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Feedback on the Cover Story:‘A 'Moving' Marvel Of Holistic Medicare …The Story Of Sri Sathya Sai Mobile Hospital .’

Dear H2H Team,

Your seva has been so helpful, motivating and inspirational. Your good deeds will be well rewarded. Well done with the excellent work that you are doing. Your insight at going to homes to provide a service is way beyond words.

Devi Reddy, Campus Health & Wellness Centre.

Om  Sai Ram,

I read the full story about the messenger of God - the white mobile hospital  and was touched  by the  whole  narration,  it  is definitely  the  work  of  the  divine. His blessings always help  in healing  and work  faster  than  medicines.

Jai Sai Ram, Vasudev Raheja.

Sai Ram,

This article was truly inspiring. I wish I could be there to give the parties a hand. I was in tears when I looked at the last 2 photos.

K. Mohan, Perth, Australia.


The article on the Bhagavan’s mobile hospital is superb in all respects. By Swami's sankalpa the entire rural Bharath will get such magnanimous facility to the benefit of everybody. After reading the article one can understand that it is not just a giant bus and the various diagnostic equipments that matters, but the accompanying dedicated doctors, volunteers, work force, faithful patients and more than all Swami's grace that really matters.

Jai Sai Raama, Krishna Prasad.

Sai Ram!
I was fortunate to read this article. I could not hold myself in letting you know how much it helps to read this type of article. Swami's grace and love is boundless. His method of reaching out is even more wonderful.
Sai Ram, Anil Sundar Sishtla, Bloomington, IL, USA.

Aum Sai Ram,

I read your articles and news regarding the Sai mobile medical camp in India.  It is amazing the work the doctors and nurses and volunteers do to help the poor people.  I like the part on the little boy who had polio and lost all his teeth and was unable to walk...what transformation within weeks of receiving the treatment from Sai's mobile medical camp.  All the doctors and nurses and volunteers are so dedicated and treat the people with respect and love. I am from UK and there is going to be a team from UK going to Russia and Malawi this year for Sai Baba's medical camp and I have submitted my CV and am waiting for confirmation whether I get accepted or not.  I would go has a volunteer to help the doctors/nurses and patients.  

With Sai Ram love, Jaishri Mistry, Preston , UK.

Sai Ram,

Thank you for a very inspiring account of the mobile hospital and its tremendous impact on the quality of life of the poor and distressed villagers. A very moving account indeed.

Sai Ram, Saranga Pani.

Dear Sirs, This is an article that moves any individual who reads it. This is another of Swami's innovative projects and it is unique in all respects. This is the real transformation process. This is the only way that the whole country can be changed to a different dimension - a shift in the attitude paradigm. This is the shining example of selfless service. This is where every participant is elevated to the level of Mother Theresa.  Fantastic Sir. I did read the whole article without leaving a single word and it is so inspiring. I shared this news with many people. Thank you very much for this kind of excellent service. Please continue with this kind of inspiring articles.
Thanks and regards, Nagesh.

Feedback on the H2H Special "He Is My Swami" by Mrs. Padma Kasturi.

Dear H2H team,

Loving Sai Ram. The article with Padmamma was spiritual awakening to me. While going through the written conversation of Ms P Kasturi an electrifying current flowed inside me. Thank you and looking forward for the next continuation of the conversation.

May Swami always bless you. Nandini Tamang from Nepal.

Sai Ram!

Your very inspiring interview with Kasturi's daughter has left me with fond memories of my interactions with Sri Kasturi in the 70s and 80s. Mrs. Padma Kasturi's understanding of the place in which Swami now resides in our memories is very touching to me and helpful to my own development. Thank you once again for the wonderful work you are sharing with the world.

In His service with Love, Bea Flaig.

Sai Ram,
I enjoyed reading the article of Mrs Padmamma. It was very inspiring. I would just love to read such conversations of Sai devotees. They are all very fortunate to be close to Swami...I wish I was.
Sai Ram, Tushna, Panama.

Sai Ram

In fact while reading this interview I felt the presence of Baba in my office. I am very grateful to Prof Kasturi Ji that he translated so many discourses of our Baba and we were all able to read and experience bliss. Please send me further interviews from devotees as it increases my faith.

Jai Sai Ram, Nilla Chamroo.

Dear H2H Team,

Thank you very much for bringing Mrs. Padma Kasturi's interview. We are truly blessed to listen to Swami’s earlier devotees' experiences and please I request that you bring more in the future - with Bhagavan's Grace.

Jai Sairam, V. Jayaraman, Toronto, Canada.

I read with interest the interview "He is my Swami".  It was wonderful.  As I am simultaneously reading Prof Kasturi's "Loving God", it is all the more memorable. The only sad thing is that I have wait for one more month for the next instalment of H2H!  How nice it would be if you can increase the periodicity?
Sairam, Dilip, Chennai.

Feedback on the article ‘ In Quest Of Infinity Part 5’ By Prof G. Venkataraman.

Dear Sirs,
The article is fantastic. This should continue as it is a great gift to appreciate God who is the creator of all these mysteries. Prof. Venkataraman's presentation of the most difficult scientific theories in a understandable and easy way is very much appreciated. Many thanks to Prof. Venkataraman and his team for bringing these articles to all of us.
Nagesh Gurram.

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge in Physics and make it available to laymen like me. I just read the article on the topic of Black Hole and it was simply amazing.  The language is so lucid that I didn't want to stop.  It is also kept at a level that keeps even the interest of a high school kid, sustained. I always wanted to know about this subject matter, but many articles/books were simple turn-offs, only because the language used was not brought down to the average reader's level. Thanks a lot again, and keep providing us with these kind of stimulating articles with a lot of historical anecdotes in other topics of Physics as well. Looking forward to more of your articles.

Sai Ram, Nagesh Avadhany, San Francisco , USA.

Sai Ram,

Your articles on the above topic are simply mind-boggling. It is a wonderful insight into our Father's creation. Please keep the articles coming to help those of us with very little understanding of science and the great mysteries of creation. Although I do not claim to understand everything (not your fault) - the articles are very beneficial. I hope to share them with my children and others at our Sai Centre. You have a wonderful gift to explain complex matters in simple language.

Many Thanks.

Loving Sai Ram, Ravi Rudra, Auckland, New Zealand .

Dear Team, Sai Ram,
Will you please convey my appreciation for his 'cosmic lectures' to Prof. Venkataraman. I read them always, print them out and hand them on to friends. He is such a good story-teller and writes in such a way that the interested layman is easily gripped by the intricacies of nature in the physicist realm. Bravo!
Kindest regards, Hein Vink, The Hague , Holland.

Om Sri Sai Ram,

Just a short e-mail to say what a wonderful, informative and sometimes, mind boggling series "In Quest Of Infinity" is. Please, please keep this series going, it is fantastic, 'out of this world' if I may also add!!! Keep up the excellent wok that you are all doing and may Baba bless you all immensely.

Jai Sai Ram, Love Ron from  U.K.  

Feedback on the article ‘ Teach Children The Joy of Giving’ by Mrs. Rita Bruce.

Sai Ram,

I am a young parent. I think parents now need more info like this to do their parenting duties properly. The world is in such a state that raising kids is becoming a challenging task for poor parents. Please put more articles about Sai parenting and how parents should handle the teenage years of their kids. I think teenage years are the most difficult parenting time.

Regards, Saiyinthie Yogesan, Perth, Australia.

Aum Sai Ram,

I am a single parent (widowed), with 2 little kids (ages 6 and 8) and over the years, I cannot explain how Sai Parenting has influenced my life! If I cannot find a solution to an issue in my home, I take my Sai Parenting out and read it. I call it my bible. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to give this as a gift to many parents, showing them very simply what our beloved Sai requires. Thank you and I hope every parent will be blessed with a copy. Please forward more articles on parenting so that we can live the correct way with Swami's teachings at hand.

Joan Reddy, RMB Private Bank, Relationship Manager.

Feedback on the article ‘ A Mother Like No Other’ by Mrs. Mallika Desu


Mallika Desu’s article was indeed very moving and thrilling. We can vividly imagine Sai ma extending the same love and protection to us too at all times! Please do publish more articles like this in future issues.

Thank you and Sairam to you, with love, Saraswathy, Chennai.

Sai Ram,

I enjoyed this powerful testimony to Swami’s omnipresent love. The story was written beautifully, with dramatic tension and release. I have not read any material on this website before, but because I know Mallika and have read her story, I will check in with Heart 2 Heart in the future. 

Barbara Robbins, Connecticut, USA.

Dear Heart to Heart Team,
Thank you very much for the touching article. It reminds us that provided we are focussed on God and immersed in Him, He is always there to take care of us.
Sairam, P.Vijayaraghavan, Chennai.

Feedback on the article The Wonderful Mother That I Have’ by Mrs. Geeta Mohan Ram.

Dear Sir,

I loved the article so much that I made prints of them to be distributed to those who come for bhajans. I know Swami is God but time and again I need to be reminded of this. 20 years ago I was told that Swami likes the ladies to be dressed well and I did not believe it - how wrong I was. Please tell us more about devotees’ experiences with Swami. I live through these experiences and I get a glimpse of His Power and Glory.


Feedback on the article From Lord Buddha To Loving Sai’ By Mr. Ananda Perera

Dear Sir,

I read this article on the Poornima day this month.  I feel I am trice blessed by our beloved Sai (buddha). "Buddha Poornima or Vesak is considered a thrice blessed day by Buddhists."  I would like to consciously follow the 8 fold path and discover and be aware of my inner-self.  I would like to attain harmony of thoughts, words and deed and follow ahimsa in every facet of life.

Love Sai Ram, Raji Bala, Indianapolis, USA.

Feedback on the Photo Album: Sweetness Unsurpassable!

Dear Radio Sai, Sairam,

We all are blessed to see such most wonderful and loving photographs of Bhagavan with children. As I was going through the slide show, I felt as if Bhagavan has come to my office to bless me in Abu Dhabi and to remind me that I am His child. I was very happy to see this slide show of our Lord Bhagavan with children and it reminds me to express love for children.

I am grateful to Radio Sai for taking all the pains and sincere efforts to show us such beautiful photographs which we can never dream of seeing. The photographs of touching moments of our most dearest and beloved Bhagavan (our Mother Sai) also remind us of the recent celebration of Easwarama day. I once again request you to send us more such beautiful photographs, so that we can enjoy more and more happiness.
With Love and regards, Sairam, G.Ramprasad, Abu Dhabi .

General Feedback

Dear H2H team,
Thank you for such inspirational stories. We all tend to loose faith sometimes when things don’t go our way. But after reading these stories I think that at any given circumstance we should keep our faith strong. Shraddha and Saburi should be the only things we should keep in our minds.
Sonal Acharya.

Sai Ram.

As with many articles I've read, I'm touched by the many experiences of devotees, especially the students and how much Swami cares for them under various circumstances. I'm starting to feel the closeness although I've not seen Swami so far physically and have not been a Balvikas student. Please keep publishing such stories of reassurance. For those like me, who started late in life to realize Swami, this is a sure way in training ourselves to leave everything at HIS will and keep Him at our side at all times.

Jeyanthi Ghatraju, USA.

Dear Heart2Heart team!

First of all let me thank you for your great job you are doing for people. I read the article and felt how my heart responded. My name is Olga. I was born and studied in Ukraine and then got married and moved to Estonia . It happened that my marriage ended in divorce and it was the most difficult time for me. I lived with my son, but was depressed and miserable. I started searching for help when once I met Swami's devotee who literally saved my life. I am so thankful to her for her love, support and patience. I am also thankful to my parents who taught me that everything in life is achieved through nothing but hard work. It also helps me to survive.

Thank you for the opportunity to read Swami's teachings. The topic of education is very close to me since I am bringing up a boy and work at school. This article helped me to realise how important is bringing up a good character, how far I was from it and to do something to make things happen to sow at least one seed of love, peace and happiness.

Thank you, Olga Borodina.

Dear Sai Devotees,

Sai Ram.  Thanks for the lovely interviews you send to all of us through Heart2Heart.  I enjoy these interviews especially with people who were so intimately involved with Swami -- I just read the one with Prof Kasturi's daughter. Thanks a lot - please continue to do Swami's work — we appreciate all that you do. I am originally from Mumbai, India but have been living all over the world (Japan, Korea, UK, Qatar, Singapore) and presently in Jakarta Indonesia.  And I have seen Swami's manifestations all over the world.
Regards, Sai Ram, Bina Mayur.

Sai Ram,
My name is Suman Govindan.  I am writing from the US.  I read both articles on Swami as the Mother written by Karuna Munshi and Mallika Desu, both of whom graduated from Anantapur College.  The articles were beautifully written, articulate and inspiring and I'm so grateful that you bring these to us. It's wonderful to be at home and receive these treats without leaving one's desk!
Sai Ram, Suman Govindan, New Canaan, USA.

Feedback on Sai Inspires, our daily inspirational e-mail service .

Sai Ram,

Eight years back I lived in Sri Lanka, and every morning after I dropped my daughter to her girls college in Colombo, I went to the Sai Centre to read the daily message and spent five minutes per day to make my mind calm and clear. Now I am in Australia, and I have the opportunity to read the daily message at my work. How wonderful it is. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.

Regards, Ashini Kangaraarachchi, Data Management Engineer, Canada.

To all of you at Heart to Heart, Sai Ram.

Thank you for all these beautiful and true messages I receive from Swami everyday. For some strange reason there is always an answer in these messages over things I have been pondering over or thinking of and looking for an answer! It helps and guides me through my days and I’m so glad I have this contact with Swami and yourselves. I do hope that I would one day get the oportunity to meet with Swami and yourselves!

Take Care, Kind regards, Suvani Naidoo, South Africa.

Sai Ram,

I just wish to let you know how much I like Sai Inspires and its link with The Thought for the Day. Swami is so generous with us and has given and does continue to give us so much helpful information that it is difficult to find your way through it all. But I find Sai Inspires helpful because it is brief,  easy to look at,  has a nice picture of Swami,  and because there is a little statement telling what it is that Swami wishes us to think about. I like being helped out that way because my mind is not very objective in its outlook and I have trouble summing things up.

So besides having the thought that someone has so nicely chosen this for us to think about, there is The Thought for the Day which keeps us up to date with what Swami is saying right now. That is very nice. Just those two pieces are all I can manage for the day. What treasures you offer us. Thank you ever so much for all your kindness and consideration.

Sai Ram to you all at Heart 2 Heart, Lakshmi Parimala Mahadevan, New York, USA.

Dear Editors of Heart2Heart,

This thank you note is long overdue. Thank you for this excellent service--the words you select from the vast collection of Swami's writings and speeches always seem the right message at right time.

Sai Ram, With lots of love and gratitude, Jeroo Captain.


– Heart2Heart Team



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