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- Feedback from our readers on the June 2008 issue

Feedback on: The Spectacular Saga of Sai In Kashmir
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Dear Editor,

I felt very emotional. Reading the article brings tears to the eyes. It is no wonder that even the GOC Northern Command Gen Malhotra, who had the blessed opportunity of hosting "The Supreme Commander of the Universe", had tearful eyes when he could sense that "paradise on earth" was coming to its end when Swami left for Delhi.  Even the skies over Kashmir cried out loud resulting in the inclement weather.

It was great to see the young brothers C.Srinivas, Kamal Sawhney, Rupak Changkakoti, and Sudarshan and some of the other youngsters soldiers in white! How time flies.


Dr Narayan Ramachandran, Consultant in Orthopaedics & Trauma
Armed Forces Hospital,

Muscat, Oman

Dear Heart to Heart Team,

Sai Ram.  Your work and love for Swami was amply shown in 'Swami in Kashmir '.  It was a Master-piece.

Just between you and me -- I am envious of those who went with Swami to Kashmir and others who are in such close contact with him spiritually! Hope Swami is not listening!!  I am just kidding.  God bless them. Please continue your good work.

Mrs. Mayur

Dear Friends in Sai,

Thanks, what a beautiful story and videos. Because of your ‘His-storytelling’, it was as if I was there too! What a blissful time we all have now with Swami here on earth…And yes, no Kali Yuga but Sathya Yuga is the best slogan for now and ever!

In love and light,

Titia from Holland


Feedback on: ‘Sai Anandam’ - A Garden Of Divine Blossoms
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Dear Radio Sai Team,

I just read the H2H story of Sai Anandam and was touched by it. The Sai students are doing a wonderful job! They have managed to change the destinies of these children and I truly applaud them. This is one example of great Seva and am sure Baba has been there as a guiding and supporting force for these "Super Sai Students". These Sai students have set an example for the society and have proved that all it takes to do Selfless Seva is a Pure heart and Determination.

Sai Ram,


Dear Sir, Sai Ram!

I am moved by this inspiring story and thank you very much for publishing this article. Otherwise, the larger community would not have known the yeomen service rendered by these youth. I am not only touched by the efforts of former students of Sai, but also by the gesture of the owner of the house who vacated it and made it available to serve these needy children.

With Love & Respect,

S. Cuganesan

Om Sai Ram!

The article on "Sai Anandam” by B.K Misra, is beautifully written. It needs to circulate widely, like Sunshine! Congratulations to Sri Misra and to H2H!




Feedback on: Mesmerizing Moments with the Divine Master -
Interview with Mrs. Rani Subramanian - Part 3
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God Bless you all for making this Rani Ma article available to all Sai devotees. This is a wonderful article. Thanks to Rani Ma for her beautiful narration of her journey with Sai and her wisdom and inspiration to all of us to constantly contemplate and practice the teachings of Sai for our own inner peace and liberation.

In Sai,

Radha Garuda

Dear Sir,

The articles by Mrs. Rani Subramanium are very inspiring and provide spiritual guidance. She shares with us her experiences in her spiritual journey with the talks, instructions and blessings she received from Swami.

Is it possible for someone at Radio Sai to make an audio version, as I would like to hear and download her talk. Swami's communications with her are very high on the path of sadhana. Some of the advice given by Swami to her are so important for all of us on the path of sadhana. Thanks,

Aum Sairam,

Gopal Mehta,

Toronto, Canada  


Feedback on: The Love of Law and the Law of Love
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Sai Ram to dear Heart to Heart Team,

Thank you for publishing this article. It is a very useful as it helps us to realise many important laws of life. I found it was easy to relate the content to many of our own experiences in life. It gave me lots of strength and courage, promoting my faith and encouraging me on the path of surrender. 

Thanks once again and Sairam,


Sai Ram,

I have known Dr Pavan for more than 40 years and meet him and Devi regularly. I am aware of the featured events, but this article throws a new light on Karma and how we should face its effects. Well written and commendable analysis and advice from a long standing and experienced devotee. Similar articles should be encouraged.

Dr K Nadanachandran,

Canberra, Australia.

Sai Ram,

I have just read the words of Dr Sara Pavan on surrendering. I am in a dark and uncomfortable place right now. I am due to join the army on July 28th this year. I have been sent an email from a loving friend informing me that I am joining forces with evil. I am not an evil person and now I fear my future greatly with whichever choice I make....but I sit hear right now with the word Surrender in my mind and I can feel my heart strongly so I will let the fear of this decision go and think of Sai Baba. Whichever decision I make I shall make having surrendered. May my karma and suffering be released. Thank you.

(Name and country withheld)


Feedback on: Musings On Avatars Part 4 Click here to read it again

Thank you for sharing so profoundly and simplifying complicated mythological stories to me. I gained a lot of understanding from your article about Avatars.

For me Swami is Poorna Avatar.



Feedback on: The Cab Ride Click here to read it again

Dear Heart2Heart Team,

Greetings and love from Kobe Japan. The ‘Cab Ride’ article is so lovely. It reminds us to open our heart and helping hand to the persons who are in really in need - the aged and weak. The cab driver played his part so nicely; such persons are really worthy of praise. They feel God's love and help in time of difficulties. Thank you Sir,

With Sai Love,

Ram Chugani

The story 'The Cab Ride' made me cry. Keep up the great work!

With love,

Mala, Australia


Feedback on: The Little Girl Who Dared To Wish Click here to read it again

After reading the above article I realized that many people suffer in silence not knowing that there are people out there who experience the same pain, humiliation and trauma.  I try on a daily basis to encourage people to be more tolerant, forgiving, loving and generous with their kind words and deeds.  One never knows how and when a kind word may make someone feel better or forget their pain for a fleeting moment and just by doing or saying something kind, one has brightened a dreary day.  

I also believe that people who spread gossip, jump to wrong conclusions and assume that everyone is “after” them, need to be directed onto a path of righteous living so that they can see how much of damage their thoughtless acts cause.

My wish is for everyone to speak kindly, act with good intentions and then hopefully this world will become more peaceful.

Thank you for the thought provoking story and may anyone who is experiencing negative behaviour from others be strong to overcome that hurdle.

Om Sai Ram,

Amritha Bagwandeen,

Johannesburg, South Africa

This story was very inspirational. I too have a cerebral palsy child and so I could really empathise with the content of the story. I hope a day would come in India also, when everyone would look upon cerebral palsy children as equal among all. Please do try and publish such stories often. Thank you.

With warm regards,


Dear All,

Thank you so much for the inspiring article The Girl Who Dared To Wish. My daughter was born blind and many times had to suffer the thoughtlessness of people's teasing and unkind words. With Swami's grace she has grown into a well adjusted young lady of 26 years, and is looking forward to her 6th visit to Puttaparthi at the end of July. Through Swami we have met many kind and thoughtful people who have restored our faith in human nature. Life is not always easy but it can be very rewarding. Please keep the articles coming.

Jai Sai Ram,

Susan Hardwick,


Dear Heart2Heart Team, Sai Ram,

Your article The little Girl Who Dared to Wish is a true portrayal of what can happen in schools.  Some students bully and make fun of those weaker in  study and the handicapped.

Unfortunately today’s education is about money and degrees and not morality. Swami has given us 5 Human Values and if we practice these in schools and colleges then we will see peace and love in all countries. We should pray may all people be happy.

In Puttaparthi and Whitefield when we see Swami's students, we observe how disciplined and how much Swami loves them.

With Love and Prayers

Ram Chugani, 

Kobe, Japan


Feedback on: Near And Dear Forever Click here to read it again

Dear Mrs Dipali Arun,

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It was very inspiring and after reading your article, I feel, it would be wonderful if my children could go to school at Puttaparthi and get some wonderful divine experiences, and have divine vision of the Lord. You are a very fortunate person.

May God bless you always.




This is a great article! I was truly inspired. I wish this touches every Sai devotee. Thanks for posting this article in Radio Sai.





Feedback on the Quizzes

Sai Ram!

I am writing to you to share my thoughts about the online Multi-Faith Quiz that I played today. I am a student of Bal Vikas in Group-2 and I really enjoyed the questions based on all the religions and their symbols. I would suggest you give such quizzes for the junior level as well, so that even small children can answer these quizzes. I am very interested in mythology and so I would love to answer such quizzes regularly. I came to know about this while I was tuned to Radio Sai Global Harmony. I would surely discuss about this with all my friends and I know that they would switch to the internet to play the quiz and other Spiritual Games.


Shraddha Jha,

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India


General Feedback

My name is Pepy and I am from Israel. One day I was chatting with one of my new friends about spiritually and then she asked me if I have a spiritual Master. I didn't understand what she meant. She gave me your web site and told me that I'll be fascinated - and it was true. And this happened only a week ago.

I am a believer, though not religious, but I believe in God. I know He exists and that all human beings are children of one God.

I read your articles and have become very excited. I will be glad to learn more and more.



Sairam Sir,

I have been going through the various articles published in the magazines from 2003 onwards, for the past three months.  Still I am unable to complete my reading.  It is like ocean of love of Swami.  Whenever I read any article some new idea of Swami strikes at the mind e.g. golden principles of Seva, Universe creation and our role, how to surrender to Swami and ‘where do I stand’.  This leads to Self enquiry.

Koti pranams to Swami for creating the spark in me to read the articles. Let all in the world read these magazines and enjoy the grace of Swami and be blessed.

Jai Sai Ram,

Mahaveer Nabhirajjain



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