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- Feedback from our readers on the May 2008 issue


Feedback on: Transforming The Tribals – A Tale of Only Love
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Dear Editor,

The tale of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Dal Volunteers is incredible and awesome, beyond thoughts, imagination and expression. Bravo lads!

Entering into the cave 50 feet deep from the top of the hill is like a scary dangerous adventure novel. The discovery of the Shiva Lingam which has existed for over 1000 years is like a climax to the adventure. The Sai Youths have unfolded the mystery of Mallana Swamy. These Youths of Sai have become surveyors, project consultants, planners, engineers, construction specialists, team leaders, psychologists, social reformers and priests with very large hearts.

The fact that tribals are existing near Vishakapatnam City without a drop of water for years is unimaginable. The condition of the tribals and their neighbourhoods is really pathetic. This is real India after 61 years of Independence .

Due to Sri Sathya Sai's Grace and the youth volunteers inspired by Him, we are seeing the radical transformation of suffering people and development of a new generation with leadership qualities. Let the facts portrayed by you in H2H infuse Youth Sevadal members and others to great achievements.

Om Sri Sai Ram,

Raji Prasad


I was deeply moved by the selfless service of the youth from Vishakapatanam who are now working on the project to provide drinking water for the tribals. It, truly, is inspiring and turns our eyes towards what we could do to help others!

Saraswathy, Chennai

Dear Friends,

This story is outstanding and should be published in the international press.  It is such a powerful illustration of the effects of Swami’s teachings, especially on the Youth, that everyone should be made aware of this.

With Love

Jacqueline Trost,


Dear Sai brothers at Radio Sai,

Your article on "Transforming Tribals" is a truly amazing story of hard work done by dedicated Sai Youths for the love of Shri Sai Bhagavan. To go into a primitive area of the country and work for people living there without enough basic necessities of life, to bring about better living conditions for them, these Youths are truly the followers of Swami's message of "Manav seva is Madhav seva". The transformation and comforts brought to the tribals by the selfless love of these Youth workers is indeed praiseworthy.

Aum Sairam,

Gopal Mehta,

Toronto, Canada


Feedback on: Mesmerising Moments with the Divine Master - Interview with Mrs. Rani Subramanian - Part 2
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Dear H2H Team,

This article has clarified, enlightened, and deepened my understanding of what Baba means when he uses the word ‘Peace’.  Mrs. Rani Subramanian's interview has been very helpful to me.

Sai Ram!

Wilbert M. Stephenson,

New York , USA


Feedback on: Mother Easwaramma - The Epitome of Compassion Click here to read it again


The article is very useful and educative to all. It points to us the divine qualities of the head and heart of Divine Mother Easwaramma. How Baba loved and adored her. How happy she was with her divine child.  This should move people to love the Mother, as Mother and Motherland are greater than heaven itself. May Easwaramma bless us all.


Narayanapuram, Chennai

Dear Heart2Heart team,

Reading this lovely article brought deep joy and appreciation to my heart.  I live in the USA and today is celebrated as Mother's Day, so the timing is very good.  Through compassion we can help others find their way and support them as they grow and connect to the Divine. I pray we are all more like Easwaramma in our abilities to express the goodness of our hearts and make the world more beautiful.

Kind Regards,

S. Iswara Aajul


Feedback on: Heavenly Ganga , The Farakka Barrage and its Atrocious Aftermath
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Sai Ram,

I just read the article about Ganga by Desai.  It is so true and explains so much.




Feedback on: How I Grew up with Swami Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,
Thank you for posting the beautiful article. Mrs. Geeta Mohan Ram was a guest speaker in one of the retreats I attended a couple of years ago, and she has been one of the most inspiring, loving, enthusiastic women I have met! Her stories are amazing, and they help re-iterate my faith. I appreciate the work you do in keeping my day happy and holy! Thanks again,


Dear H2H,

I went through the incidences from Mrs. Geeta Mohan Ram’s life which were full of love and devotion. I saw how Swami was almost a family member and helped the whole family in their own particular needs. This account has affected me deeply as I could understand Swami’s approach based on love and care. I will apply this in my life from now on, in terms of serving others in need. Let life be in the service to mankind!



Feedback on: Science, Society and Spirituality – the Sathya Sai Synergy Click here to read it again


The message this article brings is for the whole scientific world. I am sure its greatness will be valued by all who earnestly seek.

Sai Ram,



Feedback on: Harnessing the Heart Part 6 - The Win-Win-Win Formula Click here to read it again

Dear Heart2Heart team,

It is a great pleasure to see Sai devotees excelling by following the teachings of Bhagavan and such incidents are an inspiration for students like us who are in the middle of our careers.

Best Wishes,

Mahesh Gourishetty, Location HR Manager,



Feedback on: Never Away From the Avatar's Eyes Click here to read it again

Jai Sai Ram,

Yes, this article and the ones before, they are all inspiring.  Thank you for bringing them to our attention.  They so beautifully describe our Lord, Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s leelas and mahimas that they bring tears to my eyes.  Once again, thank you.

Love and light from Jayanti.


Feedback on: Quizzes

Om Sai Ram!

This quiz was enjoyable and instructive, as well as somewhat challenging, a good quality.  During meditation, we stimulate the right brain hemisphere; a little bit of left-brain stuff won’t hurt…occasionally.  This particular quiz certainly illustrated the recurring theme, over the centuries, of the understanding that Brahman/God is all-pervasive.  Now, I am waiting, with impatience, for such a realisation!

With love,

 Jacqueline Trost MA,



Feedback on: Sai Inspires - the inspirational free daily email service

Om Sri Sai Ram,
Thank you for the wonderful articles you send me everyday that inspires and consolidates my faith in Bhagavan. Today's story by Mrs. Uma Ramakrishnan was most touching. I have been receiving these mails for the last month or so. And quite recently I made a decision to visit Bhagavan for the first time in my life (I hope to go next month after my final year medical school exams and work in His hospital or in a medical camp for 2 weeks). These stories and the excerpts from Sai's Divine Discourses somehow apply to my everyday worries, dilemmas and situations.

For example, today I received a call from my father saying that his brother’s health has suddenly become worse after the stroke he had two weeks ago and that he is now being fed via a nasogastric tube. I became really worried and prayed to Bhagavan.

And just now, immediately after having prayed to him and playing a few bhajan songs on the flute in front of His picture, I read this story by Mrs. Ramakrishnan! It was very soothing and I prayed immediately afterwards to Bhagavan to help my uncle.
Whilst I hope that my uncle gets better, I feel blessed that Bhagavan is watching over me and helping me feel His Presence. I had been praying to Bhagavan for the last 7 years but never considered myself a devotee. But His basic message 'Love All Serve All' has been the mantra that I have been following. However, I never have wanted to visit Him. But things have been happening in the last few months that have made me want to do that. And your emails are re-enforcing it in a personalised way every day. Thank you and do continue your service!
Om Sri Sai Ram,
Mayooran Shanmuganathan,

London , UK

Jai Sai Ram, 

I am very happy and indeed blessed for getting a Sai Inspires mail daily.  Swami's Darshan along with the New Year events’ photographs made me feel present in Prashanti Nilayam - all because of His grace. My sincere appreciations to the H2H team for bringing these articles and photographs. Once again, humble pranams to Swami. 

Jai Sai Ram,

Mahaveer Nabhiraj Jain

Dear Sir,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart by making the nectar of divine wisdom available to us on daily basis. May God bless you abundantly and may this work grow with leap and bounds.

Yours sincerely,

Smita R.



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