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Volume 5 - Issue 02 FEBRUARY 2007



Responses to the Cover Story of the January Issue


The tale of Sai Geetha was simply amazing, so touching, so very beautiful; I have no words to express the joy and inspiration I derived reading her story. Her devotion to Swami is unbelievable. I was simply overwhelmed. It was so touching, so emotional for me. For three years I was in Bhagavan's college and I did not even care to know about her. I was ashamed of myself for not possessing as much devotion & love for Swami as she did. Thank you so much for giving us such a lovely start this New Year.

Sairam, with Love and regards, Latha


The article on Sai Geetha and her devotion was a very touching and inspiring one. When the animal in the human hearts run amok, Sai Geetha stands before us steady and gentle, dancing gently to the Divine music. Einstein would certainly agree to the modifications to his statement. I am sure Gandhiji would agree too!

Sri Sai Swaminathan G

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Loving Sai Ram to H2H team,

I have just finished reading the article titled “Sai Geetha” in the current edition of H2H. Words are in shortage to express my state of bliss. It was a trip around heavens. It was truly an experience of divine Love. As I read through the article it was a continuous stream of tears.

What is that one can pay in return to this ‘bliss – bestowing’ article. I feel greatly indebted to receive this gift of an article from you. It is only Swami’s Sankalpa to bless the multitude of devotees at the beginning of new year that  has prompted you to bring out this article in this month’s edition. I hope and wish that millions of devotees all over the world read this article, enjoy the bliss and more importantly, pickup the wonderful message it gives us on “pure love and single minded devotion” that Sai Geetha possesses for Swami.

Sai Ram, Seshagiri Rao, Bangalore.

Sai Ram H2H Team,

I would like to express how I feel but do not have the words to write it, with regards to the article on Sai Geetha. It is so beautifully written and I have read it twice over. It is amazing to know how devoted Sai Geetha is to Swami. Only if we could be a little like her in this day and age and not be so serious about our problems and life. I have learnt from Sai Geetha that I need to improve myself and to be like her and to think of the Lord and love Him the way she does. She has so pure love for Swami. Thank you so much for the cover story on Sai Geetha it has so much value and inner meaning for all. 

Sai Ram Sarika (UK)  

Response to the January Issue Articles

Dear H2H Team,

Thank you very much for the beautiful article "The Sai Movement In Dominican Republic" (To read this, go here). I believe it was great. The devotees are excited with it. May this 2007 be full of Health, Love, Peace & Prosperity! May Swami's Love & Grace be with all of you!

Sai Love, Sixto Inchaustegui

Jai Sai Aap Ko,
I was going through your site in search of recent pictures of Swami, and I saw the collection posted of his Birthday. Tears ran down my cheeks to see Swami. Thank you very much for putting His pictures up. I am a Bal vikas Guru here in Fiji at the Prasanthi Nilyam center. My heartfelt thank you again for your beautiful website.

Jai Sai Ram, Darshana Singh

Dear Sai brothers,

I like very much your bhajan teaching programme (bhajan tutor) which comes recently on your radio programmes once a week. Here you have selected bhajans for teaching. What I want to know is that can we, the listener, ask the bhajan that we would like to learn. I would like to learn, for example, the bhajan "Hey Bhagawan Sai Bhagawan,Daya karo Bhagawan, kripa karo  Bhagawan." (Sundaram Volume no.38). I would appreciate your view and reply please. Thanks for your great work on this Radio Sai. May Swami bless you all in plenty.

AumSairam, Gopal Mehta

[Dear Gopal Mehta, in the Bhajan tutor we have bhajans which are generally sung in Baba’s presence by His students – H2H Team]

Responses to Sai Inspires


Dearest H2H Team,

This is to express my gratitude for the wonderful service that you all do by bringing Swami into our lives everyday. In fact the first thing I do when I start my day at work is to open my email and receive Swami's instructions. I am sure thousands or perhaps millions around the world do the same and send a silent "thank you" your way. I just wanted to give voice to it today and let you all know how much your hard work and efforts are appreciated by all of us out here.
So thank you for a job marvellously done,

Sairam, Meena Kalluri M.D, Charleston , USA

Dearest Heart2Heart Team,

Best wishes for 2007!! May the blessings of Our Dear Lord be always with you, may He keep inspiring you all along your way. I really wish to thank you - from my heart - for your wonderful work, and thank you for the careful and loving selection of Baba's most precious pictures and messages for our daily life. These are not only truly inspiring but also sent whenever I needed the most a loving word from our Dearest Lord, a reminder of what should the true service be, loving and selfless action-word-thought-feeling towards all of His creation...

On a daily basis, this is of crucial importance, that we never forget why we are here and why are we doing what we are doing...For all this, my deepest gratitude for your loving work. May the Lord bless your efforts.  

Sai Ram, Carola Prochaska

Dear Sir,

Once I come into office your mail is the first to be read and it gives me a good start for the day. Not withstanding the jealousy and turmoil I have to over come in my working environment, the Thoughts for the Day & the Divine’s Message are reassuring. Thanks for a great job. Hoping to read Bhagavan’s speech and the 2 other speeches delivered on 25.12.06 soonest. I take this opportunity to wish you and your team a Blissful and Blessed 2007.

Sai Ram, Kunalan

Dear Heart to Heart Team,

I would like to thank you BABA to change my life and your wonderful team which provided Sai's instructions. And the content in website is very useful. I felt lucky that I can find Radio Sai website and Swami's teachings as per my purpose. Everyday I read Swami's instructions, I feel like "He talked to me, and I talked to him."   It's hard to explain in words. He knew what I think, and gave me some advice which I can adapt in my real life. I am so lucky….Since I read it, my regret and stress has been emitted. I want to say the word "Thank You", and encourage you to continue Sai Inspires e-mail and develop the website. And Thanks again to Baba.

Jai Sai Ram, Jeed

Response to the Sunday Special Article: "Do We Understand What Freedom Really Means” sent on 24 Dec 2006



It was a very nice article and it truly reflects Swami's way of describing freedom. I could put myself in situations described and fully understand how, in various occasions I "exercised" my freedom to only fall victim to the six vices, and felt disempowered than empowered! I agree, True Freedom is an empowering Context, not a Disempowering context.

Sairam, Kota Siva

Response to the Sunday Special Article: "Preserve That Thought" sent on 31 Dec 2006

Om Shri Sairam!

Kudos to Shri Vijay Prasad for so eloquently expressing Swami's message on "Spirituality". Indeed he is very blessed as a student and fully understanding and conveying the concept to all of us remarkably well. Our greetings to him and all the rest of you, the Blessed souls, for a year of wonderful and significant service to humanity. Our humble pranams to Swami.

Cordially, Shanti Chakravarti

Dear Heart2Heart team,

I cannot even express how much this article moved me!  God's "love letter" to man - "preserve the thought"! Sometimes it is easy to forget what it really means to be aware of Swami's Divinity - and ours.  This article was a powerful and impeccably crafted reminder. Thank you!  What a wonderful way to start my Sunday!

Sai Ram, Ellesha Wanigasekera, Toronto , Canada

Dear Team,

This Sunday Special is very inspiring, as all the others. The more I walk this spiritual path, the more I "feel" that the answer is Love, and Love alone. Love is the only thing that can make things go towards God. Still I don't know exactly what Love is, but is in me, and is emerging...

Have a divine new year!


Response to the Special Article: God, The Avathar and the Doubting Thomases" by Prof G Venkataraman

Dear H2H,

Indeed the wait was worth it, every single word, every single fact, clarification, and the spiritual philosophy. One cannot but withhold tears of joy for such an intellectual and scientific reasoning that only a scientist of the calibre of Prof GV could produce.

It is indeed a valuable resource for a lot of overseas devotees, who have to answer to queries put forth not only by Indians, but local friends alike, who have been prey to the misinformation campaign.  Till now our faith and confidence in Swami helped us with inspiring answers, but Prof GV's article, all 37 pages and the references give enough strength of proof and conviction to answer all the 'Doubting Thomases'. A true service at the Lotus Feet of our Beloved Sai,

Dr Narayan Ramachandran, Oman

Loving Sai Ram,

I read the article by Professor Venkataraman and found it a brilliant read. His love and emotions for Swami are so wonderfully and powerfully expressed. I suppose all of us feel the same anguish. I had written a mail to Mr.Sanghvi regarding his irresponsible and humiliating comments about Swami in the media. I am attaching a copy of the mail for your kind reference.

Sai Ram, Arnapurna, Research Scholar, Bombay.


The article written yesterday by Dr. G Venkataraman about setting straight the recent critics of Swami and His Mission was profoundly educative.  It is very well written and very well thought out and perhaps is the best explanation to the “questions” raised by mindless critics.  I’m an ex-student of Swami living in the US for a long time.  I’m so glad that Dr. GV has taken the bull by the horns, so to speak and has given a fitting reply to malicious propaganda.  I only wish that the Sathya Sai organizations which are the generally the “first-stop” for any one exploring the Sai path, are as clear and educated about these issues!  Thank you and I’ll make it a point to make copies of this great write-up and educate anyone who wishes to get more clarification about baseless stories and propaganda. Thanks once again, for your magnificent service through H2H and Radio Sai.

Best Regards

Perry Naik, Marketing Science employee, Atlanta, USA

Dear and Respected Shri Venkataraman,

Sairam. Namaskarams and Greetings from Manila for the New Year and Pongal. I read with keen interest your recent article on “God, the Avatar and the Doubting Thomas.” It is very inspiring, insightful, and provides a balanced, fact based argument. The personal anecdotes in your life were very touching and brought me to tears when I read them. I hope that this article will be widely published by newspapers and magazines for serving the larger good in this world. As suggested, we will share it with our friends and interested persons.

Warm regards, Seetharam

Dear Venkataraman Sir, Sairam,

First of all the article you wrote 'God, The Avathar and The Doubting Thomas' was fantastic. Sometimes people cross their line of decency and behave in a manner which compels other persons to react sharply and not only me but many of the listeners would agree with what you wrote in the article. My heart felt congratulations for writing such meticulous and scientifically written article. When a person of high calibre and credibility writes an article, I think that would be the best reply we can supply to these so called 'journalists'.

I am a 23 year old young man and have faith in the Lord and this would also be same for millions of Sai youth all around the world. Once Sai has touched your life our faith only gets stronger and 'tested' occasionally. But what was heartening was the manner in which you tackled these issue in one of the most brilliantly written pieces of scientific paper on the miracles and God as such.

I am student of science and my kind request to you would to write such articles connecting science and spirituality. Many of the youth are not lucky to have studied in Swami's institutions to get your guidance. Such articles not only give us an opportunity to appreciate the mysteries of nature and admire His creation but also give us an opportunity to admire the work of great physicists like you and pioneers of a bygone era.

Also congratulations for re-vamping the program schedule. I am in US and the only way I can connect with bhajans and spiritual articles is through Radio Sai. So please keep up the great work you and your team is doing.

Sincerely, Sai Santosh, University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA .

Dear Professor Venkataraman,

First of all, many thanks for the splendid article providing material for us to use, should we be confronted with defamation of Swami. This defamation has been going on for years, and has recently intensified as jealousy and fear of Swami's goodness are aroused by His light.  

I have from time to time been in touch with the distinguished CBC reporter Eve Savory who has been covering water issues, and have shared information on Swami's work with her. She always replies most kindly. Apparently, however, the CBC does not find in its coffers enough money to finance direct objective coverage of Swami's work. I should perhaps needle them about this, or rather encourage them to put their money where goodness and mercy are truly happening every day.

As a trained journalist I am still somewhat addicted to what is called the news. Paradoxically I watch it less and less, and keep turning to Radio Sai for a healthy dose of reality. Thank you all so much. I do not know what I would do without you. Not only do you cheer me up but you also keep me informed about such developments as attacks on Swami in the media, otherwise unknown to me. And so I am not burying my head in the sand even though I keep away from direct exposure to this defamation.

Loving Sai Ram, Helen Heubi


Thank you very much for the article by Prof .Venkatraman. After I read it, I just wanted to stand up and applaud. I hope this would silence all the doubting Thomases. Swami Vivekananda would say, "Barking dogs make no scars on sparkling stars". All the criticism will only help to deepen the faith of the devotees.

Sairam, Latha


– Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 5 Issue 02 - FEBRAURY 2007
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