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- Feedback from our readers on the November 2008 issue

Feedback on the cover story: Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba: Pure Love Unparalleled
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Dear H2H team,

About two weeks have gone by and I have read the cover story twice. It takes me hours to carefully read each and every line that has been worded so beautifully, lovingly, invoking one's thought process and touching somewhere deep inside. Every line that I read makes me think, rethink and reflect, analyze and most of all feel lucky - that I know of the Divine who is now on this very earth!

The first time I finished reading the article, I had tears in my eyes. I could feel the Love with which the article had been written - the Love that the Lord Himself asks us to feel and distribute and that He overflows with. Yet, we human beings are so stingy with a commodity that the Lord gives in abundance.

Dear H2H team, in simple words, as my 7-8 year old students say - the cover story "rocks'! Congratulations!


Aditi Jain,

Toronto, Canada

Dear H2H Team, 

Thank you for the elaborate feature article on Bhagavan Baba's love and His magnetic pull of people from all walks of life, from all faiths and from different countries. Such articles especially with video clips are welcome by both old and new devotees. I certainly appreciated it.  Hope you will have more similar type of articles.

Sai Ram,

Venugopal ,


Sai Ram,

In response to Pure Love Unparalleled, I would like to tell you how much it means to people like me. I have shifted to the UAE about a year back and felt really sad at being farther away from the physical form of Swami. However I now begin each day reading Sai Inspires and feel His love clearly as if I were in Prashanti Nilayam.

Articles like this inspire us to be good, do good and consider everything as a gift from Him. I thank Swami for keeping us close to Him wherever we are and for His abundant Love that reaches our lives even in distant lands.
Thank you for being there with us Swami and Sai devotees.

Sai Ram,

Dr. Niti


Feedback on: My Soulmate and I
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Dear H2H Team,

Congratulations on another successful issue of H2H! Just wanted to share with you how nice and inspiring it was to read Ms. Priya Mani's article. It was very well written and touched my heart. We know Swami is Omnipresent, still we sometimes forget that He is first and foremost in our hearts. Thank you for this article and making us realize once again how important it is not to forget this fact. With heart felt gratitude,

Aditi Jain,

Toronto, Canada

Dear H2H team, Sai Ram!

The article was superbly written and very inspiring.  Please post more such divine interaction and experience laden stories. Thank you for all that you do to bring Swami to us every month. What more can we ask for? With million salutations to our Beloved Bhagawan for this great boon,


Bharati Bala,


Sai Ram,

I was very please to read the article My Soulmate and I written by Ms. Priya Mani and looking forward to receiving more stories experienced by the students.  My name is Anzeela Prahalad and I live in Calgary, Canada. I started believing in Baba since 1972.

Sai Ram,


Sai Ram,

(After reading this article) I am still in tears. I live in the US and am 78 years old. I have only known Swami since His call to me in 1995 I am hoping to come there one more time. I was there only once and He looked into my eyes once, that was all, and the moments stayed with me.

More stories like this are very welcome. Thank you so very much.

Sai Ram,

Maria Crane

Dear Organizers of Radio Sai,

Thank you for the inspiring stories. The story of Ms. Priya Mani presented in the article ‘My Soulmate and I’ touched me so much. I could not believe that this Embodiment of Divinity can touch souls so deeply. But as I have read the story of Ms. Priya, I started crying, even though I am a western-trained clinical psychologist.

Thank you! Be blessed as you are,


Aiste Dirzyte

Dear H2H,

All your articles are great and Ms. Priya Mani's My Soulmate and I really is a

'Soul-Stirring' one. She really deserves the gold medals that she has obtained from Bhagavan's University, for sure. So amusing and so very beautifully presented. Wow Priya…

Please do feast us all with more and more of these from all the other students there too, former or current.

Meena Chandramouli


Feedback on: Simply a Miracle
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Dear Sai brothers at Radio Sai,

It was immensely blissful and educating experience to read ‘Simply a miracle’ the story of a mason from a nearby village of Calcutta. As a result of his life-threatening injury he would probably never be able to walk again in life, and for this hard working man, it was a definite battle of survival. With no hope of getting cured by the local hospitals, his visit to Swami's super hospital was like a sinking man finding a boat to survive. It was truly a miracle as one of the operating doctors, Mr. Vasuki mentioned that, one in a 100,000 will be able to recover... and even after successful surgery normally the patient still can not walk without difficulties as before.

After a gruelling 10 hour's surgery and seven month's stay in Swami's Hospital Mr. Jehangir was easily walking without any help, to the immense joy and happiness for him and his family members. This can happen nowhere in the world except in Swami's Hospital where Bhagawan Baba's blessings and grace flows ever to the doctors and patients equally.

Blessed are those doctors, nurses and volunteers who have surrendered to Bhagawan and are working as His instruments in His Hospitals to serve those patients who otherwise would have no future. Thanks for informing us about this great story.

Aum Sai Ram,



Feedback on: Mesmerizing Moments with the Divine Master,
Interview with Mrs. Rani Subramanian - Part 8

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Dear Radio Sai members,

I have been regularly reading your magazine Heart2Heart and every day is a sweet source of inspiration being constantly in touch with Swami.
The experiences of Rani Ma are so profound that I have learnt a lot from them. In fact, many of my questions were answered through such articles and it feels like Swami is actually talking to me through them.

Do keep up the good work and I pray Swami gives all the members enough health and energy to keep up the vibrancy of this wonderful work.
I would like to read more anecdotes from the experiences of Swami’s old students.

Jai Sai Ram,

Radhika Bala


Feedback on: Spiritual Question and Answers
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Aum Sri Sai Ram

Dear Heart2Heart team,

It is very interesting that Heart2Heart is starting a new serial Article “Spiritual Questions and Answers". It is a great opportunity for us to have in-depth thought on spiritual matters especially on practical considerations. Certainly this article would help the devotees to practice Srevana, Manana and Nidhidyasa. The very first question itself is very important and interesting as it relates to an important spiritual topic of living in this world unattached.

Of course " Equanimity" is required for living in this world unattached. Then the question is how to attain that equanimity and who can attain it?...

To attain unwavering equanimity one has to be a hero. One cannot be a hero until convinced that the “the sensory world and the experiences in it are unreal". For ordinary folk like us who have not reached that Hero level, before trying for detachment, karma nishta engaging in Swakarma, obligatory action with devotion and spiritual wisdom, would be best suited. When one stabilises and become perfect in karma nishta one gets the inner urge for Jnana nishta and the detachment naturally follows…

Absolute detachment is possible only when reaching the level of a Jnani with a pure mind, feeling the very presence of God always everywhere. Until then what is required is steady practice, practice to attain sense control, mind control, spiritual discrimination and spiritual wisdom. Thanks a lot for the new article.

Jai Sai Ram,


Abu Dhabi  

Sairam to H2H,

The Spiritual Question and Answers session which you have started newly in this month Heart to Heart is very good. Prof. G. Venkataraman has explained everything in detail. It is simple and easy to understand. Thanks for the effort. Happy to know it would also be aired in Radio Sai and about the idea of releasing it as book. 

Jai Sairam!

Bhuvana Raghav


Radio Sai Feedback

I want to firstly express my sincere gratitude to the entire team and first and foremost Swami for bringing Sai Global Radio into our homes. My radio at home has been networked with speakers to every bedroom and is on 24hours/7 days a week. We cannot imagine life without it. Thank you so much.

Steven Moodley


General Feedback

Dear H2H,

Thank you for every effort you put in to compile the articles.  They come to me when I need them most and are mostly guiding me as to what I should do in my life; it’s all simply beautiful. They are my maps charting out my life.

Thank you

Narayana Swamy

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Vol 6 Issue 12 - DECEMBER 2008
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