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During this sacred 83 rd birthday month of our beloved Bhagavan Baba, and in celebration of the monumental blessings of Divine Love that He has bestowed on humanity, here is a quiz on ‘Divine Love’, culled from previous issues of Heart2Heart.

1. In ‘Learning to Love’ from the October 2007 issue, Mr. Viswanath Das shares Swami’s quote: “Humanness blossoms in a pure heart. When we come into this world, it is only love that comes with us. From love comes truth. When love and truth come together, humanness finds its sustenance.

The mansion of human life can be built with self-confidence as the foundation, self-satisfaction as pillars and self-sacrifice as the roof. Only then can you have self-realization in life. For self-satisfaction this self-realization is needed. Without self–satisfaction there can be no happiness in life. And the happiness comes from love within. One who does not have inner love does not see the happiness outside.

Love is experienced in three ways, rather love is of three types - svaartha prema (self-oriented love), paraartha prema (love towards all fellow beings), and anyonya prema…”

According to Swami, what is this third type of love, anyonya prema experienced as?

2. In ‘The Greatest of All is Love’ from the December 2006 issue, Mr. John Behner shares his experience that occurred at Christmas time in 1979. ‘Actually when we first read about Swami, my wife said to me that if we had lived at the time of Christ wouldn’t we have gone to see Him? Of course, I agreed.

That year the celebration was in Whitefield, Bangalore and the students presented a drama on the life of the Jesus Christ after which Swami gave His Christmas message. And after Swami’s discourse, the boys came with large containers of rice delicacy which was served on plates.

It was so special those days as Swami Himself served every single one of us in that auditorium. After my wife received a plate, she said “Thank you” and Swami immediately said, ‘__________’.

3. In our ‘Searching The Truth, Understanding True Love’ from the August 2006 issue, Mr. Arthur Hillcoat reminds us: “Swami tells us over and over again: ‘Embodiments of Love.’ Swami tells us that we are Divine. But do we really listen to Swami? Swami tells us beautiful words and they are lovely; and we get a good feeling about it but when we leave, do we think about that? Do we take time to search for understanding? Without that, without the understanding, how can we ever know the Truth? What are the things that get in the way? Things that get in the way are the fact that firstly we believe we are _________ and that we have free will and that we can do things and we can achieve things. How sad it is that we think that!”

4. In ‘When Staunch Catholics Met Sathya Sai... Part 1’ from the October 2008 issue, we presented an interview conducted by Mrs. Varsha Jonnalagadda with Dr. Christian Moevs . One question posed to him was the following:

Q: Does Baba ask you about your own religious beliefs?

Answer: Oh, but there is only one religion - the religion of love. Baba teaches that everyone must follow their own religious path. They all lead to the same place. But do it with absolute intensity and follow it all the way. They will all merge in the same place. Baba says, “Let all the religions flourish as long as they do not extinguish the flame of unity.”

Baba also gave a profound message on another occasion. He said, “It is an excellent thing to be born into a ________ but not so good to die in one”.

5. In ‘Love that Cannot Be Duplicated’ from the June 2007 issue, Ms. Lakshmi S. Menon recollected: “ To illustrate the simplicity of His Divine nature, I recall yet another sweet moment from my student days. It is a healing that comes to mind. Once we girl-students had all come to Puttaparthi from Anantapur for Swami’s Darshan and those days, we were allowed to take trays of toffees if it happened to be our birthday or some such occasion. I was sitting with a friend behind a girl holding a tray. Swami came near us, picked a whole fistful of chocolates and showered them merrily all over us and walked away. After He had gone quite a distance, I found this friend suddenly weeping uncontrollably.”

What was the reason for her misery?

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-Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 6 Issue 11 - NOVEMBER 2008
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