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Signs, wonders and their significance

The conflict between persons who accept God and deny Him, those who declare that God is to be found in this or that place and those who affirm that He can be found nowhere, is never ending; it has continued throughout the ages. While considering this situation, one has to remember that while it is unnecessary to awaken a person already awake and easy to awaken a person who is asleep, we cannot awaken, however much we try, a person pretending to sleep and refusing to be woken up! Those who do not know, can be taught by means of simple illustrations what they do not know. But those afflicted with half-knowledge and proud of that acquisition are beyond any further education.

Sathya Sai Speaks

The two eyes give a picture of a vast expanse of space, but they cannot see the face to which they belong! They are important instruments of the body, but they cannot see the entire body. When you wish to see your face as well as your back, you have to keep a mirror in front and another behind you too, so that the front mirror also shows you the reflection of your back. Similarly, when you desire to know your reality (face) and your future (back), you have to adjust the mirror of 'Self-confidence' (confidence that you are the Self) in front and the mirror of Divine Grace behind you. Without these two, to affirm that you are aware of your Truth or your destiny, is sheer fantasy.

Avathars Attract by their Inexplicable Acts

The Divine is now denoted by various words that are common currency in limited human vocabularies. They name phenomena revealing the Divine, like 'miracles’, ‘magic’, 'wonders’, etc. Of course, man cannot contain in his mind more than he can hold. He cannot express in words the inexpressible. Only those who have dived deep and contacted the underlying principle of Love, can picture Divinity with some clarity. The Divinity that is Me has not been acquired or earned, nor has it been added or evinced after the lapse of some years in the middle of this life.

The Divine has to reveal Himself through these manifestations, largely shaped and modified by the nature of the times, the region and the cultural environment. The signs and wonders that I manifest are given names that do not connote the purpose or effect. They can be called chamathkaara (amazing acts), that lead on to samskaara (purification), which in turn urges one towards paropakaara (helping others) and finally results in saakshaathkaara (divine vision).

Chamathkaara is any act which attracts on account of its inexplicability. This aspect of attraction is inherent in the Avathar (divine incarnation). The very name, Rama, means 'He who pleases or causes delight. Krishna means 'He who attracts, draws towards Himself.' This attribute of attractions is a characteristic of Divinity.

Why Does the Divine Draw?

Sathya Sai Speaks

Why does the Divine attract? Is it to deceive or mislead? No. It is to transform, reconstruct and reform - a process called samskaara. What is the purpose of the reconstruction? It is to make a person useful and serviceable for society, to efface their ego, and to affirm in him/her the unity of all beings in God. The person who has undergone samskaara (this purification process) becomes a humble servant of those who need help.

This is the stage of paropakaara. Service of this kind, done with reverence and selflessness, prepares man to realise the One that pervades the many. The last stage is saakshaathkaara. The Vedhas (ancient scriptures of Divine Knowledge) proclaim that Immortality (the stage when one is merged in the Birthless, Deathless, Universal Entity), is feasible through renunciation and detachment only, and not through rituals, progeny or wealth.

When a person renounces selfish desires, their love expands unto the farthest regions of the Universe until he/she becomes aware of the Cosmic Love that feeds all the four processes mentioned above. It is important that you know this underlying urge in all as I do…

The Divine can be grasped only through love, faith and sadhana (spiritual discipline), surcharged with Universal Love. Reason is too feeble an instrument to measure it. Denial of the Divine cannot negate it. Logic cannot reveal it. All the tirades now being made on the Divine are from atheists who are opportunists. So your duty is to preserve your equanimity. Be true to yourselves and do not waver. I am unaffected by praise or blame. My love and compassion envelop all; My Grace can be shared by all.

- Bhagavan’s Birthday Discourse on November 23, 1976.


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Vol 5 Issue 11 - NOVEMBER 2007
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