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Mother's Love and Divine Grace

Embodiments of Love! There is no nobler quality in the world than love. It is wisdom. It is righteousness. It is wealth. It is Truth. Everything is permeated with love. Everything in the cosmos arises from love, grows by love and merges in love.

Every human being is born from the mother's womb. He is fostered by the mother's love and enjoys many things in life because of the mother. He enjoys all happiness in life because of mother's love. Hence, there is no higher divinity than the mother. But this divinity relates to the body alone.


Man has to recognise the truth that the food which sustains his body is derived from the sun. The sun helps food crops to grow. Hence, without the sun man cannot have food to sustain life. The term Sathyam (Truth) is made up of three syllables which represent life, food and the sun. It follows that man is inherently an embodiment of truth. As such, he should lead a life based on truth. Unfortunately, man today leads a life divorced from truth. Consequently, he becomes a prey to innumerable troubles. He has no peace. He is racked continually by many afflictions.

Man has to recognise the significance of Love and Truth, which are fundamental to human existence. The mother represents these two basic qualities.

Love The Mother And Revere The Father

Rama attained Godhood because he was the son of Kaushalya. Lava and Kusha became heroic children because of their great mother, Sita Devi. It is the noble thoughts of the mother which make the children great. A mother may go wrong in other respects, but she will always strive for the well-being of her children. Hence every son has to love the mother as the primary duty. Then he should love the father and revere the preceptor. The mother confers the body. The father protects it. The preceptor imparts knowledge and wisdom. For every human being all three are essential for getting on in the world.

Many great men have embarked on noble deeds after securing the blessing of their mothers. For instance, before going to the battle to fight against the demon, Taarakaasura, Sanat Kumaara got the blessings of his mother, Gowri. Similarly, Parasuraama received his mother's blessings before he went to fight his foes. Likewise, Vinatha blessed her son Garuda...

It is because of the blessings of noble mothers, the wives of great sages, that many men were able to perform heroic deeds.

Shankaracharya taught that sons who did not get the blessings of the mothers suffered from various vicissitudes in life. Those who had the blessings of their mothers often secured freedom from rebirth.

Many enlightened men have extolled the greatness and power of mothers. It is the foremost duty of children to secure the blessings of their mothers for their worldly well-being.

However, spiritually man's obligation is different, according to Vedhantha (essence of the Vedas). Here, there is room in the heart only for the love of God. Affection for the mother and reverence for the father are necessary. But parents and preceptor are transient. Even friends are impermanent. God alone is permanent and unfailing and God alone should have the permanent place in the heart.

Use The Body as a Divine Instrument

The human body acquires its sacredness from the fact that it is the abode of the Divine. The Geetha refers to the body as Kshethra (sacred field) and the Divine Indweller as the Kshethrajna. Because of the sacredness of the body, it should be used properly as an instrument of the Divine. Man should develop faith in God. Without that faith, life will be meaningless. Man can have no happiness or satisfaction in life without the grace of God. Men today are too much immersed in affairs of the world. The result is they have no peace of mind. They can have peace only from the supreme embodiment of peace: God. He is the abode of infinite love and enduring peace. God's love should be secured by chanting the Lord's Name. You should be grateful to your mother for endowing you with a body which enables you to chant the Lord's Name.

- Divine Discourse on Eswaramma Day, May 6, 1997.

– Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 5 Issue 05 - MAY 2007
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