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This quiz tests your recall powers from reading Heart2Heart. This being the month of November, all the questions are based on events from Bhagavan’s life that have happened in this month. And in the answers we have included the links to all the stories and articles from which they have been taken. So please click on these links and enjoy reading about His glory.

1. Traditionally, on every second Saturday [until Sunday] of November, Akhanda Sai Bhajans [24-hour continuous singing] are held globally. When did this actually start?

2. By the beginning of the 1980’s, there were three colleges, in Anantapur, in Bangalore and in Puttaparthi respectively. Soon the time was ripe to fuse all these into a University, and that step was taken in 1981.

Established by Bhagavan on the 22nd of November, 1981, and comprising of three campuses - Prashanti Nilayam, Brindavan and Anantapur, the Institute draws its inspiration from the penetrative declaration of Bhagavan Baba, who is also its Revered Chancellor:

"Students are the very foundation of the nation. To make the foundation strong, the people, the government, the parents, the teachers and the students - all have to coordinate their plans and their efforts. These five elements, these five vital forces have to work together towards this end. Students and teachers are the most valuable asset which can render the University an ideal one."

What is the purpose behind Swami attracting students?

3. On 23rd of November, in 1990, Swami made a 'Historic Declaration'. "There are countless people in this country, who cannot afford the huge costs of going abroad, and seeking a heart surgery. The poor have no proper place to go to, for such expensive operations, even in this country. Next year, we are going to establish a fully equipped, modern hospital at Puttaparthi, at the cost of hundred crores of rupees, where all cardiac patients will be given treatment, totally free of cost. Besides this, patients and their attendants will be provided facilities for their food and stay, totally free of charge. The first operation will be performed on the 22nd of November, next year."

What kinds of operations were performed on the opening day?

4. On Nov 19, 1995, on the occasion of the 70th Birthday celebrations, Bhagavan magnanimously declared that the 19th of November will henceforth be celebrated as Ladies' Day to highlight the sacred qualities of women and lay renewed emphasis of the quality of motherhood. This day is much anticipated by the lady devotees every year in memory of Mother Easwaramma, who stands as a crest jewel of womanhood.

Ever since, it has been the privilege of women to celebrate this day as Ladies’ Day in His Divine Presence at Prashanti Nilayam. On this day all the Mandir activities starting from the morning Suprabhatham to the Nagarsankeertan are carried out exclusively by ladies.

In which year of Ladies Day celebration did Swami also inaugurate the Easwaramma Women's Welfare Project?

5. Of all the prayers gifted to us by Swami, which is the one on which he lays a lot of stress and gave it as a birthday gift on one birthday?

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-Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 5 Issue 11 - NOVEMBER 2007
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