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- Feedback from our readers on the April 2008 issue

Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say Sai Your Say

Feedback on the Cover Story: The Divine Oyster in Otteri
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Sai Ram!

Thank you for publishing the article the Divine Oyster in Otteri. I am inspired by the two gems of Swami who along with their father were responsible for the upliftment of these children in this remote village.

Unless these events are published, many like me will not know how Swami's mission is unfolding through His Instruments. I would appreciate if you can publish such stories in your inspiring H2H or as Sunday specials.

With Respect and Love,

S. Cuganesan, Greystanes,


[It is our constant endeavour to bring you such tales of inspiration from current times as often as possible. – H2H Team]


Dear H2H Team,

After each previous issue, I wonder what your team will come up for the next issue and I am delightedly surprised. By Swami's Grace, your articles are truly touching and lovingly written. The Divine Oyster in Otteri is wonderful. There are many students of Swami engaged in the Divine task of spreading the message of Love of our Beloved Sai. Truly, our Lord of Parthi has shaped several wonderful instruments of His across the Globe.

My hearty congratulations once again for the lovely story on the triumph of Sai sisters from Otteri in running a Sai School in an unknown village of Tamil Nadu with the loving help of Swami.

With best wishes,


Dubai, UAE

Dear H2H Team,

The article The Divine Oyster in Otteri has been really inspiring. It is no doubt greatly motivating. I request more such articles.

Sai Ram,

Harendra Singh,



Thank you for an inspiring and very touching story.  It is always inspiring to read about Swami's dedicated instruments as they selflessly serve under Swami's Divine Guidance.

Dick Murray,

Florida, USA

Sai Ram Heart2Heart,

Just want to say a few things about April's issue:

1. The cover story is so inspiring. Too many students in the West take their education for granted and just waste it away.....this story is just so amazing - I can’t write much as words do not do justice. The West has yet to achieve the discipline that these children have. Thanks so very much for featuring this article.

2. The stories of inspiration are just as the name suggests! Really inspiring!

Sai Ram, and thanks again,

Sherry Jagdeo,

Trinidad, West Indies

Sai Ram,

Thank you for such a beautiful, inspiring, memorable piece on the work done at the SVV School in Otteri.  I loved it and wished there would be such a school nearby (I live in Florida, USA ) so that I could send our grandchildren there…How blessed those children that attend that school are - even if many come from very poor families. Those children are receiving the best education any child could dream of. Please let us hear from more ex-students of the Sai Baba Schools, and their ongoing projects. You are doing a beautiful work at Heart2Heart.  Thank you for all the sharing.

Sai Ram,

Ana Maria Priu,



Reading your article The Divine Oyster in Otteri I was reminded of the poem written by Ann North called "The Gardener"; the text is given below. It only goes to show where there is dedication, discipline, and devotion, attaining great heights is not impossible. It will surely become one of the role model schools of our country. The greatest miracle is seeing the results first hand by those who have put Swami's teachings into practice in their daily life and the attainment of the fruit of their actions. Great work!

Some of the seeds of hope

Planted tentatively in the fall

Have not come up

They will lie still born and unrealized

Somewhere in the spring soil


The strongest and best ones

Pushed up through the leaves

And layers of cold, hard resistance

Right into the clear blue air

And they stand there nakedly green


It's always that way with growing things

Never knowing at the start

Which will make and which will fall

But the thing to hold fast to

Never to lose faith in

Is simply




Feedback on: Coming Home Click here to read it again

Dear H2H,

Peggy Mason was such a lovely person. When I last saw her she must have been in her eighties, up on the platform at a Sai meeting at Hove, near Brighton, UK. She was so beautiful; she looked ageless. Her inner beauty shone through and radiated in an extraordinary way. It was good to read her writing again in H2H. I still keep her two little books by my bedside: both about spiritualism and allied subjects, written before she and her husband learned of Swami's existence.



Sai Ram,

The article of the late Mrs. Peggy Mason has touched my heart and soul concerning her encounter of the love she experienced from the Omnipresent Sathya Sai Baba. It has shared some light and hope in knowing that He is always with us and understands our shortcomings. Always willing to help and all we need is to surrender and live in His Divine Love.


Helen Moremong,

South Africa


I read the article and I've got the feeling, special feeling, that all this I already know deep in myself and this is the Truth. Probably I cannot describe the feeling right, it was really good feeling.

A few years ago, I've been with a group of people, who introduced me to the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Till this time I've been seeking for something. I did not know what I'm seeking. But when I hear Baba's teaching: "There is only one religion, the religion of Love" and "There is only one God with many names", I was astonished. Something turned in me. And from that time I know this Truth.

I always like to read articles or books such as Mrs. Peggy Mason’s, because it is so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your love.

Davor Rup,


Feedback on: Musings on Avatars - Part 2 Click here to read it again

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I have read the two Musings on Avatars and they both have been like rain in May; I really enjoyed them. What I can say? It is lovely. I was thinking that it is such a huge privilege to have access to these stories, and also that an honored scientist of India makes use of his knowledge and memory in order to retell these accounts. I especially enjoy the parts of the story where Swami Himself points out hidden details and comments on their deeper meanings.
Thank you again, I love you all,

Ana Margarita Urzúa Camelo


Feedback on: When God Becomes Your Guardian… Click here to read it again


Yes, very true, God becomes our guardian. Heart2Heart articles are such a feast every month. I thank you for such beautiful articles. Every time I read the article I feel the Divine bliss. It is again His Will that I experience it so. God is ever loving, ever forgiving and ever giving. His ways are profound. His Love is beyond a mother's love. What more can anyone ask for?

Best Wishes,


Sai Ram,
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading this story.  I cried, during the part when their car blew a tyre and they were faced with a very serious dilemma.  It made me very sad.  But, lo and behold! Our beloved Bhagavan came to their rescue.  "What a mighty God, we serve".  I thoroughly, enjoyed reading this story. 

Peace and Blessings,

Lady Melba 

My heart melted especially with the last words of Sai Prasanth’s mother: ‘Our dear Lord promised that He would be with us, was and is always guarding and guiding us...’ I have this experience over and over, feel so thankful to live right now and be blessed with Swami's presence. Thank you this story.
Machteld Hanekroot,

The Netherlands

Feedback on: The Love of Pure Law Vs. the Law of Pure Love Click here to read it again

Sairam Dear Members of H2H,

The article by Mr. Amar Vivek was truly inspiring and really makes you think. It is even more interesting as I am at the moment in my first year of LLB. I would very much like to know the outcome of Mrs. Savitha's case, and it would be great if you could keep us posted.
Loving Regards,

Nimish Ubhayakar

Feedback on: Hungary For His Love Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,

I just finished reading Hungary For His Love.  It is very beautiful, heart warming and inspiring. It also makes me realize that I have a long way to travel on this road. Thanks for sharing and making His Love available to us so easily.  

Anil Kaushal, U.S.A.

Feedback on: Have a Blessed Day Click here to read it again

Sai Ram,
The message was put across in very few words, but very effective. Let us all be grateful to Him for every moment of our live. This reminds me of another saying which goes something like this – ‘I complained that I had no shoes, until I saw a man without feet.’ Once again thank you for reminding us of the above fact.
Kartik Bhatia,

San Bruno, California

Dear  Respected Sir. Sai Ram.
Your article Have a Blessed Day is really teaching us to live life of peace; only our thoughts can lead us to good actions and accept the Will of the Lord who watches our actions.
"Bhagavan Baba says, “Life has to be an incessant process of repair and reconstruction, of discarding evil and developing goodness…. In the journey of life, if you want to travel without fear, you must have the ticket of a good conscience.”
At the Feet of Swami,

Ram Chugani,

Kobe, Japan

Feedback on: Life Is A Game - Play It! Click here to read it again

Thank you very much for the wonderful articles which are published on the Web - I learned about this service only 2 months ago.  This article on pollution, quoting Bhagavan's words, is well written, and the wonderful diagram is worth printing out to show to people.

I use energy efficient light bulbs, recycle everything that my local city council will take, and use cloth shopping bags whenever I can.  Petrol prices are increasing greatly in New Zealand, so I am looking to use the car as little as possible, and welcome any other pointers towards using less. 

Your Heart2Heart online magazine is colourful, interesting, and very inspiring.  I am very grateful for the blessed work you are all doing - thank you, very much. 

Om Sai Ram,

Cleone Drew,

Christchurch, New Zealand

Feedback on: Get Inspired stories Click here to read it again


For people like me who are physically far from Swami, these "Get Inspired Articles" are really morale boosters and eye openers. My only request to Sai brothers is to increase the number of these articles!

Jai Sairam,

In Sai's service,
Mani, USA

General Feedback


Words are inadequate to express the sublime feelings  one gets after reading all your articles on Swami's  Divine Love reaching out to millions of dry hearts and quenching them with His Bliss, mysteriously and silently, turning each heart into His abode.  How fortunate we are. Your team is doing a wonderful service, in reinforcing our faith, our aspiration to make our lives His message. How else can we express our love for Him? Thank you once again,


Jayalakshmi Chandrasekar



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