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Flying Colours of Puttaparthi!

In the previous month, we had a photo gallery on the greenery in and around Puttaparthi. This time, we include more colours; colours other than green too; colours that would make many towns and cities go "green"! An early morning walk along the winding roads just outside Puttaparthi and one comes across a variety of feathered friends. They rise with the sun and light up the day of any nature lover. Tiny birds, big ones, some busy, others lazy -  but all of them beautiful - make the viewer sit and marvel at the grandeur of the Lord's creation. The sweet chirps and trills, the range of colours, the gentle breeze on one's cheeks and the fragrance of the flowers in bloom satiates all the senses and brings one to a kind of meditative trance. Enjoy the visual treat in picture form!

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Vol 5 Issue 11 - NOVEMBER 2007
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