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- Feedback from our readers on the October 2008 issue

Feedback on the Cover Story: Where Love Greets You And Grace Cures…
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I congratulate and thank you for the wonderful cover story you brought about the hospital in your October issue. I am already receiving a number of calls from my friends and relatives saying they liked the article very much and that it was an eye opener for them as far as working at the General Hospital was concerned. It was a very good work of journalism indeed and I once again congratulate your whole team.

Sai Ram to you all.

Dr Chaya Hemadri, Staff Doctor at Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital

Sai Ram,

Reading this has made me very emotional.  I was not able to read this article without a moment of tears in my eyes.  The love and service spirit is purely "SWAMI" in all of us.  I can feel Swami's presence at all times.  Thank you.

Sai Ram,

Uma Naganathan,


"Where Love greets you and Grace cures you" is a remarkable and classic example of His divine message of "Love All and Serve all". Bhagawan Baba acts what He preaches. His limitless Divine love for humanity is unparalleled in the history of mankind. His colleges, hospitals, water and medical institutions are the living examples of His Avataric mission. He is the only hope today for the suffering millions in India and elsewhere. It is high time for the medical profession, politicians and business giants to come forward to start such programmes for the needy in India and the world.

All of us also have responsibility towards our fellowmen, to share our physical and monetary resources as much as possible, with them. We should take inspiration from the unlimited love in action of Bhagawan Baba.

Gopal Mehta,


Sai Ram,

I was very impressed and moved (to tears) by the all the information on the General Hospital at Puttaparthi. I cannot express in words how much SGH means to me.

With love and blessings

Derek Taylor,


Dear Team,

Your article on the above subject is an eye opener for the readers. I, in fact could visualize the scenes about which you had written such as the experiences of the patients and the doctors. I visit Parthi frequently and this article enabled me to know the names of the doctors and feel the presence of Swami in the Hospital. I'm looking forward for the 3rd part of this issue. Kudos to the team!

Best wishes,


The General Hospital is a symbol of His endless Love and Concern for all.
We salute the dedicated band of Doctors for their untiring and selfless service.
The article was very inspiring and moving - loved the fluid and easy style of depiction. Thanks a lot, looking forward to the Part 3.




Feedback on: Musings On Avatars - Part 8
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Jai Sai Ram H2H Team,

I have just read Prof Venkataraman's Musings on Avatars and found it most inspiring. It was written in a very interesting and simplified way by Prof. Venkataraman. As I am a Chinese born and raised in Singapore (and therefore have no knowledge of the Mahabharata at all), I'm indeed grateful to be guided by Swami to read these articles.

I also enjoy the series on Mesmerizing Moments with the Divine Master and like to thank Mrs Rani Subramanian for sharing her experiences with us.
Last but not least, a big thank you to your team for your efforts in maintaining this website and giving much joy to your readers! I look forward to reading more inspiring articles!

With much love,

Julia Aich,



Feedback on: When Staunch Catholics Met Sathya Sai…
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Yes, this did help me a great deal. I started going to an Episcopalean church on June 16, 2008. Now I have been with Baba for about 10 or 12 years and have been to India to see His Divine Presence twice. This last January 2008 I was in India for one month to see Baba. I felt just bliss when I came to see Him this time, and I also experienced the same bliss when I went to the Episcopalean church. I have been going ever since June and am now helping to teach the children in Sunday school...

Thanks for putting this article up this month. 

Joan Casper,

Grass Valley, California, USA

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for the article about an American Sai devotee. It is encouraging to read. I was raised a Catholic. Churches are part of my background and culture. I would like to go to mass regularly but I find the sermons unfulfilling. What is missing is the understanding that we are all divine. Generally, the sermons talk about us as children of God who can be good and receive grace, but there is no mention of Self-realisation and enlightenment.

It was therefore good to read that Sai has said:  “It is good to be born in to religion but not to die in one”. This shows that we are in the end to transcend dogma and find our spiritual centre which is boundless and free – the atma.




As a Roman Catholic who discovered Sai Baba about a year ago I'm happy for Dr. Christian and his wonderful experiences. Like Dr. Christian I came to know Jesus better because of Sai Baba's teachings; most of which I read in H2H.

I love reading the H2H daily email, keep up the good work. Seva is my primary focus for living a Loving life. Have a Peaceful week

Love to all,

Walt Henry


Feedback on: Beyond Western Psychiatry….The Bliss Of ‘Sai’chiatry
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Om Sai Ram,

Dear H2H,

Thank you for the interview with Dr. Sandweiss. It was a real treat. I find his experiences, both personal and professional, very inspiring and encouraging. I also have to commend the appropriate questions asked by Prof. Venkataraman. I'm looking forward to read 2nd part of the interview.



Om Sai Ram and greetings,

My name is Deveena Naicker and I am from South Africa.  I felt deeply moved by this article and would like to receive more such articles about individuals’ experiences and how things changed once they entered Swami’s fold. 

To the Heart to Heart team, I would like to say a big thank you for the work that you are doing, it helps me to be close to Swami, even though I sit here very far from Him. I hope that some day Baba will bring me to His ashram to see Him and receive His divine blessings.

Om Sai Ram,

Deveena Naicker, Chief Agricultural Food & Quarantine Technician, National Department of Agriculture


Feedback on: The Love of My Life
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The article was very inspirational.  Malini's words reminded me that Swami says He is always with us, wherever we are.  All my life I have felt protected and guided by a Divine source.  Swami is present with me at all times, even if I don't physically see Him.

Malini's words were a message I needed to read today. In gratitude, I say thank you to her for writing the article. 

Shirley   McCann

Dear Heart2heart Team,

I just read "The Love of My Life" by Ms. Malini Gadepally and tears of joy came to my eyes (as so often when I read your mails).

Thank you for your daily emails, which give me so much joy.

Loving Sai Ram from

Mogens Abildgaard,



Feedback on: Take the Kindness Challenge!
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What a wonderful idea to " Take the Kindness Challenge..." - I had never thought about it and I can't wait to try some of it together as a family. I think Swami is doing this all the time and it is just to get glimpse of what He does for the whole of Humanity without any expectation.

I wanted to share something that happened during my recent dentist visit. I was at the dentist to have a wisdom tooth extraction. My husband had accompanied me and he was sitting right in front of the surgical chair that I was sitting on. I was nervous about the whole procedure, and as is my wont, I requested my husband to show me Swami's photo from my purse. He immediately removed a beautiful picture of Swami and Shirdi Baba and I prayed that Swami should take care of everything. The nurse who had checked my pressure etc. at this point said, I want to show you a video about wisdom teeth and the need to extract some. She turned on the TV and walked out. The first music out of the TV was a small bit that Radio Sai plays before the presenter announces a program. My eyes were wide open and I screamed "Radio Sai" and looked at my husband who also was surprised at the music we heard from that TV. Immediately the video commenced and the doctor who did the procedure came by and in seconds (literally -20 seconds!) the tooth was extracted and I was so peaceful.

Swami's act of kindness (not random - it is His very nature!) and His abundant grace to me in the form of Radio Sai music, was enough of a confirmation that He had taken control of the whole situation!

Thanks to Radio Sai for bringing such yeomen services to people like me living so far away from Parthi and longing to see or hear the Lord.

Sai Ram,

Kavitha Sriram, (Alumna ATP Campus), Shrewsbury Sai Centre, USA.


Feedback on: Multi Faith Quiz
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Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters of the H2H team,

The Multi Faith Quiz is one of the best ways of helping Swami's followers to know about all religions, thereby helping to develop tolerance for all other religions of the world. Thanks for introducing such noble features to your site.

Sai pranams,

Venkatesh Murthy


Feedback on: Sai Inspires, the free daily inspirational e-mail service

Sai Ram,

I write this with a profound sense of gratitude for enabling all of us who are physically at such a great distance from Puttaparthi to read and enjoy the bliss of Swami's words and grace.

I start with my day at work after reading the thought for the day and there have been more occasions than one, when Swami's message appears to be an answer to a problem or a doubt.

It is wonderful that you have developed such a platform through which all of us can derive such joy.

Sai Ram.


Dear Sirs,

I have been receiving and reading mails from 'Heart 2 Heart' giving Sri Sathya Sai Baba's guidance everyday for the past few months. This is one of the first things I like to do in the morning. I am trying to put into practise His words of advice. I am generally deeply moved to read all the articles, especially in the 'Swami and Me' section. Many articles have brought tears spontaneously to my eyes. The article by Ms.Malini Gadepally was also very moving. As she says, ‘He is with us at all times’... The only way we can exhibit our gratitude is to follow His teachings to the best of our ability.

Sai Ram,

Meenakshi Sriram

Sai Ram,

The Sai Inspires sent everyday is so wonderful and it looks like Baba is answering every question of mine. It is as though He is reading my mind and replying to it. So wonderful and really inspiring.


Shanmugam Venkatesh

Dear Heart to Heart Team,

Every day when I read the news letters I really get immense pleasure to be in touch with Sai’s words which I rarely get time to read otherwise. I ensure that I go through your mail as and when possible and am sure with your noble efforts you are spreading Sai’s words and peace the world over. I
appreciate your efforts and thank you for the daily letters.

Best regards,

Srinivas Pradeep

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Vol 6 Issue 11 - NOVEMBER 2008
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