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- Feedback from our readers on the October issue

Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say

Feedback on the Cover Story:‘Beauty, Bliss and Blessings ...of Sathya Sai in Chennai’ Click here to read it again

Dear Heart2Heart Team and Radio Sai,

I with to thank you for the very uplifting story written by Prof G. Venkataraman titled Beauty, Bliss and Blessings...of Sathya Sai in Chennai. Thank you very much for your tireless seva to bring these beautiful stories home to me and spreading His Holy Word around the world. We desperately need Swami's Grace and Bliss every second to turn around a lost and violent population into a loving one.

Stories like this one tell us why His Holy Presence came to Earth to help us realize and see again who we really are, in dire need of help and Blessings. The many stories you have sent, I treasure all in my heart.

I am Jutta Benner. My first Home are the Stars, of course, my second Home is in Germany; I am German, my third Home presently is in the USA in Charleston, Oregon on the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

From Ocean to Ocean, from Heart to Heart, Sai Ram and thank you so very much for your love and your loving work.

Many blessings,

Jutta Benner


Sai Ram H2H team,

I was just going through the article Beauty, Bliss and Blessings…Sathya Sai in Chennai. I am from Chennai but I currently live in New Zealand. I had a wonderful experience from start to finish, with Swami planning and executing my trip in January 2007 for the yagnam, and later for His visit to the hospital that I work in.  I know that Sai's leelas are not unusual, for He is the Lord of this entire Universe. I travelled all the way across the globe to see our loving God and He blessed me abundantly and I have wonderful memories of His Grace and love.

Sai Ram



Sairam Sir,

Thanks for your enlightening and illustrative report.   Felt as though we were physically present there…May our Swami bless your attempts to unfold some more of Him to us. We all thank you once again.


Jayaraman R.G.

Ulsoor, Bangalore.


Sai Ram!

I really enjoyed reading the cover story on Swamis' Chennai trip (part 3). In fact, after reading the article, my mind was thinking about Swami for couple of days without showing its monkey nature (if I may say so). I was so immersed in Swami's thoughts that He inspired me to write a few small poems (I am not competing with the greats though!). Here is one -

I entered this world crying, You gave me the hand of my mother,

I entered the school with fear; You gave me the hand of my father,

I entered the society with loneliness; You gave me the hand of my sister,

I entered the realms of uncertainty; You gave me the hand of my relatives,

I entered the arch of Prashanthi Nilayam, and You gave me Yourself!

I request the editor to also post other Leelas like how Swami got His license and many more of His Leelas!

Jai Sai Ram!

Saminathan Ramachandran

[Dear Reader, We will be having more stories in the coming issues – H2H Team]


Feedback on: ‘In Quest of Infinity - Part 9 ’ Click here to read it again


Sai Ram,

We are so fortunate to read about the wonderful mystery of nature and the planet where we live, through each segment of QFI. We pray to Swami to give you enough strength to continue this article forever and our million salutations to Swami for using the h2h team as a perfect tool to reveal the mystery of His beautiful work in the cosmos.

Barathi Rajashekaran


Feedback on: ‘ Sai Medical Camps in Fiji ...Love in Action'’ Click here to read it again

Our most humble and loving salutation to His lotus feet......... Baba has always resided in the hearts of his devotees here in Fiji and of course all Baba says "our presence is His presence". We have always eagerly awaited His appearance and now here He is with all his love and blessings, not only for His devotees but for one and all. This confused and troubled tiny island nation has attracted our Sai's divine attention. We are indeed so fortunate. What else do we want or seek but His love and attention. We are so blessed. We love you Sai.

Sandhya, Suva,

Fiji Islands.  


Respected H2H team,

Sairam. The article "Sai Medical Camps in Fiji" is very inspiring and terrific. It is a great show of unity, dedication, love and compassion exhibited by people from four different countries working together for selfless service in a difficult environment and helping the needy. It is only Bhagavan's grace behind them directing right through. They truly followed ‘love all and serve all’ as repeatedly told by Sri Bhagavan. My thanks to your team for bringing out such a nice article.



Feedback on: How to Build Character That LastsClick here to read it again

Sai Ram,

The article "How to Build Character that Lasts" is an eye-opener. It’s a must read for one and all. May Swami bless this great Nation with peace and joy for one and all.

With love,

H.G Krishnan


Sairam to all of you,

That was truly inspiring. I was in Parthi a few days before the World Youth Conference but could not stay. I read a few excerpts and heard from friends about what Swami had said during this time but nothing about the speakers. Thank you for sharing this wonderful event.


Kanthi Ayyagari


Feedback on: 'How the Saffron Shaped Me' Click here to read it again

Dear Heart2Heart Team,

Thank you so much for publishing the article by Ms. Sutopa Sen.  I can well relate to her candid account of feeling lost and disconnected from Swami, overwhelmed by the trials of life.  Her honesty and spirit are so powerful. Indeed, life with Swami is never easy, but we must somehow pray for the strength to face our challenges with dignity and grace, like His children ought to.   It is so inspiring to read that it is possible to embody Swami's teachings even in the midst of difficulties, though the world may seem to conspire against us. Thank you for giving us all so much hope.


Ellesha Wanigasekera,

Toronto, Canada


Dear Editor,

I read the talk by Ms Sutopa Sen and found it very inspiring. It was more like my own story. I passed out of His institute this year. I am at Jaipur which is far from my home and far from Puttaparthi. Most of the people out here in my college don’t know about Swami. So, I used to feel depressed that I have no one to talk to about Him. Browsing through h2h is my only way to be in touch with the Sai world. Thank you so much for bringing a ray of hope in my dark days.



Sai Ram,

The article 'How The Saffron Shaped Me’ by Ms. Sutopa Sen was really inspiring. It gives an insight into the lives of many devotees of how Swami really takes care of everybody if we follow his teachings.  Any single act of Swami has a great meaning.  A gift of a saffron robe means sacrifice.  We should sacrifice our bad qualities to be near Sai. A good article indeed.  Please provide more such articles especially by students and ex-students.

VS Venkataraman Iyer


Feedback on: ' Learning To Love… ’ Click here to read it again

Sai Ram H2h team,

Most wonderful article about ‘Learning To Love’. It came at the right time for me. Swami's way of answering latent questions and sorting out our lives in different ways! Much loved and appreciated article. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Sai Ram, H2H Team Members,

The article "Learning to Love", is a reflection of Swami's students’ knowledge and a very good understanding of  the subject. It gives a deep insight on the Topic of 'Love’. We pray for Swami's Blessings for these excellent students and for your efforts, to reveal more us.

S. Pathy,

Toronto, Canada


Feedback on: ' Incredible Blessings ...The Startling Story of Benjamin ' Click here to read it again


Jai Sairam!

I am Dr. Krishnamurthy from Coimbatore. I read the article "Incredible Blessings - the Startling Story of Benjamin", with great interest. I am a medical graduate and my wife is also a medical graduate. I will put my feelings simply as follows -

"We Are Lucky People To See God In Person, Living Like A Human Amongst Us."

All of us, everyone of us has done something good in our pervious births, for seeing, feeling, admiring with awe, Divinity during our life time. Blessed are Benjamin and his parents, grandparents, and also all of us.




Dear Sir,

When I read ‘The Startling Story of Benjamin’ I started crying, tears flowing continuously on realizing the Love, Sai has for all of us. I have realized long back, it is not the medical field, not the doctors - but only divine love that heals all. I wonder, will I ever get to touch the Lotus feet of Bhagavan Sai once in this birth?

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Mrs. S.R. Rathinam,

MNAMS, Prof. of Ophthalmology and Head of Uveitis Service.


Aum Sai Ram,

My eyes were filled with tears when I read the article.   Bhagavan’s Mercy knows no bounds and this is yet another example.

ESV Krishnan,

Lagos, Nigeria



I have always heard of numerous Sai stories, however I am not a devotee. I have always felt a connection but I could never place my finger on it. When I read the article on Benjamin I felt a truly deep sense of connection so strong that I had goosebumps all over, like being touched by a heavenly figure.


Kubashni Govender,

South Africa


Feedback on: Prashanti Diary Click here to read it again

Sai Ram Brothers and Sisters,

This is just to inform you that all of you are performing an invaluable service by bringing out Prashanti Diary.  It is so wonderful with lots of details and sprinklings of pictures.  It seems that we are in Parthi.  Thanks so much.

Love, Giridhari


Feedback on the Quizzes

My respectful greetings and gratitude to you all.

I go through the multi-faith quiz and now the frequency of attempting the quiz has increased. We all in our family sit and discuss the answers. We feel happy when we get the right answers in the first attempt itself. It boosts our morale and we learn in the process. I thank you sincerely for your continuing service.

With regards,

ASG Mohanraj,

Manipal, Karnataka


General Feedback

I am a devoted reader of your website.  I only discovered it six weeks ago and it has become a very happy morning addiction of mine. Everyday, I wake up, turn on the computer and get to share Swami's thoughts for the day. I find something new daily to inspire me. Thank you for the time, effort and expertise that all of you who do this work are doing for me and the world.  

I feel so lucky - maybe that's the wrong word, blessed is more accurate, to be able to share a small slice of the world you are inhabiting. Thank you, for bringing Sai Baba into my home everyday.  The importance of your work cannot be overstated.  This letter is to demonstrate how much Holy Baba is necessary for all people, including a forty-three year old, raised Catholic woman from California - me. Thank you again, the web-site is lovely.

Much Love,

Valerie Peerenboom


Om Sai Ram,
I am an ardent devotee of Baba for some years now. He has guided me on numerous occasions. It’s just recently that I came to know of the web site and got myself enrolled. The articles that have been sent to date are very inspiring. It gives me immense pleasure to read more on Baba's glory. My husband and I are based in Dublin and these articles are the only means for us to stay in touch with Baba.
On a personal front, I particularly remember one incident wherein I had to make a very crucial decision of my life and prayed to Baba on his birthday i.e. November, 23rd to make a decision for me and he made that decision which has changed my life around for the good. Please do keep up the good work. Thank you for the inspiring articles on Baba. May he always guide us to the right path. 

Sheena Pillai.


Om Sai Ram,

I have read some articles from various heart to heart journals. What I feel now, is that I have wasted half of my life in worldly things. Because the kind of literature I have read and heard through Sai Global Harmony cannot be put in mere words - it’s something more than that.

I have no experiences to share with unfortunately, but I feel that those people are so lucky who have served Swami their whole life and are serving still. I am in fact nothing in front of those divine souls. (We are all equally divine in the eyes of Sai – H2H Team.)

The articles make my eyes numb with tears - not because of sorrow but because of joy. At the end of every article a question is put up "Dear Reader, did this article inspire you in any way? Would you like to share you feelings with us?" I will say it has shaken me to an extent which I can not describe in words. Please pardon me for that.

I had never been to Prashanti Nilayam before nor had an opportunity to see Swami; but if Swami wishes, then I will definitely have an opportunity to see Swami. If not, He is with me always.

My humble thanks to Swami for giving me an opportunity to listen to His golden voice through His Bhajans or Divine Discourses on Sai Global Harmony satellite radio at World Space. This is just not like any other radio station broadcasting music or dramas. For me, it’s more than that. Again I have got no words to describe.

Om Sai Ram,

Gajawelli Shekhar Narayan,




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Vol 5 Issue 11 - NOVEMBER 2007
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