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Green and Serene… Where the Gods can be Seen

On the southern side of Prasanthi Nilayam Ashram, behind S-3 block, is a garden, or shall we say, a 'God-den', or even better, a 'God-inn', because once you enter this tiny pathway you feel you are in communion with God. Look around on any side and you will find a beautiful statue, a lovely painting, an inspiring piece of art on the sand or a sublime sculpture - all portraying the love and beauty of the Almighty. And add to this the bewitching lotus pond, the enchanting Lord Ganesha at the entrance, the multi-hued leaves, the shady trees, the sweet chirps of the birds and the buzz of the bees - you are effortlessly at peace. Built by the labour of love of many dedicated devotees, this little place embodies the peace that 'Prasanthi' is made up of. We have now only a few glimpses of this divine garden, watch out for more in the coming issues.

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Vol 5 Issue 12 - DECEMBER 2007
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