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Feedback on the Cover Story

I found this month's cover story truly enlightening and inspiring. I don't know much about Christianity and have always been interested in finding out more about various religions. I really appreciated the depth of detail that would otherwise be difficult to locate from a reliable source and encourage more cover stories relating to other religious figures, festivals and their practical application in today's world. The final few paragraphs dedicated to overcoming the mind were insightful and extremely refreshing and I could relate to the simple straightforward suggestions put forward. Overall it was an extremely worthwhile read! Sai ram!


Dear H2H team,

The cover story resurrection and reincarnation – born not to be reborn – was most inspiring for me and some friends whom I gave copies of this article. I am very grateful to you for your wonderful and soul-elevating contributions – reading H2H is like digging in a treasury case – you always feel very enriched afterwards. May Swami always bless you and your wonderful task.

Dagmara, Switzerland.

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Sai Ram,

Thanks for the very good gospel about Jesus, John, Elijah and not to be born again. It was a jewel for me, much awaited and looked for. The story reminds me about a Tao Te Ching stanza: ‘nothing will be done and nothing is not done.’ (Everything is done). They call it also wuwei - nothing and the enlightenment. This feels not like a heavy burden, actually no burden at all, only the oneness - the taste of truth, the pure being, sat. I guess it is also chit and ananda, but one notices this only afterwards when the worries are back.

So I try to jump over my shadow and the trouble grows worse. The separation is an idea, no idea means no separation. Accept everything as it is as a gift, total integration, no separation, no pain. Smile in the hearth, sunshine in the world! Be happy, do not worry!

Best regards, Jukka Oranen, Veikkola, Finland.

Thank you for this wonderful article. My English is not very good but I could understand everything. I needed to cry during my reading. Feelings of deep love touched me.

Thank You Swami, Sai Ram,
Bernd Svetnik, Austria, Klagenfurt

Dear Friend

Thank you!  I've just completed the Cover Story. The story of John the Baptist has always made me wonder.  Thanks a million for illuminating my darkness and eventually putting my mind at peace.  (I am 67).  Not to mention, the sheer brilliance of interweaving it with other spiritual texts and teachings on this auspicious occasion.

As I read this beautiful message - the likes of which I've never heard explained like this before – it evoked from me involuntary spontaneous joy and laughter, filling me with delight.  (Surely, many spiritual texts are written according to the science of correspondence!) As a "neophyte'', I intend to read this magnificent piece over and over again so as to gain more pearls of wisdom.  Because I know from experience, I can only get from these teachings what I bring to such golden texts. If it pleases you, may I suggest a similar rendition of The Sermon on The Mount,for a future Cover Story. 

Thank you!  Sincerely Yours in our Heavenly Father, Peace & Love,
Gebre Kedan

Thank you very much for this article. It was just what I needed - while reading it I was thinking that God must have read my mind. It gave me some of the answers I wanted.  

Sylvia, Bulgaria

Om Sai Ram:

This is a very thought provoking article.  Beautifully presented, interwoven with Christian and Hindu religious anecdotes, it is so refreshing that I have it saved to be read again!

Thiru Thirumalai

In Response to the Article: "Madras Memories"

Dear Sir,

I am extremely pleased to go through all you have published (not withstanding the nice and excellent photographs of Swami) on the Athirudra at Chennai. I have been seeing this very early in the morning at 2.30.A.M. and found it very informative and interesting. You have done a great service by bringing in vivid details of Swami's visit to Chennai.

Sairam to all of you
G.Sugunakar, Bangalore.

Sai Ram,

The Article "Madras Memories" brought with it my own sweet memories of the city. Just that the writer had mentioned about a period that was about five decades earlier than mine. Thanks Swami first of all for giving me a chance to read this nice article. Though, I am not one of the lucky ones who got to see the Yagna of such massive scale, I indeed feel very happy that my city and citizens got their share of Swami's divine physical presence and blessings after such a long gap, not in small measure but in a very magnanimous proportion.
The article also confirms the efficiency of a Madarasi (of-course) compounded even further by their faith and love for Swami. It was indeed because of the residents’ good karma that they all got to witness this Yagna conducted by the Avatar himself for full 11 days.
Jai Sai Ram,
Sudha Ram, Singapore

In response to the Healing Touch article:
"From Lifeless Existence to a Living Inspiration ...the Riveting Story of Mr. George Melkay

I would like to share my joy and admiration on reading about the miraculous way Swami saved the life of Mr George Melkay. Swami's love helps for His true devotees in distress is unlimited & unfathomable. He is a beacon of light in these dark days for millions! The daily "SAI INSPIRES' items presented by H2H are wonderful and valuable.


In response to the article: "Love My Uncertainty"

Om Sairam

Yes, it did inspire me a lot and enjoyed reading it.  Please do send more.  Swami's students are just so lucky! Last night I had the task of giving the youth from our Sai Centre a motivational talk on becoming active youth members...wish I had this article before then, as I could have used some quotes.  Anyway thanks a million.

Lots of love,
Vanessa Govender, Durban, South Africa. 

This article gives a graphic description of how the Kaliyug Avatar gives the basic lessons in spirituality so lovingly and patiently. His uncertainty gives rise to introspection and prayers in our hearts. His ways are so mysterious and loving that each of the millions of devotees feels as if the Avatar has come exclusively to take care of him.

Such an article gives courage to others who feel as if Baba is not listening to their prayers and find Baba's uncertainty difficult to bear. Most of us are actually not able to trust Baba when it comes to facing our problems in life. And yet He is the all knowing and is always with us as has been so beautifully brought out in the article.

The article turned out to be most timely as it helped me crystallise my thoughts on certain issues arising in my mind at the time. So my thanks for all that, Loving Sai Ram.

Virendra Singh, Noida, India.


That was a wonderful article indeed and so very inspiring to a depressed heart and mind. I am presently working in Bahrain and am facing all the odds against me. I read this article and my dying hope got rekindled once again.


Sai Ram,

I just wanted to say this article really touched my heart. In it I felt the true spirit of faith and Love for Swami, it was so beautifully depicted how Swami looks after the little details of everything. Many a time, one tends to wonder with the fickle mind whether what one does is right or wrong, only to realize that everything truly is His Will, as it happens, when it happens and how it happens… and all we need to do is constantly have unshakable faith and surrender, to hold on to His Lotus Feet all the while, because always and all ways, he takes care.

Sai-Usha Daswani, Hong Kong.

In response to the article:
"Guide to A Happy Life For Young Children – The Chinese Way

Aum Sri Sairam,

It was really a sincere effort by H2H to give an insight into the Chinese way .It is difficult for us here in India, to get such references .We are indeed grateful for introducing us to such unknown books and areas. May Swami help to bring out more such books into light to the ordinary readers like me .

With loving regards and Sairam,
Subhadra bhaskaran, Kaloor, Kerala

Feedback to the Sunday Special of April 1, 2007: "Dreams and Reality"

Respected members of the H2H team, Sai Ram to you all!

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you all for this Sunday's article on the four states of consciousness. It was highly philosophical and inspires one to strive to reach that fourth state so that we can gain Union with our Lord Sai. I'm a student of Vedanta and when I get to read such high and profound philosophy from the H2H team, it really inspires me on my journey to Sai! Certainly I would love similar articles. Thank you all once again,

Rishi Kewalramani.


I would like to write a short note on this nice article about the dreams and logic.  It is surely mind opening.  It gives me a clear point of view from which I can strive to understand Swami's "illogical" sayings.  My mind often stops me short by its frequent iron logic.  I notice it and then I try to stop it, because I know that logic too often diverts the perceiver from the truth because it searches for logic, but in this very process loses Truth.  Thank you for the wonderful little article that is like a little light bulb turned on in my mind.  I will approach my dreams and my perceptions in this light from now on.  I realize how important is the fact that all states of existence are different states of the mind and the one we happen to be in is not the only one and is not the only true one,  and if we want to expand our consciousness  we  should  pay attention  to dreams  and  other  'illogical'  experiences  because they  may  be  possibilities  for  our  expansion  and  understanding.

Thank you, Sai Ram,
Enikő Galbács, Transylvania (Romania)


This is a beautiful explanation of the states of consciousness which is truly very complex. It appears to me that the most important state of consciousness, especially when trying to help transmute evil traits into good, is to experience the state of Turiyaavastha. Therefore it seems that for change to take place the person her/himself must experience Turiyaavastha.

Yours sincerely,
D. Govindasamy

Sai Ram!

I think Chandran's dreams and his subsequent understanding of their meaning surely must have granted him a great sense of relief or freedom.... a sort of freedom that one experiences every time one is able to see clearly through a word or a pun or a phrase or a sentence that Baba had spoken. It leaves one with a sense of peace. I, too, learned from it.

I am really grateful every time when a story like this from one of Baba's students gets published here. I have learned a lot from the experiences of His students. They have lot to say and we here (I am in Canada) have a lot of enthusiasm to hear them. So if you can print more and more of their stories that would be awesome.

Thank you, Sai Ram,

In Response to Sai Inspires, Our daily Inspirational service


Dear H2H Team,

Loving Sairam to all of you, I have complete appreciation for the job your team is doing.  It is very nice to receive Swami's message in the morning and start my work.  I made it a habit everyday that I should read what Swami said first thing in the morning before I start my work and follow His directions in every aspect of life.  The messages I get from H2H are a valuable treasure of knowledge.  I never delete these messages; instead I save them to a separate folder for me to have a look at them any time.  I wish Swami's will grace your team with blessing to continue this service for long time and to many people in the world. 

Raju Nanduri, Richmond BC, Canada

I wanted to express thanks and say how much the message helped me today.  I have been struggling with my mind now for over a year, and I have just realized that God has been trying to get my attention and finally got through today with your message.  Thank you and I am now surrendering my mind sevenfold to the will of God.

Many blessings, Sai Ram,
Diane Alca

Dear Friends,

I just want to thank you for your daily inspiration. I don't have time to take it in every day, but still the regularity of your e-mails remind me of God knocking on my door every minute, reminding me that love, confidence and bliss are not just sometimes, but are always the basis of life.

Thank you. Om Sai Ram!
Monique & Mark-Jan den Hartog

– Heart2Heart Team



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Vol 5 Issue 05 - MAY 2007
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