge with His Lotus feet in a very peaceful exit with His name on my lips and with His form in my heart.

Sai Ram,

Saranga Pani.


Feedback on:' In Quest of Infinity – Part 10' Click here to read it again

Dear Sai Global Harmony,

We are much indented for your publishing the series 'In Quest of Infinity'  by G. Venkataraman, who is doubly-qualified as a Sai devotee and as a scientist, to write that series. At a near future date (if not now already) a large segment of the student population will show their indebtedness to you for this yeoman service.

Best wishes,

Sachith Aanandan,

Amritha Sathya Center for Higher Learning,



Feedback on: 'Spellbinding Sai – Part1 ’ Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

All your articles are worth treasuring for a lifetime and more - but this particular one by Kasturiji was very down to earth and beautiful. He has said in the end how Swami walked towards him to correct him and then mentioned about how much older, taller and perhaps more educated he was than Swami. These are the feelings which any ordinary man will have. Then he has shown us how to rise above all this and fall at the feet of the Lord and get His blessings. He was truly blessed to have been able to be with Swami and interact with Him. Thanks for wonderful article.

Jai Sai Ram,

Akila Nagarajan


Feedback on: 'Creating A Land Of Love…' Click here to read it again

Sai Ram!

Enjoyed the article, which is so beautifully written and inspiring. Thank you for enlightening us on this wonderful seva project being performed in Orissa.
Sai Ram!

Gita Umesh.

Sai Ram H2H team,

Thank you very much for this moving story of ‘Creating a Land of Love .’ Thank you also for your beautiful service for us around the world, all about the the Lord of Love.

Sai Ram,

Joop Sturkenboom,



Feedback on: 'In His Comforting Care…' Click here to read it again

Swami always gives us exactly what we need when we need it.  I am going through a particularly difficult time in my own life, and have been feeling angry with Swami and with the world at the situation I find myself in.  This is not the right way, the spiritual way of dealing with matters, I know.  It’s acceptance that we should strive for, forbearance we should aim for, surrender we should exercise.  And yet, it is often very difficult to do so, to trust that Swami knows best, that He is with us at all times, in all circumstances.  

Reading the story “In His Comforting Care” brought tears to my eyes.  Swami does not guarantee us happiness in life.  He only promises us that He is always near, that we may call on Him and He will come, that His love will surround us, guide us, and protect us.  Thank you for carrying out His work and helping so many of us feel close to Him always.


Gauri Patankar,



Feedback on: 'Honouring Him the Right Way' Click here to read it again

Sai Ram, the energetic Team at Heart to Heart,

This article widely opens our eyes as to what is lacking in us. As the speaker rightly points out, we have to be the Messengers of Sai, in the community, in the workplace, in the high way, in the by-lanes, where ever we are. It is a thought provoking article coming from the heart; a very inspiring article published at the appropriate time. You have made the excellent choice as we are about to celebrate Swami’s Birthday. Many thanks for sharing with all,

S. Pathy,

Toronto, Canada


Feedback on: Bhajan Tutor Click here to read it again

Sai Ram to all at H2H!

I express my heart felt gratitude to you for the wonderful bhajans that you have included in this issue. Both the bhajans are so good. They are extremely beautiful and have been rendered really well. Thanks a ton!

Sai Ram!

Roshni. R             

Feedback on: Sai Inspires – the daily inspirational e-mail service Click here to subscribe

Today I happened to read a message in Radio Sai. I was really inspired by the same. I really feel Radio Sai is sure to inspire each and everybody who can have access to it. Swami has always been a source of strength and He is closer than anything or anybody in life. Everyday it is very nice to see a beautiful photo and a sweet message from Swami in Radio Sai. We feel we are physically present in Prashanthi Nilayam hearing His discourse. Thank you so much Radio Sai.

Mythili Sankaraman

Om Sai Ram,

Thanks so much for bringing these pearls of wisdoms straight from the creator Himself.                           



General Feedback

Om Sai Ram,

I am a prosecutor in Durban South Africa. As you will imagine my work is very stressful and I am surrounded by negative energy in my work environment. Despite this I remain focused and positive because of the grace of my loving Lord Sai Baba and this heart to heart on line magazine. I spend whatever free time I get during my day to read this magazine and inspire myself.  

I just wanted to say thank you to Swami and all those who have been so fortunate to be His instruments in compiling and sending this magazine out every month. May our Lord continue to keep us in His heart now and forever.

Deshnie Naidoo,

South Africa.  


Feedback on the Sunday Special: 'Anyone Listening?' Click here to read it again

Sai Ram dear Brothers and Sisters in Sai!

"The time has come when we have to seriously ask ourselves if we really deserve Swami?" What do you say? Do please let us know.

To answer that question: Yes, I do! With every breath I pull. I may stumble, fall, and sometimes gloriously succeed, but I do! Even when I had to go through the deepest of depths, facing all the devils in my own hell, He was the reason why I fought like a lioness to come out of it. I held on to Him for dear life and that is why I am still here on earth to also remind you that, according to BABA, there is one thing very important: feeling of Self worth.

Sometimes I get a little tired of all those pointing fingers of how 'bad' we are. And here, with the same breath so to speak, in the same article, you give us this glorious information on how half a million food packets got distributed as well as tens of thousands of saris and dhotis. And that is only in one day’s work. Yesterday you wrote about the medical help in outlandish places. All this is done and paid for by devotees who, I am sure are among the category Baba calls: "Sai within all." This comes straight from my heart. I hope someone will seriously read it and take it to Heart - from Sai Heart 2 Sai Heart.

Constance Eijkman,

The Netherlands

Sai Ram,

We need Swami --- He in His own unfathomable way is transforming each one of us accordng to His divine plan. When we deserve Him --- All activity will come to a standstill, peace will reign supreme and unconditional love will spread its silent fragrance around.

Friction and differences will exist, wherever and whenever there is an exchange of thoughts, ideas, opinions and change.

We need to pray fervently to Him to help us overcome our little, petty, ego and offer our services to Him sans ego and desire.

We need him regardless of whether we deserve him, now more than ever. With His help and grace we may be able to overcome our negative qualities, and foster our positive qualities. It is our duty to strive hard, and take the first step towards Him and feel and experience our need for Him.

Sai Ram,

Gita Umesh.

Dear H2H Team,

What Prof Anantaraman said was to awaken the spirit within us. Taking into consideration the present condition of the world and its occupants, of course the emergence of the Poornavathar to accomplish His Mission is very much needed. The question raised by Prof Ananataraman is thought provoking. Can't we make a resolve to transform ourself step by step, by identifying our own faults and applying the Divine Advice of our Sai? In fact I have been myself trying to put up a smiling face always and try to express Universal Love to one and all. But it has to be continuous. This is just a small thought. Let us all put in all efforts to prove that we are part of Swami's mission by first implementing at least one of His teachings in life, from now and for ever.

Sai Ram,



Dear Heart 2 Heart,

Yes, I absolutely agree with Prof. Anantaram statement: "The time has come when we have to seriously ask ourselves if we really deserve Swami!"

Cell phones, television, computer games are all interruptions in our daily lives and take our precious time away, our thoughts and deeds to help the needy, the sick, the lonely, the hungry! Time wasted! All this is self-imposed. We must start by throwing away these cell phones. Working diligently and working in Love and with Swami is a quality not often seen these days.

Thank you for your diligent work, Heart2Heart and Sai Radio, to bring all these important messages home: they are there every day to encourage again and again, to really listen, to really get moving! And get moving now!

Conformity and sitting back is not the way of the Lord. Why do we think we can afford it? We must become like the Lord Swami in all and every way! Lots of work must be done!

Sai Ram,


Oregon, USA .

For me personally, this subject hits home, very, very hard. Swami has been brought me into His fold for the past 30 years. Some of those years I was not active in the organization, nor focused on Swami as the Centre of my life as He is now.
I will say that over the years Swami's teachings have come into sharper and sharper focus in my life. What I did not understand many years ago is black and white, no need for interpretation now.  However in the time lost over years, bad habits have set in. As a result thought, word and deed are not yet one.

Accordingly, how does one share the Glory of Swami, the entire focus of one's life, when one is not the embodiment of His teachings? How can you talk about Swami's teachings in full and clear conscience if one is not a living example of the teachings in action?
Harder yet, how does one come to Parthi without making the effort necessary to be able to look Swami right in the eye and feel like one has given 100% to putting into action His Words? If we do not do so, do we deserve Sai in our lives? If we do not make the effort, do we really appreciate the opportunity that has come our way?

Glenn Rothbart,

Shrewsbury, USA


I read your Sunday special with interest. Being in Prashanthi Nilayam for the last 8 months with Swami's blessings, I have been listening to the speakers and to my surprise there is lot of lamenting about the negative qualities! Why are we not focussing on all the transformation in millions of people all around the world which came about only due to Swami? As I had chances to be in various places before coming to Puttaparthi, I had amazing experiences, with people. There are many who live only for Swami. Let us not criticise others and look into their bad ways. As Swami says all situations and whatever happens is due to His will. We deserve Swami - that is why the Avatar has come now, in this present age. Hope we have positive thoughts and focus on positive happenings in future.

Sai Ram,

S. Purushothaman

Sairam brothers.

Your last Sunday special was really a piece and statement on which we should ponder and introspect whether we really deserve Swami? I feel most of us are undisciplined, envy others, and do not practise Swami's teachings. I was shocked when I heard from some news channel during Virata Viswa Darshan that Swami's vehicle could not be given way by us, the so called devotees, to move towards His room. I can not think undisciplined people can be termed as devotees. Out of Bhakthi, they may lose body consciousness but they should not be indisciplined.

Sai Ram,



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Vol 5 Issue 12 - DECEMBER 2007
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