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PART - 31

(Continued from the previous issue)


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Sathya moves over to Kamalapuram along with Seshama, and is admitted to the High School there. The scene is a classroom, and the class is the one to which Sathya belongs.

TEACHER: [to boys] Attention!

BOY: Sir, this is not a playground! It is a classroom!!

Boys laugh

TEACHER: Silence, silence! I know that!! ….. I wish to tell you something very important. Sit down, sit down! …. Boys, all of you have joined the Scout movement to do social service and thereby serve the people as well as the country. If all the boys in India were fired with such enthusiasm, the country would become free and prosperous. Isn’t that so? Service will promote a sense of responsibility. Everyone must have a sense of service and responsibility.

BOY: Sir, when does the Pushpagiri Carnival take place?



TEACHER: Who is that boy so eager to do social service? [stares at the boy] … Now listen carefully. The Carnival will commence next Monday and last for ten days. All of you must get Khaki uniforms stitched, and perform service there for ten days. The expenses would be ten rupees per head.

BOY: What expenses, sir?

TEACHER: Don’t be impatient! I’ll give the break-up. There is the to-and-fro bus fare, and the living expenses for ten days. Now do you understand?

BOY: Yes sir.

TEACHER: All of you must participate without fail. Now, those who will come, raise your hands! Next, those who will not, raise your hands! ….[all boys except Sathya raise their hands] What’s this Sathyam? You will not come? Listen, You are the Leader of the class, and You have got to come! Now, raise Your hand!

BOY: Why Raju, are you not coming?

BOY: Raju, if you don’t come, we will not go.

BOY: Come on Raju, let’s all go together.

TEACHER: For serving the people, one must not go back but jump forward, understand?!

Teacher jumps and the boys laugh

TEACHER: I’ll find out why Sathyam says He will not come. Sathyam my boy, You will come, won’t You? …… [turning to the boys in general] Well okay, you must pay ten rupees before Monday. Remember, everyone must come only in scout uniform, right? There goes the bell! Don’t forget my instructions, and come for the Carnival.

CHORUS: Yes Master!

TEACHER: Sathyam, You also must definitely come!

Teacher leaves the classroom, and the boys surround Sathya.



BOY: Raju, why are You saying that You will not come?

SATHYA: Master said that one must come in uniform; that’s what I am thinking about.

BOY: Ask Your people at home.

ANOTHER BOY: Ask Your elder brother. Scouts must be in uniform while doing service.

SATHYA: All right, I’ll think about it. Come, let’s go.

BOYS: Come on, let’s take our books and go!


Seshama Raju’s house in Kamlapuram. Conversation is in progress between Seshama, his wife Suseela, her mother, and Sathya.

SESHAMA RAJU: Well, why are You so late? The School got over a long time ago. Where have You been roaming? When will You do the homework?

SATHYA: I have carefully heard everything said in the class, and I know all the lessons.

SESHAMA RAJU: You know everything? In that case, tell me what they taught You in the class today.

SATHYA: Scout students are to go the Carnival in Pushpagiri. Master said that we must do social service.

SUSEELA: Then, You also go along.

SATHYA: To go to the Carnival, one has to pay ten rupees and stay there for ten days. For that reason, ……

SESHAMA RAJU: It’s not even ten days since You joined the school, and already You are talking about Scouts, uniform, social service, etc.! You are being sent to school to study and not to spend money unnecessarily. There is no need to go to carnivals in order to do social service.


MOTHER-IN-LAW: If You go away for ten days for doing social service, who do You think is going to do Your work here? There is so much work to be done here!

SUSEELA: Mother!

SESHAMA RAJU: [to Sathya] You had better forget about social service; instead, stay at home and study. Now go!

SATHYA: If Master asks?

SESHAMA RAJU: If Master asks, say that You have no money and therefore cannot go.


The scene is the classroom in the Kamalapuram High School. The room is empty but for Ramesh, a dear friend of Sathya, who also sits by His side during class. Ramesh has keenly followed what happened in class – Sathya would not be able to participate in the Scout Camp during the Pushpagiri Fair, because He could not afford the Scout uniform etc. Ramesh’s father is well off. So Ramesh manages to buy an extra uniform. He packs it and now prepares to leave it in Sathya’s desk, along with a letter. Sathya comes and reads the letter. Ramesh hides himself and watches.

'Raju, if You do not come to the Carnival, none of us will go. If You come, all of us can go together, do service and also have fun. I had the feeling that You do not have a uniform. I have two new uniforms. One of these I have kept in the desk. Please take it, and come for the Carnival. Raju, Your friend is giving this with Love; therefore, don’t say no! You must definitely come to the Carnival. Accept the uniform. With Love, Ramesh.'

Sathya thinks:

'Ours is the Ratnakara family that knows only how to give and not to take. Self-respect is its ornament, and helpfulness is its wealth. Friendship is like a flower; the fragrance must be inhaled and enjoyed and the flower must not be plucked. One must not become a burden to others but reduce the burden of others.'


Sathya decides that He will not accept the gift of the uniform. He writes reply letter to Ramesh, and leaves it along with the uniform. He then leaves. Ramesh comes, picks up Sathya’s letter and reads.

'Our friendship is sacred and charged with Love. That sanctity will disappear and Love will recede if there is money or material transaction. We must always stay together, sharing friendship and mutual respect, and not be driven apart by the exchange of money and materials. I am explaining all this via this letter so that you don't feel hurt. Take back your uniform. Thus, Sathyanarayana Raju.'

Sathya and Ramesh then meet.

RAMESH: Raju, I read Your letter. We cannot understand Your philosophical words. But if You are with us, we feel Blissful. We feel a fresh enthusiasm surging through us. That is why I am repeatedly pleading that You must come with us.

SATHYA: Ramesh, I understand your feelings. I’ll try and come. Okay?



(To be continued)

- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 5 Issue 07 - JULY 2007
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