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Right answer on your 1st attempt
3 Points
Right answer on your 2nd attempt
2 Points
Right answer on your 3rd attempt
1 Point


1. In His 1961 New Year Discourse, how did Swami bless us to start the New Year: “Today, you are celebrating the arrival of a New Year with a new name, a name that you will use to identify this year for the twelve coming months. But remember, it is not the Year alone that is new once in 365 days. Every day is new, every hour and minute, every second is new. Do not celebrate only the New Year Day in ________; celebrate every second in __________.

2. In His 1964 New Year Discourse, Swami said: “There are as many New Year Days as there are days in the year; many communities and countries have their own distinct calendars. It is not the first of January that is unique. The year is just a name to indicate a number of months; the month, a number of days; a day, to indicate a number of hours; the hour is a period of time counted in minutes, and the minute is a name for sixty seconds. Each second is new. It is a gift, a chance, an opportunity, a thing to be celebrated, to be used for ________.”

3. In His 1967 New Year Discourse, Swami advised us by saying: “The year becomes new; the day becomes holy, when you sanctify it by sadhana, not otherwise. Sadhana can grow only in a field fertilized by_________.”

4. In His 1971 New Year Discourse, Swami taught us: “Every year, man has been bidding farewell to the old year and giving welcome to the New Year; this has been going on since the history of man began. But, what is the net result? Only despair and distress, anxiety and insane fear! This is an occasion to inquire and discover why it has been so. How then can man achieve peace? Only through Love! Shaanthi (peace) is the fruit of the tree of life; without it, the tree is a barren stump. It has no value or validity.

The fruit is encased in a bitter skin, you must have noticed, so that the sweet juice may be preserved and guarded against marauders; you have to remove the skin, before tasting the sweetness within, and strengthening yourself. The thick rind is symbolic of _________.”

5. In His 1983 New Year’s Eve Discourse, Swami showed us the means to realize the Divine: “Every second is a new moment in your life. Do not wait for a whole year to celebrate the New Year and make New Year resolutions. Utilize every second to purify your heart and fill it with love. You will then realize that God is yours and you are with love. ___________ is the means to realize the Divine.”

6. On this New Year day, you should make a resolve that you will start every day with love, spend the day with love, fill the day with love, and end the day with love. There should be no difference of caste, creed, colour, religion or nationality. Love knows no distinction of any kind. You must wish everyone __________.”

7. In His 1996 New Year Discourse, Swami enlightened us by stating: “The New Year comes regularly year after year. But do you have any new thoughts? You do not shed your old, mistaken ideas. They should be given up, yielding place to new, sacred and sublime thoughts. Of what use is it to celebrate New Year days if you do not change your old ways of thinking and behaving? Make proper use of __________ which is both precious and sacred.”

8. In His 1998 New Year Discourse, Swami declared: “The New Year or a new month does not bring with it any new joy or sorrow. Every second is new, because it heralds the march of time…It is only when every moment is cherished as new, will the New Year become new. The sacred way in which every moment is spent will determine the fruitfulness of the year. If you wish to lead a sacred life and have sacred experiences, you must engage yourself in __________.”

9. In His 2000 New Year Discourse, Swami taught us by saying: “Give up selfishness and work for the unity of your country. Pray for the welfare of all and lead an ideal life. Human life is not gifted to you to hanker after worldly objects. You have to set an ideal to the world. What is the ideal that you have to set? You must help all to your utmost capacity. The best way to love God is ________.”

10. In His 2001 New Year Discourse, Swami explained: “Every man expects the New Year to confer on him peace, happiness and prosperity. New Year does not bring happiness or sorrow with it. Yesterday was same as today and tomorrow will be same as today. Days are the same, but one experiences either pleasure or pain depending on __________.”

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Vol 6 Issue 01 - JANUARY 2008
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