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This quiz tests your recall powers from reading Heart2Heart and all the questions are related to Lord Shiva and Shivarathri. In the answers we have included the links to all the stories and articles from which they have been taken. So please click on these links and enjoy reading about His glory.

1. In our ‘Moments, Memories and Miracles: Punkahwala’ from Dec 1st 2003 issue section, we presented a story from Sanathana Sarathi, October 1961, shared by Dr. R [about his train ride] on a Mahaa Shivaraatri day at Prashanti Nilayam.

“Dr. R turned in bed and opened his eyes, for there was a strange smell in the compartment, something burning, he thought! The fan was emitting sparks, like a Catherine Wheel! There was no one else in the coach, except his wife who was fast asleep. There was no time even to think out a plan. He put out his hand and fumbled with the switch, but, good God, it was out of order!

‘Baba! O Baba, save us, O Baba!’ The prayer automatically rose from his heart, for Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was his never failing succour.”

What happened next?

2. In our cover story: ‘Lingodbhava’ from the Feb 15th 2004 issue, we presented an article by late Dr. Eruch B. Fanibunda, a reputed dentist, and a great devotee of Bhagavan, from his book “Vision of the Divine”.

He wrote: “Shiva in the form of the Lingam, is adored and revered for the acquisition of Divine Wisdom. In temples dedicated to Shiva, it is said that none should pass between ‘Nandi’ the bull and the Lingam.”

While we know that the Lingam represents Shiva, what does Nandi, the bull represent?

3. In ‘What Should We Learn from Lingodbhavam?’ from the April 2006 issue, Prof. G. Venkataraman shares with us his view point on how the Lingam is formed inside Swami.

“We all say that Swami brought out a Golden Lingam. Yes, that is true but for a moment just reflect on this fact. Can anyone have so much gold inside? The answer is no. Then wherefrom does the gold needed to form the Lingam inside Swami come? It comes from the five elements that form Swami’s body as well as ours. In our bodies, those five elements cannot specially combine to form gold. However, they do inside Swami’s body, as the result of Divine Leela.”

What does he compare this phenomenon to?

4. In our cover story ‘With Baba to Badrinath’ from the March 1st 2004 issue, Prof. Kasturi describes the intimate details of his 1961 visit with Beloved Baba to the holy shrine of Badrinath, nestling in the majestic Himalayas, the abode of Lord Shiva.

“17th June was a Day of Days, a Day that will be enshrined in the memory of everyone in the party, for years and years. In pursuance of His Mission of re-infusing spiritual efficacy in all Holy Places where men congregate for acquiring peace and joy…Baba that day re–invigorated Narayana worship at Badrinath, by means of a unique ceremony, whose significance is beyond our tiny understanding!

During the morning Abhishekam to the idol of Badrinarayana, while Baba was inside the temple facing the shrine, about 8.15AM…Baba created a charming thousand petalled ‘gold’ Lotus, and before the wonder of the people around Him could express itself in an awe stricken gasp, He waved His hand before the Shrine and, lo, there was a Jyothirlinga in His palm, which He placed on the shining Lotus.”

What did Bhagavan do next?

5. In our cover story, ‘Sai Leela’ from the April 1st 2004 issue, Mrs. Vijayakumari describes how in the olden days [the period of between 1940 -1950] on many occasions, Swami would shower His Love in His own unique way by taking them all out to the Chitravathi sands for a memorable evening of Leelas that  went far beyond just materialisation, to give a larger glimpse into the immensity of His Cosmic Powers.

One such incident is recorded in her well-known book, Anyadha Saranam Naasthi: ‘We now began to wonder what miracle He would perform next, when He announced: "I shall show you the Third Eye.  Watch attentively." "Third Eye?! How does it look?" we wondered. Swami's body was not visible but His head appeared gigantic, as if stretched across the entire sky. Bewildered and stupefied, we stared at the sky. An orifice appeared on Swami's forehead between His two eyebrows; and fiery sparks issued from that opening. We were dazzled by the brilliance of those sparks. We were also scared. More than being afraid about ourselves, we were worried about what might happen to Swami. The sparks continued to gush out.’

What happened next?

Dear Reader, did you like this quiz? Is it too difficult? Is it interactive enough? How does it help you? Please tell us at

-Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 6 Issue 03 - MARCH 2008
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