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- Feedback from our readers on the December issue

Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say

Feedback on the Cover Story: 'The Divine Reality Revealed… The Truth of the Father and the Son' Click here to read it again

Dear H2H,

The interview with Father Charles Ogada is very enlightening and fulfilling. His analysis of how one can be an Instrument of the Divine is brilliant. One important link on "He who sendth me would come again..." is Swami's declaration in person in front of thousands of people during the 1972 Christmas. I had the good fortune to be in the precincts of Prashanthi Nilayam that day. This Declaration of Swami makes an important connection to what Father Charles said in the beginning of his speech - Christmas celebration 2006. 

Regards and best wishes,

Indra Deo,

Suva, Fiji


I went through the article which I believe will help to serve as an eye opener to bring our Christian brothers into the religion of love thus helping themselves to become better Christians. The whole magazine was truly informative!!


Sai Ram,

I just wanted to tell you that there have been many occasions when I have had a question on my mind, thought about it for some time, and within a week or so, there it is! The questions I was thinking about and the answers are right there in the Sai Inspires daily postings.

Most recently, I was wondering if Sai Baba ever spoke about Jesus. Then, there it was: “The Divine Reality Revealed… The Truth of the Father and the Son.”

I love reading every day the stories and articles and pictures you post. These are wonderful teachings. In America, it is hard to stay focused with all the materialistic bombardment and negative thoughts blasted upon us each day. This certainly helps and I thank you from my heart.

Wishing you a Happy, Holy and Merry Christmas!

Karen Lonkey

Dear Heart to Heart Team,

Splendid, splendid, splendid article "The Divine Reality Revealed..."

Thank you.

With best wishes,
Brijmohan Thapar

Dear Heart2Heart,

I have just finished reading the Father Charles article and am moved to tears.  This is a wonderful expression of the true teachings of Love as taught by Jesus and by Sathya Sai Baba.  I will read this again and again. Thank you for helping me through this article and all the other heart-opening-sustaining teachings in this e-journal.

Sai Ram!

Barbara Woolley

Feedback on: 'Being a Star in His Sky...' Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

The article by Sri Amey Deshpande not only inspires: it loudly declares the glory of our Lord. My heart pains as billions in the world are not fortunate enough to know that God has come down to earth to guide us and protect the entire world from disasters of ignorance.

Ever in service to Lord Sai Baba,

Louis Martin

Sairam brothers @ Radio Sai,

This talk by Mr. A. Deshpandey was very well presented by you all. We listeners can read as well as listen in audio form to his talk which was very educating and heartfelt. Please keep publishing such talks by present or past students and teachers of Swami's University in both audio and printed form. My sincere thanks to you @ Radio Sai for your great work in providing the great message of Bhagawan's love and grace  to all of us. Jai Sairam.

M. Mehta,

Toronto, Canada

Feedback on: 'In Quest Of Infinity – Part 11' Click here to read it again

Now I better understand the 'airport incident' and why so many that night could not see any thing of particular note. Swami, as Creator, of course sees all universes. Now for the sake of just 1mm, if we could simply invent bifocals.....but no, we must earn that right to see as He sees. Thanks so much for the article.

Tom Elliott

Feedback on: 'If You Want To Be Perfect' Click here to read it again

Thank you so very much for this article for it addressed a question that I have been struggling with for quite some time. 

I have been wondering how does one balance the material and spiritual worlds, i.e., how would I begin to address the apparent conflict in my desires.  On the one hand I wanted professional "success" and the trappings that come with it; while on the other hand I really want to pursue a path of Oneness.  Your article helped me see there is no real conflict, only illusion.  It confirmed my recent realization that by committing to a path of service and Oneness, all I need will be provided.  And that while living in the material world, material resources are all around us, I do not have to define my worth or anyone else's by possessions, wealth, or any material thing.  

I grew up in a religious framework that said perfection is impossible and that we humans are inherently flawed.  But your article confirmed my conclusion that this was a misinterpretation --- that "perfection is all about the optical medium with which we see Reality."  Thank you!  In fact, all the struggles I have endured have been the result of looking at Life through an optical medium that was not appropriate to living Oneness.  I have decided to stop struggling and this article is an excellent explanation of how we can live and flourish apart from the values that pour from illusion.

With Love,

Jacqueline Mosley

Feedback on: 'From ‘God-Forsaken’ To God-Blessed ' Click here to read it again

The ways of the Lord are many and it is not for us to ask why but to do the best in small and big ways when an opportunity presents itself. Thank you very much for sharing with us this great piece of service news. We are thrilled with your courage, patience and conviction.

Sai Ram to you all,

Usha & Bala


What a moving article it was - I wept on reading this because we keep cribbing for so many things not knowing that there are fellow countrymen who do not have even the basic necessities of life.



Dear organizer,

Sai Ram.  Thanks a lot for covering this wonderful project and giving us opportunity to know about it. It really dwarfs all the other activities done by us all.

Words fail to appreciate the tremendous task accomplished by the youth wing of Andhra. The Sai organization takes up jobs neglected by the people who should be responsible for them! We thank Swami that we could at least read about it.

Sai Ram

The story of the transformation of a 'lost tribe' and the Sai youth who brought it about has to be inspiring even to one who is not a Sai devotee, so what of us who cannot live without thinking of Sai even for a second! To all Sai devotees it is indeed a heart warming confirmation of His Grace and 'leelas'! Yes indeed! He has, is and will be taking care of everything in His creation. What is heart warming is to read about the thoughts of the Sai youth group regarding their own 'inner transformation'.

Please keep us informed of the news of these 'lost people' as well as of the Sai youth activities. With lots of Love for these youths, for their mentors and for the heart2heart team,

Sai Ram,

Shashikant Ambegaokar,

Vista, Califronia

This article with all its photographs of the work done by dedicated Sai-volunteers of Andra Pradesh is excellent, amazing and inspiring seva work. Their strong and undaunted faith in Swami's teachings and grace, brought about this amazing miracle of providing a more comfortable life to people who otherwise would have lived without shelter and essential medical aid. May Bhagavan bless all these and others who help society's forgotten and downtrodden people.

Gopal Mehta,

Toronto, Canada

Feedback on: 'The Wonder YearsClick here to read it again

This testimony of the young Canadian girl is indeed of great value, and I thank you for the opportunity of reading such life stories of Swami's devotees. It helps me a lot, to hear about people who have been in Swami's physical presence. I certainly am very grateful to Him also, for many are the occasions when I know He is around helping me in many ways.

Where I live, very few people have heard of Swami's presence and work. I am a "lone" believer in these surroundings. Your website is very rich and easy to use. Thank you for your work, bringing news to inspire people far away.

Myriam Barbosa,

São Paulo, Brazil

Feedback on: 'God’s Letter' Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,
I really have no words to express my feelings after reading that article. I am really thankful to one and all for publishing such a nice article. 

In my childhood, I too thought in the same way. But the thing is, I used to write it in my dairy and keep it safe because I believe that 'God is always with me. 'Till date I believe the same.
I visited Puttaparthi and White Field and felt very happy. Please do post such articles as they are relaxing for the people like me who work right from morning 9 am to 7 pm.
Thank you for your time.

General Feedback

Sai Ram,

Thank you for the inspiration and guidance that fills my inbox every day in the form of the Sai Inspires email service. I can without a doubt say that Swami must tailor those messages every day personally for Me, as everyday they seem to answer some question or confusion on my mind.

The Heart2Heart E Journal is beyond words - towards the end of every month I look forward to reading the inspiring articles. Some of them I read over and over again...just wanted to say a big THANK YOU - however I know those words are simply not enough. All I can do is send my gratitude and love...

I also wanted to let you know that in Sydney, we the Youths love the Sunday Special of Sai Inspires - we were actually thinking of having a study circle on the topic covered in one of the latest topics "Do we deserve Swami?" We really do love this service and therefore are wondering if it would be possible to have them more regularly.

Also H2H has inspired us so much that in Sydney we were motivated to start our very own e-journal so the Sydney Youths have a chance to share their experiences and ideas. It is called "Expressions of Love" - we hope you don't mind us 'borrowing' that name.

With lots of Love,


Sai Ram, my most humble Pranaams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Baba,

Every time I connect to this website I feel Swami's Presence. Reading devotees’ experiences fills us with bliss and gratitude towards Swami. Every time I have Swami's Darshan I know that I am being transformed. He made me realise that 19 years of my life have been wasted except for the little time spent in His Thought. I am reminded of my obligation towards society on reading your articles. My heartfelt gratitude to H2H team.

Sai Ram

L. M. Rajeswari,


Sai Ram to you all, 

Just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful article in SwaMi and Me: The Cosmic Lion's Roar - Oct 2007. I'm a student of Vedanta and my only mission is to attain Self-realization (I like calling it Baba/Sai-realization). And when I come across such articles - it is so very inspiring. We have to put in our best efforts and surely out of His infinite compassion Swami will certainly grant us Self-realization - allowing us to merge in that Reality, becoming one with Him.

I request you all to please thank Mr G S Srirangarajan, for sharing these highly philosophical gems of our Beloved Swami with us. Articles such as these should be given more importance and be made more frequent so that we can fulfil our one and only mission in life - Baba/Sai-realization.   Thanks a million/billion again for this outstanding article,

Love you all,

Rishi Kewalramani,

Mumbai, India

Feedback on: 'Sai Inspires, the daily inspirational email service'

Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha,

I am extremely happy to receive the daily inspiring messages from you. I am working in a private firm in Dubai. Every day I start my duty after seeing Swami’s mail from Heart2Heart and "thought for the day". Every time I am rich in filling up with Swami’s presence!

With Pranams and Love,




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Vol 6 Issue 01 - JANUARY 2008
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