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- Feedback from our readers on the September 2008 issue

Feedback on the Cover Story: Salah: The Flag of Islam
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I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading the cover story.  I always wondered about the inner significance of the rituals of Islam and this article clarified everything.  Moreover, it was amazing how the article showed unity amongst religions.  The story about Sai-naz was very touching and inspiring.  The article was also very helpful in terms of implementing Swami's teachings.  

Thank you for publishing the article!



Sai Ram,

This great article has opened my Roman Catholic eyes a little about Islam. I needed it as an ignorant Dutch inhabitant with a lot of Muslims in our country.

Thank you so much!!


Machteld G. Hanekroot,


Sai Ram,

This article is so good, as it inspires us always to remember God’s name. We need more articles like this on different religions.

Jai Sai Ram,

Santhosh Patil

I feel engulfed with the love of Swami after reading "This Life Is For Him” and “The Engima of Islam" on this holy day.  These articles definitely make me feel His presence.  I express my heartfelt thanks to H2H for bringing such soul stirring issues about our beloved Swami.  May Swami continue to inspire H2H with many more such issues.

Thanks and Regards


Zürich, Switzerland


Feedback on: This Life Is For Him
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I am a school teacher and was seeking a lot of answers about my career, personal life and other matters. I just cannot believe it as this interview session was like Swami talking to me in every word and every issue discussed. I am feeling so much at peace at the moment. All the other articles too are just wonderful - truly heart to heart – and I just feel like sharing them with so many people. Thank you for the wonderful service once more.

Indra Wati

Dear brothers at H2H,

Our gratitude for bringing out such a beautiful interview of Sri Siva Ramakrishnaiah. Please continue to publish interviews like this from devotees of long standing so that we can at least see and learn from their devotion and experiences. May Swami bless you all and please continue the good work.

In Loving Sai Ram,


Toronto, Canada


Feedback on: Mesmerizing Moments with the Divine Master
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Dear H2H,

I was born in Dublin, Ireland but I am writing to you from New York as I care for an elderly man in terminal illness. It is 03.40 hrs and I have spent the past couple of hours enjoying the content of your wonderful site. I have signed up for Inspirational e-mails but particularly want to thank you for printing the exquisite teachings of Swami to Rani Maa, as communicated to her and shared with us in the articles entitled "Mesmerising Moments with the Divine Master".

I have read all the backdated copies and taken copious notes and would love Rani Maa to hear how her diary can touch the souls of strangers who long for the wisdom it contains. It is the clarity when faced with day to day struggles which can help us stay true to our inner self and the simplicity of Swami's instructions  to her and through her to us all, which are so powerful. I believe there are  many like me, who long for clarity so that we might follow the path to God.

I have experienced many of the issues and come to some of the solutions through  searching my soul and it is so wonderful to hear Swami say the words to Rani Maa, which I sometimes found in listening to the God within me. Now I want to practice more and more silence and mastery of thought, word and deed and feel I have clear instructions for the way forward from Swami Himself.

Swami has been with me without my realising it! You are doing such important work, Thank you for being the inspiration! Thank you to everyone involved for serving Swami and me!

With Love and gratitude,



Feedback on: Swami – My Mother Unparalleled
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It was really touching to read about Mrs. Sangeeta Bhadriraju’sbeautiful experiences. Swami is indeed a loving and living divine mother. Though Swami has never spoken to me or granted interviews etc, He has always been showering our family with His divine grace. I could relate easily to Swami as our Divine mother, since I also do not have my physical mother; Swami has always been more than compensating me with that love in so many ways.


Nandini Ramesh ,



Feedback on Get Inspired

Sairam Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Many thanks for your wonderful service through H2H. I love all the sections of the journal. Particularly, my favourite section is "Get Inspired". Conveying the message through beautiful stories and cute pictures is really a pleasant, wonderful and effective way to reach people.

Sometimes I post these beautiful stories in a mailing list, giving a link to  H2H journal. Once again many thanks for the wonderful gift.

Sai love,



Om Sai ram,

It is indeed amazing how God sends messages. Probably for the first time, I was in tears when my parents left for their residence today morning. I do not know why, but I was very emotional. I could not even hug my mother because I would have cried out loudly.

And then, I chance upon this article of Picture In A Wallet, below which was the message from Baba.

Try to reduce your attachment to the world to the minimum extent possible. Be happy and make others happy. Do not hurt anybody. Consider difficulties as passing clouds. You have developed family relationships and there are bound to be some worries. But do not be perturbed by them. When you look at the vast sky, you find many clouds. Likewise, in the sky of your heart there are clouds of attachment. They just come and go. Do not worry about them… Develop equanimity and strive to attain Divinity.

Krishna, God, is the only constant companion.




Feedback on Bhajan Tutor
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Just a quick note to say that you all are doing a brilliant job at Heart to Heart. You must have heard it many times already from many people, but I would just like to add another vote of thanks. Every month I look forward with great anticipation to the new release from Ravi K. and S Prashanth, who are both simply out-of-this-world singers. Their bhajan singing really invokes devotion and we are eternally grateful.

Thanks and regards,



General Feedback

Sai Ram,

How to give thanks to Radio Sai? I am a youth leader from the local Samithi, and I was able to find so much information about my beloved Sai and amazing photos of Him only through this media. So thank you very much and keep it up!

Jai Sai Ram,




I have been reading all the articles of Heart2Heart the last few months. Having read this month's articles, I just could not stop and my heart craved for more and more of Swami's stories. So, I started going through all the previous issues and trying to exhaust the whole site.

Today I read the entire series, Unforgettable Moments with Sai: The Recollections of Mr. Chidambaram Krishnan, the H2H Special published in 2006, which were marvellous.

I can feel real happiness reading Swami's Mission, stories and miracles. All these are benefiting me a lot and I know it is all His grace.
I want to thank you for this site which is helping me a lot in my long spiritual journey.

Sai Ram,


Sai Ram!

I am an alumnus of the Sri Sathya Sai College for Women, Bhopal. My father is a regular listener of Radio Sai and it is through him that I came to know about Heart2Heart.

I had lost touch with the Sai family for almost 4 years and now I'm finding H2H a very effective medium to communicate with them all.

I have seen the best of management institutes including IIMA in India, but the people force that Baba is creating is unquestionably the best-Best among human beings! You just have to follow the instructions of Swami, that's all!

Best regards

Dr. Mamta Yerra  

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Vol 6 Issue 10 - OCTOBER 2008
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