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- Feedback from our readers on the July issue


Feedback on the Cover Story -‘Enlightened Leadership…A Matter of Heart, Mind and Soul.’ Click here to read it again


I enjoyed every bit of the article – “Enlightened Leadership - A Matter of Heart, mind, and soul”. It was educational, inspiring, and thought provoking. All of the identified businessman/politicians live under Swami's dictum “Head in the forest and hands in the society”. It gives me a different perspective and a great source of inspiration and value to live in this materialist world, which can be certainly used to complement our spiritual advancement.

Although I just relaxed in my room and enjoyed reading the article, my heart was with the authors who have devoted their time, effort, and energy  to compile this.
My heart felt thanks to Radio Sai also.

In The Service Of Sai,

Sai Ram Dear Members of the H2H Team,

I just now finished reading the article "Enlightened Leadership", which is truly enlightening. I showed this to my Mother and Father, who were both equally impressed with the article. Before I read this article, I was aware of the concept of business and spirituality being integrated at Swami's University, but I still had this lingering doubt about whether it can really happen, due to influences around me such as TV and even a few relatives and friends who said that this integration was more or less impossible. But now this has totally dispelled my doubts regarding spirituality and business going in hand to hand, and I am completely convinced that this can and will be done.

Loving Regards,
Nimish Ubhayakar.


Sai Ram!
I wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude for this article. It came at the time in my Life when I needed to read it. I am at a point in my life of career change. I know what I want to do and why, but have fears and doubts. Financially, things are bleak. I keep telling myself that all will be well and that there is a lesson in all of this. I believe God is in control and is working behind the scenes. Timing is
very important in starting a new venture, as is patience, trust and discernment.

Due to my lack of funds, I have found myself making decisions based upon "my" needs. All your interviewees have stated not to seek personal rewards, but to do
the work one is given with our whole heart and soul, then everything will work out fine for us too.
Thank you again. May God always shine the Light and
Love in your lives, Michele



The article on leadership shows how a common man who comes in touch with Baba can benefit from practicing His teachings and go on ascending spiritually without forsaking responsibilities.



Sai Ram Dear Heart2Heart team,

Thank you so much for this unique cover story by Prof. Peter Pruzan and Mrs. Kirsten Pruzan Mikkelsen from Denmark. I have a place in my heart for these two wonderful persons as I know them both. It was very enlightened and if every leader in the world started to study our beloved Swami’s teachings the world will be a better place to be as a worker. We really have to combine our spirituality with our daily work, always remembering the Lord and give everything to Him.

I am a secretary to our company’s director and I smile and be kind to everyone who comes into the office to have a talk with the chief. If I have Swami in my heart I have no problems doing that at all.

Still, sometimes I sadly forget it and that makes problems. So by reading this wonderful cover story I know from the bottom of my heart that I always have to remember Him and always remember that He is inside of me and in everyone I meet every day at work and when I'm off duty. Normally I always think of Him, but sometimes I forget it, if everything has to be done in a hurry. Thank you for reminding me (again dear Lord) through this story.

God is in everyone - be alike to everyone. Always be full of love towards each being you meet on your path. I hope that the leaders of tomorrow will be guided by the Lord Himself through heart to heart connection. That's what I experience with the Lord and it is also what I teach others to do. 

With love and Sai Ram,
Mrs. Heidi Elisabeth Hansen, 1658 Copenhagen V, Denmark


Feedback on:  ‘Conversations with Sai’ Click here to read it again


A section of h2h I have been reading with great interest is 'Conversations with Sai'. It is verily a treasure for all Sai devotees especially those who are eager to pursue the spiritual path. We are really grateful to Dr. Hislop, a wonderful devotee of Bhagavan, for having plied Swami with questions on spiritual and organisational matters and duly recorded the answers that Swami gave him. Dr. Hislop, I should say, has more or less played the role of Arjuna to Swami, that of an earnest spiritual seeker eager to know the Truth. I have found answers to many of my questions in this column. Hope the series never ends.

Thankyou. Loving regards, Latha TN, India.


Feedback on: ‘When God Injects Hope In A Billion Hearts’ Click here to read it again

Om Sri Sai Ram dear members of h2h team,

As you put it the Sri Sathya Sai hospitals are unimaginable manifestations of Bhagavan’s unparalleled love of a thousand mothers. While comparing the modern hospitals of the Western world with that of the healing temples that Bhagavan has created at Puttaparthi and Whitefield, Mrs. Karuna Sarup Munshi in her own  lucid and journalistic way has expressed her splendid views, experiences and the compassionate treatment that are given to the patients at the super specialty hospitals of Bhagavan Babaji. If one calculates from the facts table presented by her we can feel that lucky for those 95,266 patients who underwent surgical operations out of 1,790,246 persons who visited the OPDs so far at the Sri Sathya Sai hospitals at Puttaparthi and Whitefield.  Our shatha koti pranams to Bhagavan and many many pranams to the dedicated doctors, volunteers, and supporting people.

Jai Sri Sai Rama, Krishna Prasad, Bangalore.


While I was reading the article by Mrs. Karuna Swarup Munshi,  I just looked into the figures of cardiac surgeries alone done since 1991 to 2007, which was around 16,500 and then I just computed the quantum of money that would have been spent, had the same surgeries got done outside in private clinics. A staggering amount of Rs.500 to 600 crores of rupees would have been spent by patients, who underwent these surgeries. If all the work done in the hospital is computed in value terms, surgeries of other departments and other health care etc., (of course you cannot place any value on the love rendered or manifested), it would definitely beat any health budget of any state. What a wonderful work done by Swami and how blessed are we, to be in His midst.

Sairam, Gopalakrishnan K


Feedback on:Sai Service Centre Blossoms in the Slums of MexicoClick here to read it again

Dear H2H team,

The story about the slums of Mexico was touching!  I am not usually emotional but tears came to my eyes.  Thank you Swami! It was refreshing to read this article as I had gone to sleep last night deploring the nastiness and material bent of our present day society.  I prayed to Swami to lighten my heart, and there it was!  Now I can start to live this day afresh with more energy and optimism.

Om Sai Ram!
With Love, Jacqueline Trost.


Feedback on: "He Is My Swami” Conversation with Mrs. Padma Kasturi Part – 4’ Click here to read it again


The conversation of Mrs. Padma Kasturi was deeply moving & enthralling, it carried us to an era we have missed, but could now vividly imagine, thanks to her. Please do include more such conversations in later issues.

With love, Saraswathy, Chennai, India


Sai Ram,

The interview with Mr Kasturi's daughter was such a joy to read.  Her first hand experiences are just beautiful and are related with such love and simplicity. Thank you so much.  More such interviews would be wonderful. 

Sai Ram, Prabha Lalvani, London, UK


Thank you Sir, for publishing the article of Mrs. Padma Kasturi. I am very much moved to read Swami's blessed devotees' experiences. Please continue to guide and inspire us this way.

With Pranams to Sai, Sridhar Ram, Chicago.


Feedback on:Once Upon A Time’ Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

The above mentioned article is an eye opener for those confused with the present state of life especially in mega cities, and in western countries who look back to the peace and contented life we had in our childhood, and our family structure. Looking for more of them and praying our Baba shower his blessings on all of you. Best regards.

Sai Ram, P.seetharamaiah


Feedback on:‘Test Your Spiritual Quotient’


I tried the Multi-Faith quiz. It was very narrative and gave enough information about the question asked. It really helps oneself to understand the principles of different religions and in a way helps us to realize that all religions teach and follow the same thing - Keeping Faith in the Supreme Power and doing good deeds. I would love to try some more quizzes like this one. I had been a student of Swami's Balvikas programme in my schooling years.

Thanks and Sairam. 

Shuchita Dwivedi, Test Analyst


Feedback on: ‘Watching the Corporate World - The Sai WayClick here to read it again

Sai Ram Dear Members of the H2H Team,

I was very impressed by the article "Watching the Corporate World - The Sai Way". It was very inspiring and I really liked reading it. Please do present more such articles by former students in the corporate world - I would very much like to read their experiences. Also in one Sunday Special Article for Sai Inspires, it was mentioned that there were instances of former students standing up to corruption in their places of work - please could you present articles on this subject as well?

Loving Regards, Nimish Ubhayakar, London, UK


Feedback on:Bhajan Classroom’

Sai Ram to all at H2H,

A very good morning. I just checked my mail now and saw that the August issue of H2H is up. I immediately opened our website and found that the song that I'd requested 2 months back (Beda paar karo mere Sai) has been included in this issue. My joy knew no bounds. Thanks a ton to you all for the service that you are doing!!! Keep up the noble work....

Sai Ram, Roshni. R


Dear brother Devotees,

I am following your Bhajan Class and waiting for one special bhajan. Listening to the hundreds of your beautiful bhajans I prayed once to Swami, saying, I could not possibly remember them, but would He please help me to keep some melodies in my heart. He has surely granted my request and I keep hearing the first part of  the bhajan "Radhe Govinda, Radhe Gopala, Sai Ram.” I sing my own words in Czech to the first part, but unfortunately I cannot remember the whole melody and of course do not know the text. It would have
 never ocurred to me, that I should ask you, until today I heard you say in the Bhajan Class, that some devotee had asked you for this week´s bhajan. So suddenly I thought, how simple it is for me to do the same. If you have a fixed plan and this particular bhajan does not fit into it, never mind my request, I shall understand. Let me just thank you for this wonderful opportunity of being able to tune into Radio Sai on my computer (this has reconciled me with Internet as a whole) and tell you, how much we appreciate this boon. With best wishes and kind regards

Ruth (aged 81)


Sai Ram,
I was thrilled to hear Hislop on Radio Sai just now. I have been dreaming about it and there it is, the wish is fulfilled. Please have more of such talks by old devotees who spent their lives in such close proximity to Swami in the early hears of the Avathaar. The insights are far too profound.
Love, Sai Ram, Venu Ganji, London, Canada.


Feedback on: ‘Overcoming Fate with Faith’ Click here to read it again

Sai Ram Brothers and Sisters,

I just finished reading your article Healing Touch: Overcoming Fate with Faith. I always love these messages.  They do inspire me and remind me of the great love that Swami has for us all.  Bless you all and keep up the good work!

Love love love, Kimberly Klap, U.S.A.


Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the heartfelt story of Ruby. Such a reminder for me of Swami’s work as it spreads quietly and significantly throughout the world. I visited India in 1998 staying at the Ashram in Puttaparti and then at Whitefield. I learnt then of the Specialty Hospital and the healing that happens through this specialist centre. Thank you to whoever ensures these stories arrives on my email site.

Recently I was searching the internet for sites that focus on human development and wondered if there would be a Sai site and was so thrilled to find the site and to also find the offer of daily thoughts and stories of the work done and being done by Swami. Each day I await my ‘top up’ and reminders of loving all and serving all.

In kindness and love, Gwynne.


Sai Ram dear brothers,

The  article  on  Yadav  and  Ruby  is  very  inspiring  and  is  a  solid  evidence  of  Swami's  love  shared with  the  needy. This  will  definitely have  a  positive  impact  on  people.  This  also  shows  the  wonderful  work  Swami  is  doing  to  alleviate  the  sufferings  of  poor  people  and  those who  can't meet  the  expenses  incurred  by costly  operations. Thanks  to  heart  2  heart  team  for  presenting  us  with   such  wonderful  experiences. You  are  helping  us  to  learn   about  many  lively  experiences  everyday  and  we  are  thankful  to  you  all   for  the  fantastic  job  you  are  doing.  

Jai Sai  Ram, With  Love, Khesseven Narana  Pillay, Mauritius.


Feedback on:Finding the Secret of Bliss’ Click here to read it again

It was wonderful to read this beautiful article by Sri Hislop. Till date I haven't got even a darshan of Sai Maa or any plans to go and meet the beloved had never worked out. Whenever I go through these articles I get a feeling he is always there with me. Thank you very much Radio Sai for your beautiful articles which are indeed inspiring to our younger generation. Currently I am working for a charity helping underprivileged and orphan children and elders in our surrounding villages.

Thanking You, with love, Ranadheer Dumbala, Ramavaram, Andhra Pradesh India.


Dear Sir,

Sai Ram! "Finding the Secret of Bliss" by Dr.Hislop is enlightening. Only an evolved person with Swami's grace can express in this vein. The immense good that SGH is doing cannot be put into words. We may only say that: "All that's part of the Divine Design".  The listeners convey their whole-hearted gratitude to the organisers.

Yours in Sai service, P.C.Sharma, Chandigarh, India.


Feedback on:The Perfect Guardian’Click here to read it again

Respected Sir,

This refers to the lovely article “The Perfect Guardian” by Ms Arunima pant. The divine story made tears in my eyes. I was even more inspired as the author was my teacher when I studied in Anantpur. Maam used to tell us many divine experiences like this. She created in her students a genuine love and interest for Philosophy. Though I have not been able to meet my dear teacher many times after I left the Institute I always remember her. I would like to wish her a happy teacher’s day through this  wonderful e.magazine heart to heart.                                                                                                                        

Yours in Sai Seva, Ms R.Aparna.


Feedback on: General Feedback

Dear Heart2Heart team, Sairam,

I thank you for your efforts at bringing the message of Swami and Swami Himself close to people across the world. I find the articles very inspiring and infused with the love of Swami. It was wonderful reading the lecture of John Hislop. I also take this opportunity to thank the Saicast team for making videos of Swami accessible and Radio Sai team for their unparalleled service to humanity.
With love and good wishes,

Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada, Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute of Economics, Germany.


Dear Sir, Sai Ram!

Please accept my sincere thoughts of gratitude for making available to us Heart to Heart interviews and articles. It is impossible to describe their profound effect on sadhaks like us who are in the kindergarten stage of our journey towards Swami.  These articles are profound, uplifting and inspiring and give us tremendous motivation and courage to follow SAI’s Path.

With sincere thanks, Hemant Chaudhary, Adelaide, Australia.


May the Lord give us all the fortitude to follow His path. Love your (His) daily messages, pictures, articles.  Great work!  This along with Radio Sai allows us to have darshan in our house on the other side of the planet. 
Whenever I have trouble finding sleep I turn on Radio Sai.  It guarantees a sound, restful sleep.  At some level, part of me is chanting away with the music programs you present.

Ivan Garcia, Guatemala.


Feedback on: the Sunday Special on ‘Crying Halt To The Rat Race.’

Sai Ram Heart2Heart,

I agree whole heartedly with you on the subject of taking time for God. For the past 16 years I have been getting up to spend time in prayer.  After returning from seeing Baba in 1991, and participating each morning in prayer in the Ashram I continued the practice.  For the last 6 years I get up approximately 4a.m. (Honor Hour with Baba) and go into prayer.  I do chants, mantras, scripture reading, japamala, and the Omkar every morning.  My honor hour lasts about 1-1/2 hours.  It sets the tone for my day, and I believe that I can handle just about anything that comes at me that day.  The last 6 years has been the easiest because I am retired. 

However, for five years when I was still working I would rise at 3 a.m. and pray for at least 1/2 hour.  I simply love this special time spent with Baba each morning.  He is surely grooming me.  He is not finished working on me, but there has been some growth.

Thank you for your special article on the Rat Race.  I live in the country and my pace is much slower, by choice.  I usually get where I have to be early, taking my precious time.  I spend as much time during the day reading, and singing to the Lord.  I am presently reading, "Sai Baba Gita".  WOW - powerful reading.  Do I have work to do? YES  - I will do my very best to apply some of Baba's requirements.

Sai Ram, Your sister in the Lord, Lady Melba



The article clearly puts forward the truth that is in my mind also. The western culture places more emphasis on acquisition and enjoyment. Can the world support or sustain that style for all its billions of residents? Swami's advice of simple living and less desires is verily the answer. But how to spread this to the masses is the crux of the problem. There is no other way; we have to take Swamiji's teachings to the masses. The article is timely and thoughtful and truthful. First I will change myself and try to stand as an example. Thanks to H2H team.
Om Sairam,


Feedback on: ‘Sai Inspires’ the daily Inspirational email service

Sai Ram, Heart To Heart!

I just want to tell you how wonderful your newsletter/e-publication is. It is such a blessing to find Swami's beautiful smile on my computer screen everyday! You all write so well and the uplifting vibration from your Devotion comes through your
writing loud and clear. The love that you pour into your Service is soothing and inspiring.

I have to add my name to the long list of readers who were deeply touched to read all about our dear Sai Geetha. What a lovely Soul She is! I was fortunate to see her on Swami's 60th Birthday in 1985, as she led the Grand Procession through Hill View Stadium. She was just FULL to the BRIM with Love! What a Sight!!   I have not been to Prasanthi / India since 2000, but of course I feel hugely fortunate to have gone the five times that I did. I hope I make it back there again, but it's true what they say about how all you need is to have Swami in your heart. I know that Swami is as close as a thought, as a prayer and as my heart, as well as all around me! But in these challenging times we live in, it is wonderful for me to get your newsletter, and stay in touch with the Divine goings on
in the land of the Avatar. Keep up the great work! You are a blessing to
so many of us.                          

Best wishes, Liz Abbott, Buffalo, NY USA


Sai Ram!

Let me again congratulate h2h group on their consistence in doing such a wonderful job!! Apart from Baba who is anyway a Source of divine Inspiration, you all are making sure that his Presence and message is spread wide to all nooks and corners of the world. For wavering minds like mine Baba's message in the mail helps me rebuild my faith and answers so many doubts and fears which keep cropping up. Thank you!!!

Regards, Kusum Kunchaparty, Bangalore


Feedback on: ‘Bhajan Classroom’

Om Sai Ram, Dear Heart to Heart team,
This article makes you think.  It occurred to me that as Sai devotees, we are beholden to set an example.  Consider the amount of time, energy and money we spend visiting Prashanti Nilayam.  Don’t you think that with less visits to actually “see” Swami in the flesh, could we not develop a better ability to see Him in spirit?  Swami has indeed pointed out that we do not need to travel to see Him, as He is with us all the time.  If we concentrated on this don’t you think it would be more beneficial to the rest of humanity because, as minds are joined, we would be actually transmitting our thoughts to the collective unconscious, and thereby, to the collective consciousness.    I am carrying out experiments with patients demonstrating to them the power of their thoughts and how these affect their environment.
So what I am saying is this: we can set an example of “ceiling on desires” and, in the same token, contribute to the consciousness raising of humanity.
Although I am not one to often quote from the Bible, I would like to remind you of the story of Lot and his request to “God” to save Sodom (or Gomorra).  Allegedly, God said to Lot: “Find me 10 just men and I shall spare the city”.  Lot couldn’t find these just men, so God destroyed the city.  It seems that the message is the following:  Only a small number of people are needed to effect a change in the consciousness of the larger population.  Of course, the change needed has to radical and profound.  Isn’t that why Swami is here?  
Much love,
Jacqueline Trost MA, Australia.





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