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Volume 5 - Issue 02 FEBRUARY 2007

PART - 26

(Continued from the previous issue)

ACT vi - scene 3

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Sathya’s house. People are engaged in doing various things. At that time, a beggar comes to the house, begging for food. As beggars normally do, he cried out to the lady of the house, though he could not see her. Seshama who is there near the door, asks the beggar to go away.

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BEGGAR: Mother, please give me some food. I’m hungry!

SESHAMA RAJU: We are busy! Go elsewhere.

BEGGAR: Mother, please give me some food.

Sathya who is watching all this, quietly goes into the kitchen to fetch some food for the beggar. This matter is promptly reported to the mother by Sathya’s sister.
Map of Tennessee spacer Map of Tennessee

PARVATHAMMA: Sathya has gone to the kitchen.

VENKAMMA: Yes, He has gone to get some food for the beggar.

PARVATHAMMA: Mother is there; maybe He will ask her.

BEGGAR: Mother! Please give me some food.

Sathya brings food and gives it to the beggar.

BEGGAR: May you be happy, dear boy!

SESHAMA RAJU: [becoming angry] Sathya, come here. Is not mother there? What do you mean by giving food like this on your own? At this rate, nothing will be left us.

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SATHYA: That does not matter. The important thing is that we must give food to the hungry.

SESHAMA RAJU: If you keep on doling out food like this, you will have to fast.

SATHYA: I am ready to. Mother too fasts from time to time.

SESHAMA RAJU: That she does for securing God’s Grace.

SATHYA: They say that man is an embodiment of God. And God also comes in human form. The beggar to whom I gave food is My God. If he eats, it is as good as My having eaten.

SESHAMA RAJU: Does that mean You don’t want lunch?

E.AMMA: Come children, it’s time to have food!

PARVATHAMMA: Coming mother! Come, Venkamma.

VENKAMMA: Yes, sister.

All the children respond to their mother’s call and assemble for lunch. Sathya does not join. He is watching the beggar eat.

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E.AMMA: Sathya, you also come and join for food.

SATHYA: Mother, have I not already given My share to the beggar?

E.AMMA: Yes, You have given Your share to the beggar and his hunger is appeased. But does that fill Your stomach? Come now, and have food along with the others.

SATHYA: No, mother, My hunger has already been appeased.

SESHAMA RAJU: Come on Sathya, have You become averse to food?

PARVATHAMMA: Come brother, join us please.

E.AMMA: Come child and have food.

At this stage, Kondama Raju and Venkama Raju enter the house. Kondama has been hearing what was being said.

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K.RAJU: For my grandson, the satisfaction that others experience is as good as His own! Sathyam is beyond hunger and thirst.

V.RAJU: Father, in your perception your grandson is beyond everything! But what about Sathyam’s father and mother? If Sathyam starves, will they not be unhappy? Please tell me, how can we eat when Sathyam does not?

E.AMMA: Come Sathyam, come and have food.

V.RAJU: Come Sathyam, come.

K.RAJU: Sathyam’s word is Truth! You go and have your meals.

(To be continued)

- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 5 Issue 02 - FEBRAURY 2007
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