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- Feedback from our readers on the March 2008 issue

Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say

Feedback on the Cover Story: The Enigma of Islam, Enlightened by Sai
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Dear Brothers and Sisters of the H2H Team:

Sai Ram!

Baba knows that even prior to the 9/11 Terrorist Attack I had a "real problem" with Islam. I adamantly refused to accept that Islam was a religion acceptable to God.  After "9/11", my "problem" grew exponentially. I never trusted any Muslim, and I took a combative stance against the religion of Islam.  This article has dramatically changed my perspective.  Baba knew I needed this strong medicine, and He has administered it to me - generously. Thank you, Baba.

Now I must begin the challenging work of loving my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, and recognizing that religions are merely vehicles used by the Divine to awaken us to our own divinity.

Wilbert M. Stephenson

Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.  


Sai Ram everyone!

I just finished reading a part of the article on Islam in Heart to Heart and I absolutely loved it. Thank you for sharing so many teachings of Swami and the many experiences that devotees have had by His Grace.

Please give more information on the various aspects of Islam in future issues of the journal. Thank you so much for your hard work and sincere efforts in conveying Swami's teachings to millions of His devotees all over the world. May Bhagavan shower His blessings on all of you!

Sai Ram!

With regards and best wishes,



Excellent coverage, kudos to the H2H team. Islam - the word itself signifies peace. A lot of misconceptions exist in the world today because of a lack of understanding and it was but essential that the Sai family worldwide gets the right perspective of Islam and who better to explain it than The One who gave the Holy Quran to the world - our beloved Lord Sai.

In our own little way - living in the Middle East amongst faithful practitioners of the most nascent faith - we have been inculcating Swami's teachings in all the activities that we do involving the local population - be it "Spreading the light through human values"; service activities - blood donation, platelet aphaeresis, grama seva, celebrating Eid / observing Ramadan with our Omani and other Muslim brethren.

In the service of Sai,

Dr. Narayan Ramachandran

Sai Ram,

I just want to say that I love this month's cover story on Islam and would love to see more articles on it whenever possible. Obviously, Baba wants us to love and respect all the faiths of the world and I think this article does a great job in helping that cause.

Sai Ram,
Krishan Jeyarajasingham

Dear Heart2Heart Team,

I really enjoyed your cover story on "The Enigma of Islam...Enlightened by Sai". I would love to read more details on all the Five Pillars of Islam and other concepts like “Jihad”, etc. I have learned so much from this segment on Islam and really enjoyed the sound clips that accompanied this article. I would love to know more about this beautiful state of mind, Islam.

It is because of this longing that I was doubly delighted to read your cover story on Islam. I have always felt it was a peaceful religion and have always wanted to know the truth about it.

Thank you for all your precious offerings. I always look forward to it. And yes, I would love to know about all the other religions too. Have cover stories on all of them, enlightened by Sai.

Much love to you,
Piyali, USA


I was reading the "Enigma of Islam” and it gave me a perspective I wasn’t completely aware of. I am intrigued by the other pillars and topics like “jihad”. Could you please do a cover story on it as well?

Many, many thanks for the stupendous Cover Story on Islam.  I was blown away by it! Please could you continue the story and cover the important Five Pillars of Islam, and also Jihad. Thank you for putting this article together and we look forward to the rest of it.

Jean Dixon,
Johannesburg, South Africa

[Sairam, we are working on a second cover story on Islam which we will have after a couple of months – H2H Team]

Dear Sai Brothers,

Many thanks for this beautifully inspiring cover story! I would have never thought that I would one day feel so close to and happily inspired by Islam. You should in any case go forward with such articles unifying history, theology, pictures, sound, and direct witnessing of Sai's incredible plays and work. Father Charles is undoubtedly extremely talented and inspired for such work.

Sai Ram,
S. Jungk 

Om Sai Ram, Dear H2H,

The article "Enigma of Islam" by Father Ogada is sublime. In this era of global religious conflict, the article should be a "must read" by everyone around the world. Please have more articles by Father Ogada in coming issues.
Sheila Cheliah,
Perth, Australia

Dear H2H,

The article on Islam was marvelous and self respectable. It shows how we can glorify the praise of a God without having boundaries on race or religion. It has given me a different perspective and insight of Allah which is very different from the opinion I had on Allah and Islam before attributing to the fact of terrorism and involvement of Islam.

Hope to learn more on Islam and hope Radio Sai will continue this Article on other religions, like Christianity and Buddhism as well.


Om Sairam!

Salutations at the Lotus Feet!  

I had some glimpses of the article on Islam & Allah the Great! The problem is we desire the easy way of attaining big things in life not realizing that we need to totally surrender to the Lord to reach that the Supreme state! That is where probably the Sadhana & the control on Self comes into picture.

Probably it is human nature that we do not attach much significance to many of the incidents unless we have a real life experience ourselves. The feeling in each one of us is : 'How I wish Baba materializes something for me!' The true meaning of God or the Supreme Being and the meaning of the term ‘Muslim’ was very well explained which was not known to me.

Such articles really help to understand the inner meaning/essence of each religion. A non- believer also starts looking from a different perspective. Keep up the good work.

Sridhar Subramanian,


Feedback on: Prison Break! Click here to read it again


The article "'Prison Break" was superb. It emphasised the Omnipresence of Bhagavan Baba and it shows that true devotion always wins His Grace. Please thank Mr. Peter Phipps, Bill and Arthur for sharing this story with us. I have read it several times, and shared the "Noodle Miracle'' with my family.

Dear Sir,

The article on New Zealand prison inmates was excellent one. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

Yours in Sai Service,


Feedback on: SAI - The CEO Of My Life Click here to read it again

The article “SAI - The CEO of My life" by Mr. N. T. Arun Kumar, was a feast.

I felt every experience narrated by Mr. Arun Kumar. It was a beautiful article on Swami's Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence. My heart is filled with divine bliss while reading and after reading this article. Somehow, Swami's literature is the best of all. Thank you Heart 2 Heart and thanks to Mr. Arun Kumar for bringing out such a beautiful article.

Girija B. V.

Sai Ram,

A beautiful article indeed, flowing direct from the heart. No wonder that it has such a divinely meaningful effect on people like me. Such articles are a must to read periodically to help a person like me to tread on the right path. My most sincere thanks to the H2H Team. Sai Ram and warmest regards.

Premchander S. Raj,
Warwick, N.Y., USA

Sai Ram,

Reading this story about Arun and the rest of the students made me cry in my heart. I know Swami is always with His devotees. You have to believe in Him, love Him always and give all your love 100 percent to Him...that is the only way to God.

Sai Ram.
Tara Krishna

Om Sai Ram,

I am so grateful to the team at Heart2Heart for sending Sai messages every morning. That email is usually the first one that I wish to read. And each time I realise how foolish some of us mortals are, can not understand the basics which Bhagavan explains so clearly and dearly.

This particular story has definitely inspired me. I have actually felt the Divine Power with me so many times in my career moves in the last many years, especially since 2006. I could really relate to Mr. Arun Kumar's story, though he is much more blessed by Baba, having experienced Him so closely.

God permitting, I too would like to come under His fold, when and whichever way He wishes.



Feedback on: Musings On Avatars Click here to read it again

Respected Sir, Sai Ram,

Your article is really interesting. Rolling on my PC while I go ahead of the lines below I surprisingly saw "to be continued." I completed the entire article in one breathless spell. While going through, I recall the days when Rama Katha Rasa Vahini was coming as a serial in Sanathana Sarathi through the pen of our All Merciful Lord. In addition to this, TheEnigma of Islam is also a beautiful article which clears many doubts and part 2, 3, and 4 are yet to come!

Mr. R. R. Sar,
Angul District, Orissa


The 'Musings on Avatars' is fantastic. Already I’m eagerly waiting for the next chapter. I think we Indian's will also learn a great deal that we are ignorant about right now. The quiz on Shivaraathri too was very interesting and informative; I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for all the effort you have taken.


This topic is excellent. We have heard many times about the stories of Bhagavatam, but with Bhagawan's comments on each of the Avatars, this Bhagavatam has become a class apart.

Thanks for starting this serial.

Meera Bhatia


Feedback on: All Encompassing Grace Click here to read it again

Sairam to all,

Excellent and lovely experience from Mrs. Kavita. While reading this article my eyes were wet with emotion - what an experience. She is lucky.



Feedback on: Dynamic Youth Conference In Luton, UK Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

My name is Devesh Maharaj and I am attached to the Sai Centre of Port of Sapin Trinidad and Tobago. I have read the above article and have found it extremely interesting especially since we live in a multicultural and multi-ethnic society.

Mr. Devesh Maharaj


Feedback on: Prashanti Diary Click here to read it again

Dear Sir,

Congratulations on producing this excellent newsletter.   At least now I know exactly what events and functions are being held in the Ashram, a place I am constantly thinking about.  I often wonder what Baba is doing and at least now, we know so much that it feels that we are part of all of these celebrations. Please pass my appreciation on to everyone who assists in putting this together.  We wish you continued success.

Best regards,
Rani Chetty


Feedback on: Signals Of Grace Click here to read it again

Dear H2H,

A small thought provoking story. Very crisp, but it conveyed a great truth - calamities can also become blessings in disguise. Such stories really give solace to the wounded hearts.

S. Jayaraman and Vathsala Jayaraman


I am a regular browser of RadioSai website and I feel like writing to the team. In fact this is giving me a real comfort and solace for being away from Swami. Today's article of 'Signals of Grace' is well written and a factual truth reflecting a similar writing in our ancient epic of Srimathandra Bhagavatam namely Gajendra Moksham.

May many more roll out of your pen in the future.

With love,


Feedback on: Quiz on Swami's Divine Shivaraathri Discourses Click here to test yourself

Sai Ram,

It is like gold, the more we read and practice the quizzes, we will become closer to Swami. Swami made you guys to post this quiz for us to practice and learn more. Thank you Swami.

With Love,
Vasanthy Vijayakumar

Sai Ram,

The Shivaraathri quiz is an excellent, innovative and interactive design.

N. Balasubramanian


Feedback on: Law Of The Garbage Truck Click here to read it again


Thanks for sharing such an inspiring article.  We keep dumping our garbage quite often on others and get garbage dumped also on us.  As beautifully explained by the taxi driver, the moment we realise that it is the other person’s anger and suppressed frustrations that has become garbage ready to spill on you; not to take it personally, just keep smiling - we are helping him unload a bit of his load and by making him feel lighter. Inspiring thought - worth sharing with all who carry garbage loads.

Kingdom of Bahrain

Sairam Dear Friends,

I loved the simple pictures on 'The Law of the Garbage Truck'! I still have to learn this lesson.. Sometimes I feel the steam of too much irritation or other dirt and get infiltrated with it...These are nice words to keep in mind and prevent any annoyance when the garbage passes by.

Rita from Amsterdam


General Feedback

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

I am an American devotee (in the state of Massachusetts in the U.S. ), and I have just recently subscribed to the daily word from Beloved Swami which you so thoughtfully have created.  It has been a thrill for me to be able to connect with Baba through the Internet more frequently, even though I still am not able to log on every day.  The daily thoughts are so inspiring, so timely, and so beautifully done.

I also very much appreciate the monthly newsletters and the way the daily message highlights specific articles with a link to the newsletter.  This format really brings certain things to my attention, and I use the individual links to find what I want.  I want to let you know that of the stories I have read in recent months, the ones I have most enjoyed have been the long articles on Sri Kasturi, Father Ogada, the whole December issue with the focus on Jesus and Christianity, and the most recent amazing article on Islam by Fr. Ogada.  You asked if we would be interested in learning more about Islam, such as the 5Pillars and the idea of jihad; Yes!  I would also like to read about other faiths, including Judaism.

Although I have read and studied more than, perhaps, many Americans, dear Fr. Ogada illuminated some fascinating points in his usual eloquent way.  Plus, the stories of the 3 Muslim devotees were particularly awe-inspiring.  I never tire of hearing or reading about individual experiences of Sai.

Thank you again for the loving service you offer to those of us who are far away. Being part of this global community is, to me, the great gift of this modern technology I have been too slow to embrace!

Sai Ram,
Cara Gallucci

Sai Ram,

My humblest thanks for a wonderful magazine. I wait with great anticipation for the monthly magazine and when I do receive it, I read every single article and it brings me a lot of comfort and inspiration. And I know without the Grace of our Beloved Lord, this would not be possible. My heartfelt thanks goes out to the dedicated team that put together this beautiful magazine, well done and may Swami’s Blessings be with you all always.

Cookie Naidoo,
South Africa


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