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PART - 38

(Continued from the previous issue)

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Head Master’s room.

HEAD MASTER [pointing to his chair]: Sathyam, sit in that chair.

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai
spacer Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

SATHYA: Sir, that is the teacher’s chair. It is yours. A student must sit at the feet of the Guru!

HEAD MASTER: My boy, that is why I asked You to sit there! Though You are young in age, You are the Guru of all Gurus! We are Gurus only in this School whereas You are the Guru of the whole world!

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai
spacer Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

The Head Master prostrates before Sathya and touches His Feet.

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

SATHYA: Master! What is this!

HEAD MASTER: If I touch Your Feet, my life will be sanctified!

SATHYA: What is this Master? Please get up…. Get up. What’s all this?…….Listen, you are much older than Me. You shouldn’t do such a thing.

HEAD MASTER: Devotion has nothing to do with age. There is Divinity in You – that is my firm faith and belief.

That is why I have received this great and good fortune to worship You in this manner!

Sathya materialises Vibhuti and gives it to the Head Master.

HEAD MASTER: God’s Prasadam (gift)!

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai
spacer Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai


In the Shirdi Avatar, a man comes looking for his lost horse and Baba helps him. A very similar thing is about to happen now.

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

A Muslim trader named Salim has lost his horse named Chandini. He is desperately looking for it along with two persons named Kadir and Kasim.

SALIM: Chandini, O my life Chandini! ………Chandini!…….Chandini!….

KADIR: I don’t see it anywhere.

KASIM: I wonder where the horse has gone.

KADIR: Brother Salim, let’s search there.

They go some distance and search there.

SALIM: Chandini, Chandini my horse!

KADIR: Chandini,…….. where have you gone?

The search continues but it is futile.

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

SALIM: Three days have gone by and Chandini is not to be seen anywhere.

KADIR: Don’t worry brother, don’t worry. There is a Young Swami. When His master lost his pen, this Swami told the teacher where to find it. Let’s go and ask Him.

SALIM: Young Swami?

KADIR: Yes. He can be found up there. [points in a direction] ……Come with me.

KASIM: He is usually up there, singing. …Brother Kadir, look there, look! That is the boy, that is the Young Swami! Come, come, come. ….. Kadirbhai, this is that boy, the Son of God, Bhagavan, this is that boy! Young Swami! ……This is the boy……the Son of God!

The three come to Sathya and ask Him concerning the whereabouts of the lost horse Chandini.

SATHYA: Two hundred yards away to the north, there is a mango orchard. Your horse is grazing in that orchard. Go and look.

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai
spacer Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

SALIM: Is that so Baba?

KADIR: Yes Baba. Thanks.

KASIM: Hurry, let’s go and search there.

The three leave and go as directed by Sathya.

KADIR: Brother Salim, we will get back our horse, exactly like the boy said.

KASIM: This boy is no ordinary one; He is Divine, an Incarnation of Allah. The word of this Young Swami is not just an ordinary word, it is like the Vedas, and our Quran. Whatever this Young Swami says is true.

SALIM: If we get back our horse, I will offer my salutations to this Young Swami.

KADIR: Everything is Allah’s Grace.

The three go some distance.

SALIM: Hey, which direction is north?

KADIR: The Sun rises this side; so that must be north. That’s where the mango orchard must be!

KASIM: Come on, come, come.

The three enter the orchard.

SALIM: Chandini, Chandini, ……my Chandini, …..Chandini!

KASIM: Like the Young Swami said, Chandini must be somewhere here.

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

KADIR: I’ll search there and you search here. ……Chandini!…..Hey brother Salim! I have found Chandini! …O my life Chandini! Where did you disappear leaving me?

SALIM: You have found Chandini, exactly as the Young Swami said. That boy is truly a child of God!

Three Muslims pick up the horse

SALIM: Brother Kadir, we got back our horse Chandini. We must now go to the Young Swami and convey our gratitude. It is all due to the Grace of the Young Swami. He is no ordinary boy but a Divine one, an Avatar of Allah! …The Young Swami is over there!

The three come again to Sathya

SALIM: Baba, Baba! I found my horse! I got back my horse Chandini!

KADIR: Baba, You are God! ……..For us Baba, You are Allah! Baba, we got back Chandini exactly as You said……. That horse is our means of livelihood………… Our grateful thanks, Baba!

KASIM: Yes Baba, we got back our horse exactly as You said. Baba, You are really God! We can never forget Your good deed, Baba.

SALIM: Baba, You are really God! We got back the horse exactly as You said. You are the saviour of our family, Baba! We will never forget this great help. You really are God!

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai
spacer Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

Sathya creates Vibhuti

KADIR: Baba has given Prasaad! Brother Salim, come and receive this Prasaad from Baba…….Baba! You really are God Baba, You really are!



Increasingly, people begin to feel that there is an extra-ordinary Divine power in Sathya. Some are ready to go even further and accept Him as the very Incarnation of the Lord.

This scene shows some villagers seated under a tree and discussing Sathya.

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

AN OLD MAN: In temples and in holy places, I have personally heard fools and the learned alike say that Sathyam is a Divine child, and that there is Divinity in Him. The son of Pedda Venkapa Raju is not an ordinary boy.

ANOTHER MAN: God assumes human form in every age. For this age, Sathyam is that Form.

A SCHOLAR: As you have all seen, Sathyam is beyond caste and religions. He is the embodiment of equipoise, and the One who shows the Right Path. At a very young age, Sathyam has mastered the entire scriptures and is also the greatest exponent on God. Sathyam’s very appearance is Divine, His words are Divine, and His actions are Divine miracles! I am not just uttering some words. I have actually seen and experienced all this.

A LADY: What that elderly person is saying is quite true. Sathyam is not an ordinary boy. It seems that he is the very embodiment of God.

ANOTHER LADY: Yes, it is true.


Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

Shortly after the horse incident, Sathya is out one day, admiring Nature. Ramesh and Mahesh come there at that time.

RAMESH: Raju, we have come to be with You. What are You thinking about, instead of talking to us?

SATHYA: I’m thinking about Nature – the flowers, the trees, the hill, the cool breeze, the sky and the earth! I am experiencing the Bliss of all these.

MAHESH: Raju, boys feel happy playing and singing but You experience happiness in contemplation. You are so different, Raju!

SATHYA: That’s the way it is, and you will not understand. …….O,…O my!

At that moment, as a part of the Divine Drama, a big scorpion comes and stings Sathya.

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai
spacer Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

BOYS: Raju, what happened? Raju, ……Oh, a scorpion!…..Raju, Raju!

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

The boys scream, on hearing the sound, Seshama and his wife Suseela come out and rush to the spot.

SESHAMA: What happened?

MAHESH: Raju has been stung by a scorpion.

SUSEELA: Oh my God! And such a big scorpion too!

SESHAMA: Looks like a black scorpion.


SESHAMA: Suseela, get the medicine box. Hurry. Ramesh, you go and fetch a doctor.

RAMESH: I shall.

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai
Sathya is carried in, and a tourniquet is applied. Meanwhile, Ramesh and Mahesh rush to the house of the local [native]

DOCTOR: Who is that?

RAMESH: Raju has been stung by a scorpion, and Mr. Seshama Raju wants you to come at once to his house.

DOCTOR: Is that so? I shall come.

Seshama’s house

SESHAMA: Come sir, come. Please examine.

DOCTOR: Where did the scorpion sting?

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

SESHAMA [pointing to the toe]: Here, on the toe.

DOCTOR: On the toe? ………..Please get some water.

SUSEELA: Yes, I will.

SESHAMA: Get it quick!

Doctor treats

DOCTOR: He will be unconscious for a while.


DOCTOR: Don’t get worried; He will be OK soon.

SESHAMA: Thank you sir!

Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai
spacer Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai

(To be continued)

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Vol 6 Issue 02 - FEBRUARY 2008
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