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Bhagavan Baba teaches us that “Unity brings purity, and purity in turn leads to divinity.” To visualize the unity inherent in this apparent diversity is a sacred step on the path to realising our own divinity. Heart2Heart now offers you a quiz culled from the pages of our archives on this theme.

1. In ‘ Gita for Children’, from the April 2007 issue, Arjuna learns the different view points on perceiving the world. Krishna says,

“Let Me illustrate with a simple example. Say you have a narrow beam of white light. Allow this beam to strike a prism at a suitable angle. Passing through the prism, the beam gets split into the seven rainbow colours. A person who is seeing the beam before it has entered the prism would say it is white, while a person who sees the emergent beam would say it has rainbow colours.

An evolved being is like the person who does not see diverse rainbow colours but just a white beam.”

According to Krishna, what does the evolved being use to see this unity in diversity?

2. In ‘Getting Spiritually Better: Atma = Brahman’, from the April 15th 2004 issue, we talked about what a true seeker must do to see unity in diversity:

“This Universal presence and manifestation of God is not very evident to us. This is because we have become conditioned to superficial existence. We see only the ‘surface’ and not beneath the ‘surface’. On the surface, a mountain is a beautiful geographic formation, formed due to upheavals of the earth’s plates, continents colliding, etc. But beneath the surface, the mountain is manifestation of God’s majesty. And so on.”

As true seekers we must not see the surface, but always below the surface. Why?

3. In ‘Getting Spiritually Better’ from the January 15th 2004 issue, we tried to understand the different viewpoints on God’s creation.

“In this world, we see both good and bad. People sometimes wonder: ‘If everything came from God, why is there bad at all? Why isn't everything good?’ This is a legitimate doubt. But there is an answer to this 'problem'.

It all depends on one's perspective. A truly evolved soul sees everything as a play of the Lord. Not only that; he sees the Lord Himself playing all the roles; thus, in this viewpoint, even a so-called evil person is merely the Lord in disguise. In other words, since everything is the Lord and the Lord alone, nothing is bad - QED. It is as simple as that – this is the philosophy of __________.”

4. In ‘Getting Spiritually Better: Concerning Gunas’, from the July 15th 2004 issue, we shared our view point on ‘Gunas’.

“The word Guna basically means tendency. The Guna of a person provides an index of the personality of that person. Gunas are not restricted to humans alone; in fact, they are intrinsic to Creation and come in all sorts of shades and varieties. Without Gunas, it is not possible to have the diversity one sees in Nature.

“To understand the role of Gunas in Creation, let us first start with God. The Lord in His Pristine Form is, so to say, ‘structureless’, i.e., without structure. There is just an Infinite Oneness. But when He projects Himself as _______________, God injects the element of differentiation so that there is diversity.”

5. In ‘Elevating our Intentions and Actions....The Sai Way’ from the December 2006 issue, we shared a story to illustrate the means to prove how heavenly the experience of seeing unity in diversity can be.

“A soldier once went to a Zen Master and said, ‘Master, I have fought many a pitched battle. I have undergone the rigors and the training and the discipline of being a soldier. Yet, I do not know what peace is. Pray! Tell me what is hell, what is heaven?’ The Master looked at the soldier and asked, ‘Who are you?’ And the soldier said, ‘I am a samurai!’

The Master then exploded, and asked, ‘You! A samurai? Who on this earth would take you as a soldier?’ This infuriated the samurai. He drew out his sharp sword and rushed at the Zen Master. The Zen Master calmly said, ‘Here opens the gate of hell.’”

What was the samurai’s reaction to that?

Dear Reader, did you like this quiz? Is it too difficult? Is it interactive enough? Would you like more such quizzes? Please help us in serving you better by writing to mentioning your name and country. Thank you for your time.

- Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 6 Issue 12 - DECEMBER 2008
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