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- Feedback from our readers on the January issue

Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say

Feedback on the Cover Story: 'Sai's Kasturi... A Phantasmagoric Fragrance Forever' Click here to read it again

Dear Sir,

The cover story on Sri Kasturi was magnificent and very touching.  What a privilege to read about him and to hear him again after nearly 20 years!  It was inspiring to read about some of my erstwhile teachers – Sri Nanjundaiah and Sri B N Narasimha Moorthy.  Years ago, in 1977 when I was a student staying in the Brindavan hostel as part of the summer course, I used to walk with Sri Kasturi from the newly built college auditorium back to the guest room in the hostel where he used to stay with his son, Sri MVN Murthy.  It was a cherished association as we talked about what Swami had just spoken on in His discourse (on the Ramayana for the whole month) and all the other issues of the day.  

He used to regale me with old stories from his books in Kannada – one was called the “Ana-arthakosha” meaning the “undictionary” as he used to call it.  One of my most distinct memories is of the day that both Sri Kasturi and Sri GP Rajaratnam (another titan of Kannada literature) both spoke at the summer course on the same morning.

These presentations even attracted Swami’s presence – the Lord came specially to listen to them speak, He sat for the full 2 hours along with the boys and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you for bringing to all of us this wonderful piece of Sai History.

Perry Naik,

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.,

Atlanta, USA


Dear H2H Editorial Team:

Sairam! Congratulations on producing a delectable and wonderful cover story on Professor Kasturi. I had the privilege and the good fortune of meeting this wonderful personality in my formative years as a Bal Vikas student and as a young adult. For many of us in the Sai family, Professor Kasturi was the prism through which we first glimpsed the multitude of colours of Sai's glory and grandeur. Chinna Katha - one of my all time favourites - is a book that I return to constantly for insight, inspiration, and illumination. This book would not have seen the light of the day but for the loving and painstaking efforts of Professor Kasturi. The stories from Chinna Katha have come to my rescue many a time in life's journey - if only to apply a soothing ethereal balm that helps me endure the ephemeral. Since becoming a Bal-Vikas teacher, I have narrated many of the Chinna Katha stories to my students who have experienced similar joy and delight upon hearing these stories.

The contribution of Professor Kasturi is not easy to estimate and neither is it easy to describe the multi-faceted personality that he was. That your team has painstakingly researched and uncovered the multitude of reflections of this exemplar of a personality is patently evident in the text, pictures, and audio clips that are part of this inspiring cover story. May Swami bless you with more opportunities to uncover such personalities on your cover story.

Allow me to leave you with a small personal anecdote that only illustrates the evolution that is inevitable when one is fortunate to spend one's time in the crucible of Sai. My father - Dr. Vijai Kumar of Chennai - was closely associated with Dr. Murthy (Son of Professor Kasturi). When Dr. Murthy passed away - quite unexpectedly - at a relatively young age, my father called upon Professor Kasturi in Prashanthi Nilayam to offer condolences. To my father's surprise, it was Professor Kasturi who offered condolences to my father saying "Poor fellow, you lost your friend, isn't it."

Not only was a father's grief conspicuous in its absence, the father had transcended grieving at a personal level to be able to see and feel the grief of another person. Such thinking and such disposition is exemplary and is evidence of him having Swami in the forefront of his awareness at all times. Thank you once again and looking forward to such inspiring stories in future.

With Loving Sairam to all of you,



Sairam H2H team,

The cover story on Prof. Kasturi was an absolutely delightful read.  The format was also refreshing with video clips neatly tucked in between. Could you please continue this 'Old is Gold' series with cover stories on stalwarts in the Sai Mission.

It is very encouraging to read about the strong faith and confidence that these devotees showed and how they put into practice Bhagavan's teachings to the letter.  Also, it was encouraging to read the responses that Bhagavan gave to some queries posed to Him early on. Those kind of 'punch lines' that He gives 'punches' the answer into the questioner's heart. 

These older devotees had the fortune to be taught by Bhagavan each and every step of their well utilised life.  The golden lessons and words of Bhagavan taught to these devotees would be a real treasure applicable to one and all; one example is the New Year prayer that was penned by Swami for Prof. Kasturi. I kindly request you to continue and do more cover stories on old devotees.

Sai Ram, and please keep up the good and holy work.

- H2H reader


Dear Heart2Heart Team:  Sai Ram!

I have read your story on Prof. Kasturi and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It reminds me of Mother Theresa's love and yearning for Jesus (from her letters published in "Mother Theresa - Come Be My Light").  Thank you for posting the clips from talks given by him - being of the younger generation, I was never fortunate to hear any of his talks.

You ask at the end of your story whether we feel inspired or helped in any way, and the answer is ‘yes’ to both questions.  It is so easy today to lose faith, hope and love - even with Swami here with us - because we sway so quickly towards what we know and what is familiar and lose sight of what is truly important.  Prof. Kasturi's complete trust, faith, love and devotion to Swami is a reminder to me of all the things that I need to develop in my own life.  His story gives us a glimpse of Swami's love for us, even though I admit I don't always understand it. 
Thank you for the wonderful way in which you presented Prof. Kasturi's experiences, insights and humour to us.  Sai Ram.


Kayshree Seshadri


Om Sri Sai Ram,

Dear Prof Venkataraman and the blessed H2H Team,

This month’s cover story on Sai’s Kasturi was absolutely soul stirring.  In fact words fail me in describing the feelings in my heart.  The yearning in our hearts to be dear to Swami has been multiplied an infinite fold.  Blessed indeed are the fortunate few who had the good fortune of meeting this dear devotee of the Lord and who witnessed the love between the Lord and His beloved devotee - like the love between Lord Krishna and the gopis in the Srimad Bhagavatam.

May Swami shower His abundant grace on each one of you, for bringing to us such wonderful, elevating, transforming, episodes of Sai Love. With most loving and humble pranams at the lotus feet of our ever present Swami,

Jai Sairam,

Shobha Menon


Dear All,

At the outset, I wish everybody at Radio Sai a very Happy New Year. The Journal is par excellence, the article on Shri Kasturi really brought tears to my eyes. I felt the prayer written by Bhagavan to Himself (for Kasturiji) is equally applicable to all of us.  I express my sincere gratitude to Swami for letting all this happen and to you all at Radio Sai and H2H for your wonderful efforts.

Jai Sai Ram,

Mohan K. Rao


Sai Ram Dear Heart2Heart Team,

I just read Sai's Kasturi from start to finish - I could not leave the computer.  Your story brought tears of joy to my eyes.  We are indeed lucky to be living in this time of the Sai Avatar.  Your work is professional, inspiring and sincerely appreciated.  Thank you.

John B. ( Australia )


Dear All at Radio Sai,

As I read on 1st of Jan 2008 the cover story on Kasturi, It brought tears to my eyes and also made me realise the greatness of our Sai, His kindness and love for His devotees.
Sri Kasturi's life also depicted an outstanding example of true devotion to our Lord. What a better way to begin our new year than reading about Kasturiji and Baba in Heart to Heart. You all have touched our hearts and inspired us. Thanks again to the entire team at Radio Sai. Sai Ram and Happy New Year to all of you

Krishnan, Singapore  


I love reading all your journals. I read them in the morning and again in the night. I'm thankful to you and Baba for letting me read His messages on a daily basis. Words cannot express what great service you are doing. I read an article about Prof. Kasturi and I compare your service to his.

You bring Baba to my home everyday. Baba is my love, my life, my mother, and I see Him through your articles. Sai Ma bless you all for this enormous service you are providing. I always prayed to Baba to come to my home so that I could hear Him, see Him and your daily emails have almost fulfilled that.

Sai Ram,
Latika Mogla, Mississauga, Canada


Sai Ram to the Heart2Heart Team,

My humble salutations to the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Baba on this New Year's day. A very happy new year to the heart2heart team which is virtually touching million hearts which await for the Sai spiritual messages every day across the globe.

Today’s "Sai’s Kasturi" which starts from a soul stirring prayer beside the bromide colour close up picture of Prof Kasturigaru and ending with another picture of him in warm clothing (indeed a rare photo)  titled as "on to a new odyssey " is a great tribute to that great gem of a person. Splendid are the twenty five page texts, images and voice of noble contemporaries.

I hope by Swami's grace this will come out in the form of a book let so that devotees who have no ready access to the electronic media can treasure this article in their Sai Literature. Jai Sai Ram.

Krishna Prasad


Dear Brothers and H2H Team, Sai Ram. 

Words fail me to express my feelings on going through your presentation of  the lead article on Swami and Sri Kasturi.   I was transported to Prashanthi Nilayam. Swami has blessed you all as His instruments to educate us all about his divine love and His grace.  I can only say thank you very much.       



The cover story on Kasturi's beautiful life is too good. The feeling was similar to the one I got seeing the huge sets the Brindavan boys put up scene after scene in the Kabir drama on January 13. So huge, so grand, so intricate, so beautiful - they blow you away. It makes you wonder - is it possible? Such extraordinary results are achieved when we let go the 'i' and let the 'I' take over.  All extraordinary results need the factor of 'let go' to let the higher source work through. Appreciate the labour that would have gone into making this. May His Blessings and Grace be always with you.

R. Prusty,


Sairam H2H Team,

Reading the cover story of our beloved Kasturi led me to discover the love of a devotee for the Lord. I was reading the article for almost 2 hours......many times I could not follow the script being interrupted by tears in my eyes...such was the vibration in my heart. The life line of the great soul has awakened my heart and imprinted with life and love for Swami's Mission.

I thank Swami for giving the world such fragrance to inspire every devotee of this’s really heart touching to read the narrations and listen to the reactions of many. I pray Swami to make this H2H Journal play a lead role in moulding lives of many...let your sacred writings make us all to be sacred instruments in His Hands...let your inspiring articles throw an insight in our hearts to do His work. Let your nectarine thoughts be source of inspiration for many around the globe.

Sai Ram,

C. S. Balachandra Sunku,
Hyderabad Sai Youth


Feedback on: 'Precious Association' Click here to read it again


Per chance I happened to read the article Precious Association, by Mr. Subhash Subramaniam on your website and was very impressed by the level of faith (Bhakti) and felt how very fortunate you must be. In the article, I took the story of the pencil and stored it in my collection as it is one of the best examples of surrender (Samarpan) that I have read.

I feel very fortunate to have come across this website and the article and could feel the touch and association of Bhagavad Bhakti during this period. Thank you once again and my sincere salutation to the Lotus Feet of Sri Sai.

Gowtam Das Gupta,


Feedback on: 'Dissolving The Bitterness Of Life ' Click here to read it again

Jai Sai Ram to all at H2H,

Just thought that I would write a few words on this very inspirational story.  I have got so many problems in life, but after reading this article, I feel that they have all vanished into thin air.  Especially the last line: ‘tell your problems how big your God is'.  I leave all my problems in Baba's hands. Thank you very much for writing this story and I think that you all are doing a fantastic job.

Jai Sai Ram

Shakuntala Taank, UK


Feedback on: 'Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: Fiery Will and Nerves of Steel' Click here to read it again

Dear Heart to Heart,

I am greatly touched and inspired by the personal drive and patriotism of Sri Bose. Baba's comments on Bose's behind the scenes activities for India 's liberation, only serves to remind us that nothing is unnoticed by the Lord of the Universe. His pointed question 'Is there no one like Bose' ....leaves a new stirring in me.

Yours truly,
Davendra Ojar


Feedback on: 'How Baba Reinvented Me' Click here to read it again

This story is a great eye opener. After reading this, I feel my son (17 years) is also undergoing the same empty feeling. Probably many youngsters are feeling the emptiness of our education system which has dumped them with mostly irrelevant information and not the art of living this life. I pray to Swami to guide them towards blissful living.

Koti pranams at the lotus feet,

Sandhya Kotian, Mumbai


Feedback on: 'Multi-Faith Akhanda Bhajan for World Peace in UK' Click here to read it again

Dear Friends in Sai,

That was superb!  Of course we want more of the same.  Swami’s message is unstoppable, unarguable, and obviously meaningful to every denomination.  All roads lead to the top of Mount Everest even if they appear different on the way. And there, at the top, stands Love, what else!

And love to you.

Om Sai Ram

Jacqueline Trost MA,


Feedback on: 'In Russia With The Love Of Sai' Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

The article on Russia was a very beautiful one. It was nice to see Dr. Nikhila Pandya being interviewed at your studio. She was one of the doctors who came for the Malawi camp also. It’s also very interesting to hear experiences of various people, especially the old students. Thank you all very much at Radio Sai and h2h for the effort you are putting in to give Sai devotees all over the world  an insight of what’s happening in Prasanthi.

Sai Ram,


General Feedback

Thank you for such wonderful and heart warming episodes that you send us.  We are very far away in a small island in the Pacific yet after reading about the happenings in Parthi I feel as I am there personally witnessing the happenings.  I feel so very close to Swami all the time and as He is omnipresent; we don’t doubt this.  Please keep up the good work and let us keep in touch with Swami through your media. 

Jai Sai Ram,

Nalini Naidu


Sai Ram,

I simply wanted to take a moment to extend my heart felt gratitude for the amazing work you do in compiling, assembling, publishing and maintaining the Heart to Heart and other Sai websites.  I read the articles every single chance I get and it is not rare that I find myself pulling back that tear that wants to roll down my cheek as I read yet another Swami story. 

We all have different paths. As for myself, all I can say is that reading about Swami brings me very close to Him. I try to avoid TV and reading negative news and I find Swami keeps me alive in the heart.  I am often surprised because the sentiments that rise in me by Swami are ones I had no idea I had.  Spiritual love can sure be buried deep underneath in the Kali age.

We have a laptop in the kitchen with a wireless connection. Every so often I turn to Sai Videos and ask my three year old daughter to watch; she is very enthusiastic and likes to watch the videos as well.  When I travel on business I read books on Swami but I hardly seem to get the time to absorb all the material on Him.

Thank you again for your Seva, and know that you are truly keeping me alive!

With Love,
Oscar Chavarria


Loving Sai Ram to the whole Heart 2 Heart team.

We wish you all a very happy New Year. We wish to convey our thankfulness and gratitude for the wonderful work you are doing. You keep us connected with Divinity everyday and "Sai Inspires" is inspiring us and helping us to improve ourselves everyday. Again, thank you. You are Sai's instruments and are serving Him directly by bringing to the entire world His Divine Teachings and Messages. You are indeed blessed.

Yours Sincerely,
Devin, Amrita, Rajiv and Prithviraj



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Vol 6 Issue 02 - FEBRUARY 2008
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