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- Feedback from our readers on the February 2008 issue

Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say

Feedback on the Cover Story: 'His Boys – His Voice: “Hyudayavani" and Heartening Glimpses from Bygone Convocation Dramas'
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I was deeply touched on reading this article. Swami's Love for each of us is unconditional. He is truly our all. We must all change ourselves to become the persons He wants us to be. The way He expresses His concern about each aspect of the Convocation drama was beautiful. As I read the article and watched the videos, tears just kept flowing from my eyes. It was quite touching! I simply can't describe the feelings.

Thank you for bringing out such a wonderful write-up, with photographs and also interviews with some of the main people involved in the drama. Jai Sai Ram!


Sai Ram Dear Members of H2H,

I absolutely loved the article on the Convocation drama; it was fantastic, beautiful and utterly inspiring, and very uplifting! Please do keep on presenting more such wonderful articles.

Loving Regards,
Nimish Ubhayakar


Thank You! That was excellent! Like everybody else it brought tears to my eyes. I can tell a lot of time and energy went into producing this for sharing with Swami’s devotees.


Sai Ram H2H Team,

Thank you very much for the cover story of this month: "His Boys - His Voice". To me, it was very inspiring to read about Swami and His work with the students and staff. Thank you very much for your service! Sai Ram

Joop Sturkenboom, Holland

Dear Sir,

In this month's H2H issue, the article on Swami's boys “Hrudayavaani” is mind blowing. It's awesome. I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I kept reading it and felt this experience should never stop. Just by reading the whole episode if one can have such a great and divine experience, then how fortunate are those who could actually witness the whole event!

H2H is doing a wonderful service to mankind. I don't have words to express, in fact words will not suffice. I thank Swami from the bottom of my heart for everything. Though I am not in a position to have Swami's Darshan daily, Swami has come to me in the form of H2H to give Darshan - it is such a purifying experience. Thank you very much H2H Team.

Nair Ramesh

Dear Sirs,

The stories about the Convocation dramas are very inspiring. For people like me who have grown up outside our culture (though in the same country) and studied in various schools and colleges, these incidents, events and experiences are verily nectar and greatly benefit our soul. It also inspires people like me to live a worthy, meaningful and Godly life.

Swami is the Guru of Gurus... it’s really one's great fortune to interact with Bhagavan and get His Smile as a reward for our actions. Prostrations to all the fortunate students of Bhagavan and thanks for all the wonderful messages we are blessed to get from the website.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for sharing with all of us this beautiful article.  My mother and I enjoyed it a lot, and it had a special meaning for us. She was delighted with this article. It was a very moving story.  We greatly enjoyed knowing the attention Swami gave to every detail of the process during the Convocations Dramas and we could not contain our smiles. We were very overjoyed to learn of Swami’s creation of the gold needle for the Krishna actor.

With loving regards in Sai Love,

Ana Margarita Urzúa Camelo, México.

Dear Sir,

We were greatly thrilled and overwhelmed with emotions when we went through the details of the Drama enacted during the Convocation. Every inch of it was touching and highly informative. Our congratulations to all the participants.

Yours sincerely,
S.Jayaraman and Vathsala Jayaraman


Feedback on: 'Conversations With Sai: Sathyopanishad' Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

Last month I was disappointed that the series 'Conversations with Sai' was over. Now I am glad that you have started with Prof. Anil Kumar's book 'Satyopanishad'. I had been on the look out for this book for quite sometime. I hope this is as enlightening and enriching as the previous one and brings us closer to Bhagavan. Thank you.

Sai Ram,


Feedback on: 'In Quest of Infinity' Click here to read it again

Dear H2H Team,

I have had the good fortune to read your series of articles on the origin of the Universe and the history of atomic physics and recent advances in astronomy in general.  They are outstanding, as I am sure many people have told you.  The beauty is in the elegance of the presentation of complex theory in terms laymen can understand.  It is a beautiful piece of writing.  Hopefully you are considering having it published by a good publishing company.  I am sure it will be on the New York Times bestseller list in no time and reach a much wider audience.

Best Regards,


Feedback on: 'Harnessing The Heart - Part 3: Go With The Flow Or Stand Your Ground' Click here to read it again

Dear Friends,

This is a superb article by Mr. Mani, as it illustrates so well the absolute value of being truthful, whatever the consequences might be. It reminds me of my own experience in a court of law where I was an expert witness.  I stuck to the truth as I saw it and was torn to bits by the opposing party’s barrister because I revealed the result of some of my research, which cast a bad light on the opposition, a powerful organisation.  As a result, I lost some of my business, but only for a short time.  I was totally unaffected and I was glad to have stuck to Swami’s teachings.  I may add that, while sitting in the witness stand, I imagined Swami there instead of me and handed it over to Him.  It helped a great deal because I am normally rather shy, especially in such a situation.

 With Love,
 Jacqueline Trost, Australia

Wonderful experiences! A timely report and a must for all the freshers who enter their career. Please try to include such mails and personal experiences of our illustrious students, in the house magazines of the big corporates.  This will be an eye opener for the current materialistic world. I thank Swami for sending such nice experiences.

Sai Ram,
Bhagirathi Radhakrishnan


Feedback on: 'Indelible Memories of Love' Click here to read it again

Dear H2H Team,

Sai Ram. This piece was not just inspiring but most wonderful. One can experience Sai’s Love flowing through even while reading it. I can imagine what it must have been like when it was performed!

Sai Ram,
Harendra Singh, Dehradun

Feedback on: 'My All Knowing Sai' Click here to read it again

Dear Sai Brothers, Sai Ram,

I have just gone through the above article by Dr. Gayatri Raghavan. It is so wonderful to see how our Lord Sai fulfils our wishes and rescues us in helpless situations. The powerful Grace of Bhagavan comes to us when we are in touch with Him in our prayers and by way of His Physical Presence. Please continue to send us such inspiring stories which we love to share with Sai devotees in Japan and overseas.

At His Lotus Feet,

Ram Chugani, Kobe, Japan


I found the article by Dr. Gayatri Raghavan concerning Swami's interactions with her to be most heart warming and reassuring of the Divine Mother's ever constant Love for us. Thank you for sharing it with us, it was wonderful reading!


Roger Parkhurst, Indiana, USA


Feedback on: 'Amazing Grace' Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

The article 'Amazing Grace' is really very wonderful. It conveys the essence of taking in the true Christmas spirit as well as the right attitude to experience His Love and Grace in any act you do. Just this morning I happened to read an article in the Feb issue of Reader's Digest, which highlighted in just a sentence as how Sathya Sai Baba entered the life of an 83 yr old lady named Annam Narayan through a window to guide her in the path of service to blind and maimed people. It was thrilling to read this article to reiterate the feeling. Great! Keep up the good work.

Sai Ram,

M.G.Nanda Gopal, Librarian
Sri Sathya Sai University, Brindavan Campus, Bangalore

I loved this story.  It was very inspiring to read of the lovely Iranian Muslim lady's love for Christianity and for our Beloved Lord who is the essence of all religions.  It would be wonderful if such stories could reach outside the Sai community too.  It is very touching.  Thank you.

With loving Sai Pranams,

Feedback on: 'When Love Beckons…' Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

I just completed reading this article and experienced only one reaction - profuse flow of tears. It is more than abundantly clear that every word was flowing from the very depths of the young lady's heart and with such love. May Swami bless this child with all His Love and happiness for Eternity.

I am eternally grateful to Swami for all that He has blessed us with - most importantly good health. I am more than certain that the only way that I can express my heart felt gratitude to Swami is to serve others. Currently I am lagging behind in this endeavour and I promise myself that this will be rectified promptly. Thank you very much for publishing this beautiful article.

Sai Ram

Dear H2H,

The feelings of Shewta are so touching and they are beautifully expressed. It is true we all take for granted the life given to us by Baba. As she said, every moment is a present and we should live thanking God for this present and Love everyone. Thanks for bringing this article.

Sai Ram

Dear Friends at 'Heart to Heart',

Thank you from my heart for the article 'When Love Beckons'. It came to me on a day (Thursday) when I was deeply disturbed about the 'fits' being suffered by a young man who comes to help me in our garden. I remembered an article which appeared some time ago in Heart to Heart, which I had printed and handed over to him suggesting him to trust our Lord and go to the Whitefield Hospital. When I opened the computer I was thrilled to read your article. Thanks to you all and to 'Shweta' for sharing her experience.

Love and Sai Ram,
S. Mohan

Dear Sai brothers, 

Most of the articles in H2H are excellent as Education in Human Values. The Sai message on selfless service is fast spreading all over the world through Radio Sai. I would like to mention your section on "Healing Touch". What makes it remarkable and inspiring for us, the readers, is the selfless, dedicated and loving services provided by staff members to the patients who otherwise would have no future. Bhagavan Baba has, by establishing these Hospitals, given to all of us the message of serving our fellowmen, wherever we are. Swami's Hospitals are Temples of Healing both for body and mind. They provide new hope and a better future for humanity.

The accounts also infuse thought-provoking teachings to the medical community in the rest of India and the world to serve poor and needy people free of cost. At least for part of their time. "Service to man is service to God" as Swami says. It's about time that we all try to practise Swami's message and become truly His messengers by selfless actions for society's benefits.


Feedback on: 'Adding Purpose to Life' Click here to read it again

Dear Sai Brothers,

This story was one of the best I have ever read. It is awe inspiring and such articles I am sure would open the eyes of many, who, like the class teacher have been living in a cloud of their own. I thank you for providing such stories which would instil in us the feeling that God has indeed created all human beings equal and some may require to be tapped to bring out their excellence. Best wishes to the Heart 2 Heart team and I pray to our Dear Sai that you may continue to give us such lovely stories to correct ourselves.

Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Swami,
V.K. Narasu

Feedback on: 'Bhajan Classroom' Click here to read it again


This virtual bhajan classroom is great. I want to thank you all for this wonderful service you are doing. Is it possible also to include the notation for the bhajans? I would also prefer the Indian notation or saregama notation, not the western notation system.

Thanking you in advance,

R. Maharaj, Trinidad & Tobago

[Dear Mr. Maharaj, we plan to start notations soon – H2H Team]


Feedback on: Quiz section

Sai Ram Dear Sir,

I attempted the quiz and find it very interactive, interesting, and not too difficult and more importantly it is an excellent refresher course for people like me who, more often than not, get lost in the mundane rat race. Thank you very much and my warmest regards.

Sai Ram,

Premchander Raj, USA

Dear H2H Team,

I liked the quiz very much. When my first question was right I felt very happy. As my second question was wrong, I understood that only from mistakes will we learn many things. I enjoyed the quiz till the last question.

Sai Ram,
Sangeethaadiyodi Adiyodi

Feedback on the Sunday Special of Feb 17th: 'Daring To Think'


Thank you for this lovely article. It was truly inspiring. I could greatly relate to the part about believing that Swami is God not because our parents or grandparents say so but because of our own personal experience. I sincerely believe Swami is God as a result of my own conviction.

I also found myself shaking my head vigorously while reading the following lines: "It is better to live your own life, even if no one accepts, rather than living somebody else's, just because others accept it." I am a firm believer in the above lines. I believe in Swami and have a set of principles in life that I live by. I feel that I would lose my identity if I live by what others say. I can feel Swami's presence with me all the time and I know I'm on the right path. Thank you once again for bringing out such an article. Jai Sai Ram.


Dear Sir,

That was really too good. It really refreshed me and made me feel rejuvenated. I have even forwarded it to my friends. Kindly continue sending us transcripts of such cogent speakers.

Thank you,
Niyati Tiwari

Dear H2H Team,

This morning I read the article about thinking and yes, I am very inspired and encouraged by it.  In such a simple, yet profound way, it is made clear how much we allow ourselves to conform to what we are taught without questioning.

I would like to have permission to print this article so that I can share it with others and we can really begin to support each other in thinking for ourselves and find new creative ways of beings that serve to bring greater peace, harmony and healing in our world.

Thank you for this article at this time.  It is so appropriate and needed in our world.  I also realize how much trust it takes to think for ourselves and it is also the only way that we can be true to the Divine that is within each one of us and in all around us.

Peace to you,

Sai Ram!

Student Hari Krishna's analysis on ‘Daring to Think, Talk and Act’ is profoundly logical and I shall keep it as a reference for quoting in discussions. Sai Pranams!

S.R.Rama Subbaiah, Bangalore

Sairam Radio Sai Team and all my brothers and sisters,

A wonderful speech, very scientific and Divine too. A speech with rock hard conviction and science and reasoning.....I can say only one thing...."Swami, You have handpicked Your Students and Devotees....." I was wondering, once Swami is physically away from this world....what then....He has started preparing for that situation....He will definitely speak through His wonderful Students and Devotees.

And thanks for Radio Sai, as usual you have provided with us an inspiring article. 

Anitha Sreekumar, Abu Dhabi


The last part of the article brought to me the reassurance that although I might not be directly deriving any gains from being honest to myself, the fact that Swami is noticing all this is enough to keep me going. The only thing that I want to say is 'Thanks...'

Sai Priya Mahajan

Sairam H2H,

‘Daring to Think’ is a wonderful article. It has wonderful challenges for all. Equally we also realize Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa were also social thinkers outside the box. As long as thinking enables Human Values, it enables the greater good of Humanity. That is the ability of humanity to manifest divinity as Swami guides us. A follow up article to this theme would be wonderful.

Love and regards,

Om Sri Sai Ram,

I have been rotating my japamala mechanically and doing my puja with little concentration from past few days. Swami's Words came as bolt from the blue. Thank You Swami for the stern and timely teaching. The article 'Daring to Think' is simply amazing and revolutionary. No words to express. Thank You H2H Team

Sai Ram,
Rajeshwari L.M.

I am really impressed by the talk. We all fail to think. Is it because the way we are brought up? We do not encourage the children to ask questions. We always believe that if a child asks question it is arrogant behaviour. We should get rid of this habit and encourage children to think and not follow blindly. The story about the person in the Indian Oil Corporation is really sorrowful. We should be daring enough to oppose corruption, but before doing that, we should also try to gather mass support so that we are not defeated before our goal. Om Sri Sairam!


Sai Ram,

The article "Daring to Think" has essentially made me daring to think about my life. It was awe inspiring. I wish for many such articles to be published and inspire many more like me.

Kanakambika Jehan Mohan


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Vol 6 Issue 03 - MARCH 2008
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