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3 Points
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2 Points
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We now bring you a quiz to test your recall power from reading Heart2Heart. Please click on the links to find out the full stories.

1. One morning while Bhagavan was on the portico conversing with the young school boys, He suddenly asked them, "Boys, what do you think God is like?" The small boys had no reply for this rather grand question. Bhagavan then went on to tell them just what God is like, as follows, but can you fill in the answer? (The blanks are two words repeated throughout.)

“God is sweet like ___ ___!" The boys became attentive. Swami continued, "God is soft like ___ ___!" …Swami went on, "God is cool like ___ ___!" And then the punch line: "He gives joy like ___ ___!"

What are the repeated two missing words, as reported in our 31 Aug 2003 issue?

2. In our July 2006 edition we had a talk by Mrs Geetha Mohan. She informed us that when, in 1943, her grandfather Sheshagiri Rao, a devout worshipper of Lord Shiva, came to see Swami for the first time he had a closed mind and only came to protect the ladies in the family group. What happened when he first saw Swami, at that time, a young lad of 16 years.

3. In our November 2004 cover story - A Play Within The Play - we dwelt on the wonderful interactions and guidance that Swami has with His students during the Convocation dramas. At one point the boys were rehearsing and Bhagavan stopped the performance when a bad character came on the stage. What did Bhagavan then tell the students?

4. In our February, 2007 issue we had the transcript of a talk delivered in the divine presence by Dr. T. Ravi Kumar. He enthralled us by relating his father’s first amazing encounter with Bhagavan, when he was suffering from the ravages of cancer. Swami had approached him and remarked:

“Why did you have twenty-five operations?” My father sat up! Swami said, “The doctor is saying that you will die; he has given you only few days.” What did Swami continue to say?

5. In a story from Swami’s Hospital in the 31 August 2003 issue, we learnt how a patient did not recover heart function after an operation and was causing everyone concern about his condition. What happened next?

Dear Reader, did you like this quiz? Is it too difficult? Is it interactive enough? How does it help you? Please tell us at

-Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 5 Issue 06 - JUNE 2007
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