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Parents of every student accepted at the Sathya Sai School of Canada have to commit to completing a fifteen week workshop in Value Parenting within the first year of their child’s enrollment in the school. This is mandatory and the child’s acceptance is conditional to the parents fulfilling their commitment within the stipulated time period. Why, you may ask?

When the school asks parents what they want of their child, the general answer is that they want their children to be respectful, dedicated, loving, kind, good in studies, well-mannered, possess good communication skills and display self-confidence.

When the school asks children what they want of their parents, the general answer is that they want their parents to be understanding, open-minded, accepting, good role models, good communicators, supportive, and available when they need them with no nagging or put downs.

Dynamic Parenting Program

Aim of the program:

    The home is the training ground for addressing the ills of our society. The home is the fundamental political, economic and social unit of society. A society’s economic well-being and stability rests on the foundation of good practice of values at home. This program supports the establishment of a stable social system based on tolerance, love, equality, respect, compassion and justice.

    To create happiness and fulfillment in the lives of members of a family so that each functions optimally in the physical, mental, emotional and social spheres. This will create stable family and social systems.

    In keeping with the teachings of Swami, Dr. and Mrs. Pal Dhall of Australia, who developed the program, state: “The parents’ responsibilities towards their children are not limited to the provision of food and shelter (and) education and health but also include cultivation of mental well-being, (and) social and spiritual awareness. The parents are primarily responsible for giving their children a sense of personal worth and competence that arise from adherence to a well constructed inner frame of values.” The program for ‘Value Parenting’ “asks that parents become aware of their own and their child’s developmental needs and make a commitment to implement the five human values (Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace and Non-Violence) in their life.....”  

    The Dynamic Parenting program has proven to be very successful. Parent participants have found that there is peace and harmony in their homes. Children have become self-directed and responsible. When the children of parents who had participated in the workshops, were asked if they noticed any changes in their parents, they indicated that their parents have changed and have become loving, open in communication, supportive and were spending more time with them. 

    The Dynamic Value Parenting program consists of fifteen two-hour workshops which are interesting and practical. At the end of each module, participants apply the shared knowledge and experiences to their own family circumstances by setting a personal goal for improvement or change. This takes the form of an action plan, which they try to put into practice during the week. True and lasting change takes time.

Topics Covered

  • Week 1 Introductions
  • Workshop Expectations and rules for participants
  • Workshop 1 - Human Life and Human Values
  • Week 2 Workshop 2 – How are Parents suited to implement Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV)?
  • Week 3 Workshop 3 – Family: What is happening in it?
  • Week 4 Workshop 4 – Parent Review
  • Week 5 Workshop 5 – Role of Parents in the Moral Development of the Child
  • Week 6 Workshop 6 – Seizing opportunities for Teaching Human Values
  • Week 7 Workshop 7 – Identifying dynamic, enabling & disabling processes in daily family life
  • Week 8 Workshop 8 – Human Value of Love: Spouse Bond – 1
  • Week 9 Workshop 9 - Human Value of Love: Spouse Bond – 2
  • Week 10 Workshop 10 – Human Value of Right Conduct: Empowering I
  • Week 11 Workshop 11– Human Value of Right Conduct: Empowering II
  • Week 12 Workshop 12– Human Value of Peace: Family Time
  • Week 13 Workshop 13 Human Value of Non-Violence: Communication – I
  • Week 14 Workshop 14– Human Value of Non-Violence: Communication - II
  • Week 15 Workshop 15– Human Value of Truth: Religious and spiritual beliefs, network of family and friends  

- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 5 Issue 06 - JUNE 2007
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