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Guru Poornima Celebrations

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In the arathi song that is often sung at the conclusion of any Sai Bhajan session, the refrain of the last verse hails Swami as "Sadguru ­deva", which means, the Divine Teacher of the Su­preme Truth. All other attributes ascrib­ed to Bhagavan relate to His divine puiss­ance. But the true significance of His advent consists not merely in the mani­festation of His supra-human powers, but in His role as the Divine Guru who has come to awaken in erring and groping mortals, the truth about their essential divinity.

While all the other teachers or so called gurus show the way to the Lord, when the Sadguru descends, there is no path, there is no road to travel, as the path itself becomes the goal.

This H2H quiz pertains to the ‘Cover Story: The Matchless Cosmic Splendour’ from the July 2006 issue, which reveals the ‘Sadguru’ aspect of our Lord Sathya Sai Baba.

1. 6th July, 1963 was indeed one incredible Guru Poornima day in the life of our Beloved Sai Avathar. What devotees went through before, during and after the event is something indescribable – from devastating depression and blinding delusion to joy and bliss that was euphoric and unprecedented.

Swami, who was literally bed-ridden, with one side of His body totally immobile and stiff, His facial muscles twitching and one hand and one leg lifeless, asked that He be taken down to the prayer hall to see the devotees.

Evidently Baba was too tired by the attempt to speak, for He gestured for water to drink.

Describing the momentous event, Prof. Kasturi, Baba’s biographer, writes, “His palsied right hand came towards it... He tried to hold it... His fingers slipped into it... the fingers dipped... He sipped a few drops... He sprinkled, with the fingers of the right hand, a little water on the limp left hand on the pillow above His chest... He sprinkled the water, faintly shaking the fingers, on the left leg too. He stroked the left hand with the right. And with both hands now, he stroked the left leg. He rose; the pillow fell off; we could hear His divine voice calling us, as was ever His wont, "Premaswaroopulaaraa!" He had begun His Guru Pournima Discourse! Oh, oh! Our Baba hale, hearty, holy, healthy, heavenly...”

Baba went on to declare, “I have been keeping back from you all these years one secret about Me; the time has come when I can reveal it to you for this is a sacred day.”

What secret did Bhagavan reveal on that auspicious Guru Purnima day?

2. Guru Poornima celebrations in the Divine presence have always been special. In 1966, Swami returned to Prashanti Nilayam on this day after a long tour of Mumbai, Poona, Gulbarga, Mysore and Madurai and gave all the devotees assembled a few drops of Amrit (Nectar) with the exhortation that the tongue which has tasted Amrit should no longer relish Anrit (Falsehood).

He then inaugurated the branch of State Bank in Prashanti Nilayam and compared the Bank where money is taken and given, to the Spiritual Bank where _________ alone is accepted and given.



3. In 1968, Guru Poornima was purely exceptional as Baba was, for the only time in history, out of India. Yielding to the yearnings of African devotees, Swami changed His plan of returning to Mumbai on Guru Poornima Day and spent the whole day showering them with His loving benediction and Grace.

“More than 25,000 persons gathered that morning for the Bhajan,” Prof. Kasturi writes, “The Africans joined the chorus led by a Tanzanian, Mr. Zoodoo. For over two hours, Baba walked slowly among the lines of lonely, love-seeking eager hearts, giving each person a handful of sweets and a packet of Vibhuti.”

To their amazement, what else did the recipients find inside the Vibhuti packets?



4. It was Guru Poornima Day again in 1971, when the new Hostel building with 100 airy rooms for the girl students of Anantapur College was inaugurated. It included a separate Auditorium planned and finished in a most artistic and lavish scale with a separate Library hall attached to the college building.

Speaking to the students on that occasion in the presence of the President of India, Sri V. V. Giri and a host of other ministers, educationists and other dignitaries, Swami said: “I am never satisfied with the declaration of intentions. I must _______”

What did Swami say about His intentions?

5.Swami once said, “Real gurus are to be worshipped not by ‘dakshina’ (offering fruits, wealth, etc.) but by 'pradakshina' (circumambulation) that is, by revering them with heart and soul.”

To such a Master, to such a being who has literally taken us by our hand and shown us the royal road to peace, joy and fulfillment walking alongside us all the time, sometimes taking the role of a divine mother, sometimes a loving father, what is the ‘Guru Dakshina’ (offering) that we should present to Him as we celebrate and adore Him this Guru Poornima?

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