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Right answer on your 1st attempt
3 Points
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1. In His Divine 1999 Discourse, on Easwaramma Day, Swami shared with us how her Divine name originated. “Easwaramma, the Mother of this physical body, was first christened as Namagiriamma at the time of birth. But after her marriage, Kondama Raju, the grandfather of this physical body, being a jnani (one of wisdom) and blessed with a vision of the future, started calling her Easwaramma (Mother of Easwara).”

What does the name ‘Easwaramma’ mean?

2. In His Divine 2003 Discourse, on Easwaramma Day, Swami recalls: “In those days (Swami's school days), when we returned from the Bukkapatnam School in the evenings, Mother Easwaramma would lovingly enquire as to what happened in the school that day. She had no formal education at all. One day the children told her, ‘Mother, today a teacher by name Kondappa made our Sathya stand upon the bench.’ They started criticizing him. Mother Easwaramma intervened and said _____”

What did Easwaramma say?

3. In His Divine 1999 Discourse, on Easwaramma Day, Swami talked about how on rare occasions, He would give glimpses of His Divinity to Easwaramma.

He recalled: “Before leaving his mortal coil, My grand-father told Easwaramma not to get deluded by body attachment. He said, ‘Bodily relationship is temporary, whereas Atmic relationship is permanent. So, give up body attachment and develop attachment to the Atma.’

From that day onward, Easwaramma never stayed at home; she started staying in Prashanti Nilayam. Every day, in the morning and evening she used to come upstairs and talk to Swami. She also understood My Divinity very well.”

Besides giving her the Vision of Shri Rama, what other Form did Bhagavan Grace her with?

4. In His Divine 2003 Discourse, on Easwaramma Day, Swami related the following: “I want to tell you an incident that speaks of her immense compassion and love for children. In those days, students from various States and countries attended Summer Classes. Gokak, who used to conduct the classes, was a strict disciplinarian…One day, the students were having lunch in the dining hall. One of the boys got up and went outside before others could finish their meals. Gokak, who watched this through the window, called him and chided him for his act of indiscipline. ‘When your fellow students are having their food, you should not get up in the middle even though you have completed your meals. It amounts to insulting them.’ Saying so, Gokak suspended him from the classes. The boy was in tears, but Gokak was not moved.

The boy came to Mother Easwaramma's room, fell at her feet and started crying. He told her about the harsh punishment meted out to him by Gokak. He pleaded with her to come to his rescue.”

What did Easwaramma say to Mr. Gokak?

5.In His Divine 2002 Discourse, on Easwaramma Day, Swami bemusedly shared His fond memories of her being around students in spite of her not having had any formal education: “Summer classes were going on in the month of May 1972. She used to come and sit in these classes. Swami used to be amused at her presence and asked her what she followed in the classes.”

What was her reply?

6. In His Divine 1999 Discourse, on Easwaramma Day, Swami extolled about the sacredness of Easwaramma’s love for Him: “Once, on a Shivarathri day, after I had completed My Discourse, and the Lingas were ready to emerge from My mouth, I sat on the chair and was in severe pain. Seeing Me suffering, Easwaramma got up from the gathering, came up to Me and said, ‘Swami, why do You suffer like this? Come inside, come inside.’ I said I would not come inside. She cried and tried to persuade Me, but I did not budge an inch. Unable to see My suffering, she went inside.

As soon as she left, Hiranyagarbha Linga emerged. All the devotees burst into thunderous applause. Listening to this, she came back, but by then the Linga had already emerged and I was showing it to the devotees. All the people got up to have a glimpse of the Linga. As a result, Easwaramma could not see it. Next day she pleaded with Me to show the Linga to her. I said I had given it to somebody. But she said, ‘Swami, I have not seen. I want to see.’ I told her that she would see in the future anyway.”

What did she say to that?

7. In His Divine 2000 Discourse, on Easwaramma Day, Swami recalled how He fulfilled His Mother’s wishes. “Initially, I was staying in Subbamma’s house. But when the number of devotees increased, a new mandir was constructed. One day Easwaramma came in when I was having My food. When others tried to follow her, she told them not to come. She held both My hands and pleaded, ‘Swami, there is no Hospital in our village. Consequently, when the children become sick, mothers are forced to carry them to Bukkapatnam. I am unable to see their suffering. My children and others’ children are one and the same for me. So, kindly construct at least a small Hospital in our village.’ I promised her that I would fulfill her wish and accordingly I built a big Hospital.”

How did she react to that fulfillment?

8. In His Divine 1998 Discourse, on Easwaramma Day, Swami makes us dwell on the might of a mother’s love by giving examples of Easwaramma’s appearances even after her passing away. He said: “Mother's love lives on for all times, long after her passing away. Twice she appeared in the night. The boys sleeping in my room noticed her presence. Those boys had not seen her at any time. They wondered who the old lady could be. The key of the lift was in their hands and there was no staircase leading to the apartment. How did she manage to come here? When the boys asked this question, Swami woke up. I went near her and asked her why she had come again.”

What was her reply?

9. In His Divine 2000 Discourse, Swami shares yet another incident about the appearances that Easwaramma often made. “On occasions, departed souls visit Swami both during day as well as at night. One morning, Swami returned to the Poornachandra Hall as usual after morning bhajan. It was around ten o’clock, and Swami went upstairs. Sitting there in the chamber was Easwaramma, the Mother of Swami’s Body. Swami asked her, “Why do you come like this? What would people say? Don’t come like this.”

What was her reply this time?

10. In His Divine 2001 Discourse, on Easwaramma Day, Swami revealed another incident about how much Easwaramma is still concerned about her Beloved Son! Swami shared: “Even to this day she makes her appearance in My room. The boys who sleep in My room too have witnessed this. Whenever she comes and talks to Me, they sit up on their beds and listen. One day, I asked the boys for a belt to keep the silk dhoti tight around My waist. The belt that they gave Me had a shining buckle and could be seen through the robe I wear. I did not want to use it lest people should think that Sai Baba wears a gold belt. After this, one day Easwaramma came to My room early in the morning and started talking to Me. Then Satyajit, Sainath and Srinivas woke up and wanted to know with whom I was conversing. They wondered how anyone could enter My room since the lift was locked and the key was with them. Then I told that Griham Ammayi (Mother Easwaramma) had come.”

What did Easwaramma do that day?

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