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- A Little Story from Bhagavan


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One man got into the habit of eating opium. It was not possible for him to control this habit. He was always in a kind of coma.

A saintly person visited his city and was offering advice and comfort to many. The opium-eater also sought the advice of the saint. The saint said that his health was deteriorating and that he should give up eating opium. At this, the opium addict said that it was not possible for him to give it up. He requested the saint to give him some advice.

The saint asked him how much of opium he used to take every day and was shown a certain lump as the quantity being taken every day. The saint got a piece of chalk, equal to the lump of opium and told him that he may continue eating opium but should not take more than the weight of the chalk each day.

The opium eater was quite happy but he was also told that every day he must write “ OM ” three times on a blackboard with that chalk. In this manner, the chalk was reduced in size every day and so the amount of opium which the person was eating also got reduced gradually and ultimately this habit was removed.






One Saturday, a father was involved in worshipping the Lord and called his son asking him to get some plantains for one rupee. This son was a good boy and went out to purchase the plantains. But on the way home he saw a mother and her son, who were standing on the road looking famished.

Chinna Katha

When the little hungry boy saw the plantains, he started running towards them. His mother also ran to catch him but then both of them collapsed from hunger. When the young man saw these people suffering so much from hunger, he thought that it was much better to give them the bananas than to take them home. Accordingly, he gave the bananas to the mother and her child and also brought them water.

Chinna Katha

Relieved of their hunger and thirst they began to express their gratitude in many different ways and shed tears of joy. The youngster then went home empty handed and when his father asked him if he had brought the bananas, he replied in the affirmative. When asked where the bananas were, he replied that the bananas he brought were sacred, will not rot and could not be seen.

Chinna Katha

The son explained that he had fed two hungry souls with the bananas and the fruits which he brought home are the sacred fruits of action. His father felt that the boy was a worthy son and that all his prayers had been answered that day. He developed great affection for his son from that day and the bonds of their love grew closer.

- Baba

- Illustrations: Ms Vidya, Kuwait

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Vol 6 Issue 01 - JANUARY 2008
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