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- Feedback from our readers on the September issue

Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say

Feedback on the Cover Story: ‘Prema Jyothi, A Celebration of Pure Love’ Click here to read it again


Dearest Heart2Heart team members,

I was immensely fortunate to see the exhibition in person during the WYC and wanted to express my awe and appreciation at your monumental efforts that have touched every single heart that walked through. I have always read with keen interest about His projects and seva activities but to actually see those photographs had an altogether different impact.

Not surprisingly so, the heart speaks only of love and love speaks in silence. And in that very silence the Lord and His divine acts, the suffering faces of humanity and the selfless love that can alleviate it spoke and in silence our hearts understood.

So congratulations team, Mission accomplished! Now it’s up to all of us not only to carry it forward but to live it for the rest of our lives.

I remember talking to one of the brothers during the exhibition who was kind enough to share with us the beautiful description in this month's cover. And I also remember my disappointment when I was told that the photos and video recording were not intended for public view.

So, you can imagine the pleasant surprise and boundless joy when I poured over the text and drank in all the pictures - it took me almost 90 mins to read through! I could scarce believe my eyes - one little wish made a few weeks ago and the grand fulfilment today, through this exquisite piece, not just with Swami's photos but a detailed description of all His expressions and comments. As I read through it, I felt the thrill and joy that you must have felt on that day. You gave the best gift possible - a "remote Darshan". You brought our Swami into my living room.

So, from the bottom and every other place in my heart, I express my gratitude for such loving service. It is said that the highest service one can do is to serve the children of the Lord.

Thank you, with love, Meema Kalluri

Dear Sai Brothers,

From start to finish the story was captivating and humbling as the realization of the grandeur of what we are experiencing in this lifetime hit home. Both "indescribably magnificent" as well as magnificently indescribable. While reading the words towards the end of your article “…without sparing a thought about the strain on the planet’s resources as the population rises exponentially” one of the many feelings prompting this heart was relative to a holiday here in the States, that of All Souls Day, when “all souls rise from the dead” and the role of the Sai Organization.

It was deeply felt here that as devotees of Lord Sai, we are all Seva Dals in this vast gathering of souls on planet Earth and we have been blessed with the opportunity and responsibility of promoting peace and silence among this unruly crowd through loving feelings, thoughts, speech and behavior, as the “Greatest Love Story Ever Written” unfolds, His Story. As the photo of the Earth in his hand depicts, “It’s all in the Hand”, which He lovingly told this heart in an interview. We need not worry about anything, just play well our part in the story, and pay attention to His directions.

Was it inspiring? Without reservations. Again, towards the end of your article, these words prompted this heart onwards with the above expressed feelings: “Incarnations of God in human form are extremely rare. God is now here with us and clearly, this is an opportunity we simply cannot afford to miss”.

Did it help you in any way? It helped to reassure the feelings in this heart that Swami’s Form is a focal point for the entire world in His Story, without exception or exclusion, and we need not concern ourselves with our seating arrangement as He has blessed each of us with a part to play, regardless of where we have been stationed. His Presence has been lovingly felt and expressed globally now,

With Love in Sai to all, Jai Sai Ram,

Micheal Rogers

Sai brothers and sisters,

I do not have words to express my happiness and joy in reading such a huge and loving work of dear Baba’s students. It has given me tremendous happiness and peace and longing to be a smallest particle of service in His compassionate plan. Thank you for every article in H2H Radio Sai. I depend on them as my satsang. Thanks a lot again.

May His blessings be with everybody and always,


Dear All,

Again it is Swami's expression of Love that those of us who could not be present physically were given a taste of the exhibition through your cover story. Stupendous effort and marvellous job.

Thank you and  Sai Ram,

Indra Deo,


WOW! Thank you so much for sharing the background to making this display. This article sends such a powerful and positive message to all – “Anything can be achieved if it is for the benefit of Mankind” and “Shared vision and selfless service accomplishes miracles.” Imagine this story being shared in a corporate world to inspire team building. I was in awe as I read the article.

Sai Ram,

Seelan Moodley, Deployment Programme Manager,

Slough, UK

Dear H2H team,

Sairam.  You ask if I 'liked' this section....and if  it 'helped' me! Well yes, it made me feel like I was actually present there physically when all this was going on.....

It gave me total bliss.....I felt as if Swami was talking to me face to!

I also like the inspiration page very much......

Keep up your excellent work....God bless!

With love and light,


After visiting the exhibition “Prema Jyothi” during Guru Purnima, it is such a heart filling experience to see it again at the internet, with a commentary which is:

  • so profound,
  • so sweet and full of the same love Swami is expressing, 
  • and so completley in accordance with the fullness of the exhibition itself, that I want to thank everybody again who worked so hard to get this great work done, bringing Swamis love and grace even deeper in our hearts. Thanks a lot!

With love, Aum Sai Ram,

Jaap van Setten,


Sai Ram!

Thank you so much for the extensive report on the exhibitions and Swami's blessed, loving Presence there. In the article His Life and the effect of it in the world, all come together in moving words and pictures. It makes me feel as if I am present too. And, as so often, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord that I may know Him in this lifetime, and be so close to Him in my heart and, at times even physically.

With grateful Love,

Constance Eykman,

The Netherlands.


I just finished reading the Prema Jyoti exhibition and would like to thank you so much for sharing this with us. It made me feel as if I was there watching the exhibition. I was so moved and overjoyed to read this.

With our beloved Sai's blessings,

Sister Amutha.

Sai Ram to all involved in the new Exhibition.

It is a wonderful example to the whole world what can be done for the global harmony of the earth we are living on. It is really moving and exceptionally professional. Here in Australia we are experiencing the worst drought in centuries, and I know Swami is aware of all this.

Some people will be slow to come to terms with their innate divinity, and until then, we will have catastrophies. With the blessings and salutations of our Lord, we will overcome all hardships.

Thank you for the wonderfully inspiring articles, I always look forward to them, as they set the seal for my day. I am not the same without the inspirations you continue to send to me. I thank Swami for your hard work.

Yours in Sai,

Judie Rowling,



Feedback on: ‘In Quest of Infinity - Part 8’ Click here to read it again

Dear Sir,

The ‘Feature Articles: In Quest of Infinity by Prof. G Venkataraman’ are giving good insight into the matters pertaining to the universe from scientific studies. Such valuable information in the form of serial articles may not be ordinarily available. Though it is difficult to understand all aspects covered in these articles, on the whole it is very interesting. I would like to convey my deep regards to Prof. Venkataraman for sharing his knowledge in such a simple, free and frank manner. 

Recently, I read an interesting item, ‘Still in the dark on the stuff of the universe’ by James Watson Cronin, who won the 1980 Nobel for physics who said, “We think we understand the universe, but we only understand 4 per cent of everything.” Some other interesting aspects about dark matter are also mentioned in this.
Swami said, “Truth is more fundamental than the atom.” Further, Swami on many occasions mentioned about the limitations of science, “How can science which is bound to a physical and materialist outlook investigate transcendental phenomena beyond its scope?... Spiritualism, on the other hand, reins over the cosmic field where science has no place. That is why some discoveries of science are useful while others can be disastrous.” (From the book ‘Digest’- page 286).

I hope, in course of time, those scientists who are struggling to know ‘the stuff of the universe’ turn to the spiritual path or come to the presence of Swami, to know more about the Universe. 

With kind regards,

C. Venkata Ratnam.


Feedback on: ‘Sai Krishna – The Enigmatic Enchanter’ Click here to read it again

I was thrilled to read this article. I have been reading your articles for the last three years.  This is one of the best and it straight went to my heart possibly because we all are in similar situations as the author and pray to Swami.

Surlinathan, Chennai 

Sai Ram Dear Members of H2H,

I really liked the article "Sai Krishna - The Enigmatic Enchanter". It's given me a new perspective about the Krishna Avatar and the inner meaning behind the pranks of our Sai Krishna, which call for introspection.  Please do present more such articles from the students, I am eager to read them.

Loving Regards,

Nimish Ubhayakar

Thank you for this beautiful article. 

I know very little about Lord Krishna but try to understand Him because I love Sai Baba.  Your article came at a critical time for me.  I am trying to surrender all to Baba.  I just had a very disappointing, hurtful experience.  I pray to Baba to free me of feelings of grievances and even spite.  I just want Baba to know whatever caused it, I know it is His grace.  I am thankful.  Your article was the blessed coincidence that let me know Baba is hearing me.

Thank you.

Constance Robinson, USA


Feedback on: ‘Living Up to His Message’ Click here to read it again

Sai ram, Brothers at Radio Sai,

Sri Sanjay Sahini's message to the Youth at WYC was inspiring; He clearly reflects he is a Gold Medalist. It is very thought provoking message not only to the Youth but to every member in the Sai Organization.

Would appreciate to publish more of Sri Sanjay Sahani's speeches. Also if you can get the speeches by other Youth leaders at WYC published, we can see their approach, too, including Dr. Reddy's speech.

S. Pathy,

Toronto, Canada.

Sai Ram,
The article on ‘Living up to His message’ was truly touching and inspiring. It reminded of me of what another student said in his talk. This student was in Swami’s house for a decade. He would see Swami every day and was very close to Him. But he still felt that he was lacking something. He would write letters to Swami every day. Then one day Swami asked this student what he wanted and this person replied, "I want you Swami," then Swami asked, “Do you want Swami or Sai,". Then the student cleverly replied, "I want both Swami". To that Swami said, "If you want Swami, I am there today, but Sai is always there. I am with you, around you, in you everywhere.” In this article it is the same feeling. If you are a Sathya Sai University student then you are one only for a few years - but  you are a Sai Student forever.

Thank you for sharing this article.  I was an Institute student, at one point so when I read articles like this it brings back a lot of memories. Thank you once again.

Regards, Kanthi Ayyagari,



Feedback on: "He Is My Swami” Conversation with Mrs. Padma Kasturi Part – 5 ’ Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

I read the interview with Padma Kasturi. Really I felt very happy. I am Indian but now we live in Singapore because of my husband's job. But everyday I spend my time with Radio Sai. I want to read more experiences of old devotees because we can learn valuable lessons from them.

With regards,

Visalakiran K

Dear Sir,

I found the article "Conversation with Padma Kasturi" very inspiring as well as it helped me understand Swami's many ways of being in constant communication with us. Please publish more articles on these lines.

Sai Ram, Ashok Bhandarkar,

Mumbai, India


Feedback on: ‘Love Shines Through’ Click here to read it again

Sai Ram Dear Brothers,
The  experiences  by  Ms  Lulu  Plata  ‘Love Shines  Through’  are  very  inspiring  and  show  that  Swami  is  always  present  to  help, guide  and  shower  His  infinite  love. Thanks for presenting nice experiences everyday. You are  doing  a  wonderful  job. Keep it up.

Regards  to  all  members  of  heart2 heart  team,



Feedback on: 'Salt Water Turns Sacred and Sweet' Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

The article 'Salt Water Turns Sacred and Sweet' is enchanting.  Thank you for all the good work you are doing - may Baba bless you always - we get great joy by logging on to the computer every day.

Prabha Lalvani


Feedback on: ‘A Stirring Story of Surrender’ Click here to read it again

Dear H2H team,
Thank you for the article on Mr. Ivan Bavcevic's inspiring personal story of transformation.  It is something just what I needed to read at the moment.  I hope I can achieve such a selfless level of surrender someday. 
Thank you!


Dear Editor:

This feature is very moving and very impressive. We all know about the many miracles of Swami, and have witnessed many. However, He always mentions that it is the transformation in our attitude that is the miracle to count. This young individual has gone through that process and has laid it out beautifully in this article. It is from the depth of his own experience. It is encouraging to us, who are still learning this discipline of surrender.



Dear Sir,

After reading this article, it has rekindled my soul. I felt that it was Swami speaking through him. It woke me up, and I must aggressively go on with my seva project I promised Swami when I was in Puttaparthi last month. Thank You for circulating this article.

Love Ravi,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Sai Ram H2H Team,

I would like to let you know that you're commitment, discipline and love shows through the Radio Sai website!  I'm not one to usually comment or even browse through websites, but today I thought I'd take a "quick" look around!  You see, I usually get the "thoughts for the day" sent by someone else and I read that and be on my way.  But, today, my "quick" look took some pleasant "time" and turned into sadhana!

Your article about the Youth Coordinator from Croatia was very inspiring and uplifting to all who are yearning and putting forth the needed effort to transform our lives and putting into practice, Baba's Teachings! 

It is a good article to share with center members, including the older youths of the SSE wing of Sathya Sai Baba Centers.  I will definitely read/share it for our study circle. 

I hope it will give them some perspective of knowing and hearing how others, like Youth Coordinator, Ivan Bavcevic, can implement 'spirituality into living' and be viewed as a "cool" person among their peers who are not necessarily Baba devotees but are devotees of God!  This article applies to all and all can benefit from it! Thank you.

With Baba's Love and Blessings,

Nazneen Daruwalla,

Arizona,  USA.

Sai Ram,

This is a truly inspiring article. Applicable to each of us who 'claim' we have surrendered. May Swami's blessings always be with Mr Bavcevic and may he have a positive influence on people he encounters in his daily life, spreading Swami's message of love and service. Our life should be the Mission itself.

Sai Ram,


Dear Brothers,

I was in ecstasy when I read Ivan's letter.  Yes, I am inspired enough to follow what he has said and has to say. Thank you all at h2hradiosai for bringing this news to us in the USA.

Sai Ram. Loves.



Feedback on: Prashanti Diary Click here to read it again

Thank you for the Prashanti Diary! For senior citizens like us who are not able to make it to Prashanti Nilayam, it is a virtual treat to be able to have a glimpse into the events.

With pranams at the Lotus Feet of Swami,

Padma Shetty, Mysore

Dear, dear friends,

Thank you so much for the Prashanti Diary. The commentary is so heart touching, the pictures are so beautiful and Swami's divine presence is so concrete...! Thanks for your love and devotional contribution, to all, who are living abroad. It really brings heaven on earth in the hearts and the lives of all of us.

Aum Sai Ram,

Jaap van Setten, The Netherlands


Feedback on: ‘From Cardiac Blues to the Family’s Blue-Eyed Boy’ Click here to read it again

Dear Heart2Heart Team,

Another wonderful and inspiring article. I have decided to share this article with many of my colleagues at work. This article touched the very core of my being so much so that I just wanted to leave what I am doing and work at the hospital even if it meant cleaning the floors. This is such a wonderful lesson on Selfless Love in Action.

Seelan Moodley, Deployment Programme Manager, 

Slough, UK


Feedback on: ‘Information Please’ Click here to read it again

Jai SaiRam!

I really enjoyed the beautiful article. The language is simple, the underlying meaning is profound. The profound moral of the story has left a lasting impression in my mind. A very good selection. The illustrations are simply good. Thank you! Sairam!

Dr S Krishnamurthy, Coimbatore.


Feedback on the Quizzes

Sai Ram, Brothers/Sisters,

It was nice playing quiz online with heart to heart. It is very interesting and gives us a chance to go back and recollect our sweet memories with Sai world. Thanks a lot. It’s a great effort from your side.

With Best Wishes,

Achinthya, Bangalore.


These kind of quizzes are very, very good. We can learn a lot of other religions. How else could we learn about them without reading books etc. Happy to have discovered this possibility, thank you

Esther Meyer


Dear Sirs,
What a wonderful quiz! I look forward to attempting them, do they come every week?
Sai Ram and Regards,
Pinakin Shah

Feedback on the September 9th Sunday Special: Which Do We Need More, SMS Or SMN?’

Sai Ram Dear Radio Sai family,

Living in a very busy world, with literally 'no time' for anything, and after working for 28 hours, I opened up my mail. Finally some time to myself. Tried to glance through Swami's message for the day. I did not think that I will be awake enough to go any further with my reading.

But, the question ‘Which Do We Need More, SMS Or SMN?’ that has been put forward seemed really irresistible. And I was curious to know what SMN stands for.

As I go through your article, I see myself there....being nailed down....But I feel happy to see that part of myself undergo some change. Yes that's Swami's grace.

"No matter how busy we are, we should never allow ourselves to be so busy as to neglect the fundamental purpose of life"- All of a sudden the truth seems so simple and so obvious--- Thank you all for this precious minute.

Sai Ram,

Dr. Yamuna Sanil.

Your article on SMS or SMN was very inspiring. Everyone complains they have no time but we all have the same number of seconds in the day. We should get our priorities right.

Deepak Fakey

Feedback on: Radio Sai

Sairam Radio Sai Team,

To be honest, the word 'Thank you' will not do justice to the seva you are doing. But, unfortunately this is the only word in English and I'm using it. Thanks a lot for your stupendous work you are carrying out in respect to Radio Sai and heart2heart.The programmes and articles are really helping me in one or the other way towards my goal of self realization. There are lots of lessons to be learned from various experiences, Chinna Kathas, discourses etc.

My humble request is kindly increase the on demand programs so that we can listen at a later times as it is difficult to listen live. I've asked earlier and I know it is really tough but am unable to hold back, please, please increase Telugu programmes. There is an enormous amount of Telugu audiences not just in USA but across the globe. So, it will be of great help to everyone. Also, please post more Telugu conversations by Prof Anil Kumar, Prof Gangadhar Sasthry etc. Kindly increase on demand interviews in English/Telugu. Thanks for your time.

Jai Sairam!

Srinivas Takuri

Feedback on: Sai Inspires

Dear Radio Sai Friends,

Thank you so much for what you do. Over here in England the moments of the reading the daily article gives me so much joy, often tears of joy. Just yet another beautiful story of our Sai - it lessens the physical distance to Puttaparthi. I felt particularly moved by ‘Conversations with Padma Kasturi’, a tender Swami reminder and encouragement to mothers everywhere! How very lucky we are.

Sai Ram,

Moira Rowe,

Devon, England

Every time we go through the 'Thought For The Day' from the Nilayam, we are taught new lessons on spirituality. Also, Sai inspires brings us every day, Bhagavan's message as well as His beautiful photo enchantingly. Our memory is short lived and hence it is necessary for us to go through the messages more often so that it will get enshrined in our heart. Mundane things get lodged in our memory very easily, but the spiritual lessons take time to sink in our consciousness. In today’s thought, Swami has said 'everything happens according to God's will alone' - Hence forget the plans etc and leave everything to Him. He will get things done.

Sai Ram,

S Deshpande, Abu Dhabi



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