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Right answer on your 1st attempt
3 Points
Right answer on your 2nd attempt
2 Points
Right answer on your 3rd attempt
1 Point

1. During His Ugadi discourse Bhagavan related that on His visit to Chennai ten years ago He had described the circumstances of His return to the city. What were the circumstances that He mentioned?

2. 29th June is observed as St. Peter’s day within the Christian church. At one point, Peter famously contests his Master’s prediction that he would deny Him three times before the cock crowed. Later, Peter denies that he knew Jesus, exactly as Lord Jesus had stated. When did this event take place?

3. In the Ramayana, what is the book Sundara Kanda about?

4. “Time waste is life waste” is one of Bhagavan’s well-known sayings. How does Bhagavan direct us to spend our time during the evening?

5. For Sikhs, 16th June commemorates the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev (1563-1606). For what event in Guru Arjan Dev’s life is the 16th June remembered?

6. In Prasnottara Vahini Bhagavan formulated this question with its answer to follow:
Q: ‘What are the traits of character that we have to avoid, that is to say, which are the obstacles in the path of one who seeks Liberation from the cycle of Birth and Death?’
A: ‘The six, the Arishadvarga: Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada and Maathsarya; these are to be avoided.’
What is the English meaning of Kama, the first of the six?

7. In the Ramayana, the young Kausalya was imprisoned by Ravana in a wooden box and placed in the ocean, as he wished to avert her future marriage to Dasaratha. Who rescued her?

8. In Islam what does the word ‘Hijra’ refer to?

9. How does Bhagavan classify the yugas ie the Kali-yuga, Dwapara-yuga, Thretha-yuga and Kritha-yuga?

10. 17th May 2007, marks Ascension Day for Christians. What does this day commemorate?

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Vol 5 Issue 06 - JUNE 2007
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