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part 38

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(Continued from the previous issue)

Baba first created some gifts, a ring for a lady - a green diamond in the center flanked by two white diamonds, all gems showing large flat facets. Then, for a lady who had a large japamala (rosary) of seeds, Baba created a Japamala of matched pearls, and showed her how to use it: The thumb, standing, separate, may be taken to represent God. The first finger, representing the individual person, is joined to the thumb, to the Divine. The three remaining fingers represent the three gunas - the three modes of temperament, thought, and action observable in all people - the middle finger being the Sathwic guna (calm, pure, balanced nature). The japamala is then drawn across the Sathwic finger by the thumb and the forefinger movement.

Sai Conversations

SAI: (Demonstrating the use of the japamala) Like this, Swami holds all of creation in His hand.

(A man from Nigeria was in the group, and Baba next turned to him.) What religion? What is your religion?

Answer: Christian.

SAI: Do you like Jesus?

Answer: Yes.

Moving His hand, Baba creates a ring, the centre stone of which carries a very fine portrait of Jesus. First, He shows the ring to those of us sitting near His chair, and then to the Nigerian, saying "Do you like Jesus? Which do you want, Jesus or Sai?" The Nigerian replied, "I would be pleased with either."

Baba holds the ring between thumb and forefinger about six inches from His lips and blows His breath upon it. Then He shows it to those close to His chair. The portrait on the centre stone has changed from that of Jesus to a portrait of Sai. To the Nigerian, Baba then says, "Now you have both. Come here". The man moves forward and Baba places the ring on his finger, Baba says, "See, a perfect fit."

Later on, it was the Nigerian's turn to go into the inner interview room for a brief, private conversation, and when he came out we could see that the ring had changed yet once again. Baba had again recreated the ring and it was now a single large diamond in an appropriate setting. As Sai followed the man into the main room, He said, "He didn't like a large ring!" This remark caused considerable merriment. In fact, the entire interview was joyful in the extreme and Baba was in a great mood, constantly cracking jokes. Hearing such happy laughter coming from the group, the people outside were wondering what on earth was happening.

Living with Desires

SAI: Any questions? Spiritual topics?

Q: How to live with worldly desires which rise endlessly?

SAI: Turn all wishes and desires to God, then all will be well. Mind is like a key to the door of a prison. Turn it to the left, the door opens and the person is free to turn towards God and spiritual life. Turn the key to the right, and the person is locked into worldly life. Turn every wish and every desire into desire to be with God, and be happy.

Sai Conversations

Q: Swami, what is the truth of the mind? How to use thought and the mind?

SAI: There is no mind. Just as cloth is seen as thread, then as cotton only, there is only God. God is like a perfect mirror: your desires, thoughts, and actions are perfectly reflected in that perfect mirror, which is God. When your desires, thoughts, and actions are reflected back to you, you may think God sent them, but they are really your own.

Q: But what to do about bad thoughts and desires?

SAI: Human thoughts and desires. If you think, "I am human", then such human aspects of anger and jealousy will be reflected and will return to you. But you are not human. You are Divine. You are God. Think and feel, "I am Divine". Then you will think and feel only love, for God is Love. Every place, everything is Love, Love only.

Q: I have a desire which I cannot put away.

SAI: What?

Q: Privacy. I must have privacy.

SAI: Physical privacy is first, then mental privacy.

Q: And I make mistakes; the same mistakes. Can I give my mistakes to Baba?

SAI: Oh, yes. I am always ready. Give your life to me. Be my instrument. I act through you.

Q: Then even bad thoughts and acts are by you?

SAI: Human thoughts and acts. God is love only. You are Divine. Be Love. Act in Love.

Q: But, Swami, the mistakes I make. Even though I know better, I make the same mistakes. Can I give you my repeated mistakes?

SAI: Once, or twice, or three times perhaps it is the same mistake, but repeating again and again means it is no more a mistake. It is habit!

Love and the Soul

H (Hislop): Swami says that if one is so fortunate as to have God's Love, then no spiritual practice, no sadhana is necessary?

SAI: Yes. If you have God loving you, then no sadhana, no meditation, no inquiry, nothing more is needed, for, then everything is God. All thoughts are of God, only God is seen; the whole day is with God only.

Q: What is soul?

SAI: Soul is the Atma. It does not die. You are Atma, not body.

Q: But Swami, there is something else. Something has results.

SAI: Yes, result is from desire. It is like this golden watch band you are wearing. You wish for a ring; the gold is taken from the bracelet and it becomes a ring. Then you are no longer pleased with a ring, but instead long for a golden necklace. The gold is taken and it becomes a necklace. All are different forms, but the gold is the same.

Ending the Dream

Sai Conversations

H: Swami informs us that this life in the world is a dream only.

SAI: Yes, a dream.

H: But Swami works endlessly in the dream. Why?

SAI: If the dream is realized as such, then the world is done with. Swami helps those caught in the dream.

H: But it is still a dream, without purpose or end. Why bother with it?

SAI: A big scientist may know that a child's world is a dream and has no reality which is lasting. But this does not prevent him from sitting down with the child at the child's level. Again, Sai could be likened to an aircraft which briefly touches down in order to take passengers up from the ground.

H: Swami! There is room for only a limited number!

SAI: Limited, yes! Always there is room for a limited number only.

H: Swami! How to get a booking?

Sai Conversations

SAI: By Grace; booking is through Grace.

H: The limitation is severe.

SAI: Yes, it is true that reservations have been made. But on the plane, the Government has some seats reserved. Swami can say, "Hislop is given one of those reservations."

H: What is the difference between Swami's Grace and Swami's Blessings?

SAI: They are the same. Swami's Blessings, His Grace, His Love - all mean the same.

Q: How to get Swami's Grace?

SAI: Swami's Grace is always here. Swami is always here. He is here for all; for everyone. I am always calling, but they do not listen, they do not come. What can I do?

(Now Swami calls people in turn to the inner interview room for a brief, private conversation. As He moves to the doorway, He says, "I am always happy. My bliss is ever full and never disturbed".)

H: Because Swami knows that this world of experience is only a dream. (Sai makes no reply.)


(To be continued...)


– Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 5 Issue 11 - NOVEMBER 2007
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