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This quiz concerns religious festivals celebrated all around the world in September. We offer you a few illustrations of the rich tapestry of spiritual expression, as people rejoice in communion with God this month.


1. Every year Muslims celebrate a month-long fasting tradition called ‘Ramadan’, which this year begins on 13th September. The term ‘Iftar’ is used a lot during Ramadan.  What does it mean?

2. Ten years ago on 22nd September 1997, devotees celebrated the Golden Chariot Festival and rejoiced as Bhagavan sat atop it. What did Bhagavan want to happen to the chariot?

3. One of the most important festivals in the Jain tradition is celebrated in September and called 'Paryushana Parva' day. For how many days does this festival last?

4. Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in India with great joy. On 4 September 1996, in His Discourse on Janmashtami Day, Swami extolled that  Krishna's greatness consisted of:

5. An important Jewish occasion that is being celebrated this month is ‘Yom Kippur’. What is it also known as?

6. As we all know, ‘Thanksgiving’ ceremonies and celebrations for a successful harvest are both worldwide and very ancient. In the U.S, Christians celebrate it in the month of November. But in __________, gratitude for successful harvests have been given since pagan times. In this country they celebrate this day by singing, praying and decorating their Churches with baskets of fruit and food in a festival known as 'Harvest Festival', usually during the month of September. In which country is this ‘Harvest Festival’ celebrated?

7. On August 31, 1992; Swami gave a beautiful Discourse on the celebration of Ganesha Chathurthi Day and explained the significance of the vehicles used by each member in Lord Ganesha’s family. What vehicle does Lord Ganesha use?

8. Heritage day is celebrated in various countries around the world on different dates. In Canada, heritage day is celebrated in February; in South Africa, it is held on 24th September and is a Public Holiday on which people across the spectrum celebrate joyously. What is the theme?

9. The founder of the Baha’i faith was Baha'u'llah. From which religion was he from originally?

10. A very important festival called ‘Maskal’ is celebrated every September in Ethiopia which has been celebrated in the country for over 1,600 years. What does it refer to?

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Vol 5 Issue 09 - SEPTEMBER 2007
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