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PART - 33

(Continued from the previous issue)


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Sathya decides to walk all the way to the Pushpagiri Fair. The distance is about fifteen kilometres but He has no other choice; no money. He trudges all through the night and reaches the destination in the early hours of the morning. He catches up on some sleep, has a bath in the river there, and then heads for the Carnival site. On the way, while crossing a sandy patch, He finds a packet of beedies [native cigarettes] and a one anna coin. At that time, a man comes that way.

SATHYA: [to man] Sir, are these beedies and this one Anna coin yours?

MAN: Not mine, boy.

Sathya buries the beedies in the sand, and keeps the coin. He continues to walk and arrives at the Carnival site. There He finds a petty gambler running a betting game.

GAMBLER: Bet, man, bet! Sisters and brothers, come and place your bets! Offer salutations to Goddess Lakshmi and try your luck! Bet, bet, …..

A MAN: What are the odds?

GAMBLER: An Anna for an Anna, a paisa for a paisa; it is fifty-fifty! Bet, come on, bet.

Again the dice is thrown.

GAMBLER: You are riding high! Great! Take your battery light! No magic, no witch-craft, no cheating, no betrayal. [to a spectator] Brother, are you from Srikakulam or Simhachalam?

MAN: Velakulam.

GAMBLER: My town. When I was young, I used to live there with an aunt of mine.

MAN: Okay, I wager a beda or two annas.



GAMBLER: Be careful; think and then place your bet. No bargaining! Oh great! This time I won; Goddess Lakshmi has favoured me! Ha, ha, ha! Bet, come on, bet! Bet and see your fortune. Paisa for paisa, one for one. ……. [to Sathya] What brother, will you play or just watch?

SATHYA: I’ll see.

GAMBLER: No use just seeing. Goddess Lakshmi radiates from Your face! Go ahead and bet!

SATHYA: Okay, I’ll bet.

GAMBLER: You will bet? How much?

SATHYA: I’ll bet one Anna.

GAMBLER: That’s it, that’s guts. Bet on any number. On what number do You place the bet?

SATHYA: I’ll bet on two.

Gambler throws the dice.

GAMBLER: Two, two, two, two! This is called luck! Number two has turned up! An Anna with an Anna. I give you double, that is, two Annas. Will you continue playing or quit?

SATHYA: I’ll play.

GAMBLER: Look, I’m removing all this stuff. It’s only cash now.

SATHYA: I’ll bet two Annas.

GAMBLER: You are doubling the ante? Well done. Keep it up and Goddess Lakshmi will lead You on to a fortune! Double, double, double …….Good!

Gambler throws the dice; Sathya wins again.

SATHYA: It’s good for Me but bad for you.


GAMBLER: Okay, double and double. I will give You four Annas. How much will You bet now?

SATHYA: I’ll bet one Anna.

GAMBLER: What do You mean one Anna, brother? ……..Goddess Lakshmi will fall down laughing!…… Bet four Annas and win eight Annas.

SATHYA: All right, I’ll bet four Annas.

GAMBLER: Aha! Keep betting like this, and Goddess Lakshimi will favour You with a big fortune. Bet, bet, and bet!

SATHYA: Here are four Annas.

GAMBLER: Ah………Aha! four Annas; four, four, four,……. [throws the dice but the result is not in his favour] What’s happening today? He’s on a winning streak! I am finished. I thought He was but a kid but He is shaving me bare! Okay, let go. Here are four plus four, Your eight Annas. How much will You bet now?

SATHYA: I’ll bet two Annas.

GAMBLER: Hey! Again two Annas? What do You mean by this brother? When Goddess Lakshmi is favouring You so much, You should bet eight Annas for eight. Bet, bet, come on, bet.

SATHYA: I will bet only for four Annas.

GAMBLER: Again You are saying four Annas?

PARTNER: Hey you, shut up and do as He says.

GAMBLER: Okay, bet something.

SATHYA: Four Annas.

GAMBLER: Four Annas it is….[the dice is thrown but the gambler again has poor luck]. This time also, Goddess Lakshmi has favoured You! Amazing luck! [aside] Looks as if He is going to shave me clean today!!


PARTNER: Let’s shut shop here and move elsewhere.

PARTNER 2: When I see your ugly face, I don’t think we will win. Come on, let me change places with you.

GAMBLER: You shut up! What’s wrong with my face? It is the most handsome face in town! Actually, it is by looking at your ugly faces this morning that my luck has been ruined! Get out. [to Sathya] Brother, a deal, four Annas for four Annas. Grab, grab. Goddess Lakshmi has entered Your palm! I tell You what. Brother, this will be our last game. You have twelve Annas with You, right? Bet twelve Annas and win twenty four!

SATHYA: Twelve Annas are enough for Me. I will not play any more. 

GAMBLER: Hey, what do You mean? I tell You, bet twelve and win twenty four! Continue playing and winning, playing and winning, You can walk away as a millionaire!

SATHYA: Twelve Annas are enough for Me.


GAMBLER: What my dear smart fellow?! You came with just one Anna and now intend to walk away with twelve Annas? You think only You are clever? You are just a kid, and You obviously do not know much about me! What do You think You are doing? I say, bet twelve Annas.


GAMBLER: I say bet!

SATHYA: I will not.

PARTNER: Keep quiet, will you? Keep quiet.

GAMBLER: Okay, okay. You play so well my boy, and it’s just that I feel like playing more and more with You, that’s all! Just for fun, You know! You play so well!

SATHYA: What is your game before Mine?

GAMBLER: True, true.

SATHYA: There must be a limit for desires. One must never have too many desires. Desire is the main reason for sorrow.

GAMBLER: He looks small but how sweet are His words! You know, there is sense in what He says. Brothers, from today, let’s close down this gambling and do something else from tomorrow. Aha!


Sathya finally arrives at the Scout Camp in the Pushpagiri Fair.

MASTER: Oh, all of you are here! Attention! Stand at ease! My dear Cadets! Carnival is supposed to mean fun and frolic. But you should not think so. We are here to do social service, and it is service that will be fun and frolic for us. Cadets, now split into three groups. You, go near the Temple and the sacred tank. You will handle water distribution. You will serve the road coolies. I have already told you what to do and how to do.

SATHYA: Master, I have come.

MASTER: Hey, Raju has come!

BOY: Raju has kept His word and come!

BOY: Raju will never break His word!

MASTER: Raju, You too go along with them and perform service.

SATHYA: Sir, I do not have a uniform. Is it okay sir?

MASTER: Doesn’t matter if You don’t have a uniform. It is the determination to serve that is more important. All of you! Commence service activities in your respective locations, as per instructions I gave earlier. Go! Raju will be your leader. Go.


BOYS/CHORUS: Will do, sir!

Sathya leads the Scout Troop in rendering various types of service – crowd control, helping the aged, rescuing lost children, serving water, etc. Days pass quickly. One day, ….

MASTER: Cadets, it is six days since the Carnival started. You must serve the remaining four days with the same discipline as before. Remember! All of you must win for our School the National Scout Appreciation Certificate.



(To be continued)

- Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 5 Issue 09 - SEPTEMBER 2007
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