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The first Hospital that Swami built was in Puttaparthi and opened in 1956. Till now, it has served millions of people (please see our current cover story “Where Love Greets You and Grace Cures…). Since then Swami has established many medical institutions, including two Super Specialty Hospitals, which have given completely free treatment to all patients, including expensive surgeries, without any discrimination whatsoever.

In one significant divine discourse, Swami exhorted:

“Some of you may ask why there should be a Hospital at all here! Why should not Baba cure diseases by an exercise of His Will? That is the question. Well, for one thing, this Hospital is not My only Hospital. In fact, all Hospitals everywhere are Mine. I visit them all. Why, all those who call out from their hearts for succour, in whatever language, from whatever clime, whether from Hospitals or homes, are Mine.

Doctors are embodiments of the Divine. As such, it is their duty to see that people do not shed tears of grief. They may doubt how far this is possible. Do as much as lies within your power. What happens thereafter need not bother you. Treat ‘Duty as God’ and ‘Work as Worship’. If you carry on your work in this spirit, the world will be a happier place for all.

Our Hospital stands for unity in diversity. It does not crave for money, name and fame. In olden days, education, health care, food and water were provided free of cost. I have determined to provide them all free.”

Over the years on many occasions Swami has given deep insights on true healthcare through His mission and message. The purpose of this quiz is to share with you these precious doses of medicare from the Divine Doctor.

1. At an International gathering of Cardiac specialists present at a symposium held in the Auditorium of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prashanthi Nilayam, on February 6, 1993 Swami declared: “ This Hospital is not Swami’s. It belongs to all of you. This Hospital was established with the noble aim of serving suffering humanity. Besides excellent equipment of the highest quality, we have here the most modern facilities for medical and surgical treatment and, above all, a team of dedicated doctors and other staff who render selfless service with a smile. The construction of the Hospital was completed in an incredibly short period of ___________ months.”

2. On Hospital Day, October 5, 1967, Swami clarified:

“ Do not be under the impression that we have this Hospital because I need the help of these doctors and these drugs to cure those who come to Me. There are some who desire treatment by the doctors, in a Hospital; that is the means by which they feel they can be cured. Some are anxious that the doctor must give them an injection; if he doesn't, they feel they are neglected. So, I ask the doctor to give them one, or even a series! There are many who have no faith in anything except tablets and the needle. They come to the Hospital and while there, they listen to the silence of the Prashanthi Nilayam, and feel the bliss that is redolent in the atmosphere. They respond to the bhajans (congregational singing of devotional songs) and see how people who partake in it are happy: when they are in that Aarogya nilaya (House of Health, the Hospital), they are drawn to this Aanandha nilaya (Home of Bliss, the Prayer Hall), and gradually, they equip themselves with the armour of ________ which guards them against any illness.”

3. At the inaugural session of the Second International Symposium on Cardio-vascular Diseases held in the Sathya Sai Institute Auditorium on January 21, 1994, Swami clarified:

“ Some doctors wonder how we are able to give free treatment, free operations and free meals to our patients. To be frank, there should not be any room for wonder in this regard. You can work wonders with purity of heart. Any work which is started with purity of heart is bound to succeed. Money flows if your work is suffused with love and sacrifice. People will provide munificent funds to support any noble endeavour. The land of Bhaarath has been a Punya Bhuumi (Land of sanctity), Thyaaga Bhuumi ( Land of Sacrifice), Yoga Bhuumi (Land of spiritual austerities), and Karma Bhuumi (Land of righteous action). In fact, there is no dearth of money in India.”

According to Swami, what is the first step that a doctor can take to transform humanity with their expertise?

4. In an address to the Valedictory session of the Cardiac Specialty Symposium on February 7, 1993, Swami said:

There are in the world today highly intelligent and experienced doctors of great renown. They are, however, concerned only with the cure of diseases and not the redemption of the patient. It is more important to cure the mental condition of the patient than to relieve his physical illness. Doctors treat the disease and not the patient. During the past two days, the doctors have been discussing how to cure diseases. They have presented statistics as to the number of cases handled, the number of cures affected and the incidence of mortality. The doctors have had some doubts about how all diseases are cured in our Sathya Sai Hospital. How does this happen? There is a good answer for this doubt.”

What was the answer that Swami gave?

5. In an inaugural session of the Second International Symposium on Cardio-vascular Diseases held in the Sathya Sai Institute Auditorium on January 21, 1994, Swami reiterated:

“ You have high degrees such as MD, FRCS, MRCP, etc., as a result of your sincere striving. But it is a mistake to think that these degrees are yours. In fact these degrees have been conferred on you for your study, skill, memory power and knowledge. These degrees will truly belong to you on the day you apply this knowledge in practice. Unfortunately, in this modern age all activities and professions are tainted by a commercial outlook and greed for earning money. Even the sacred profession of a doctor has degenerated into a business. A doctor should reflect the triple qualities of sacrifice, love and ___________ in treating his patients.”

6. In His Divine Discourse at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Whitefield on June 3, 1995, Swami said: “ Elsewhere Hospitals have become big business. In fact, in every sphere commercialization is rampant. Education is a business. Music is a business. Health is a business. The whole world has become a market place.

“Welfare services should be free for all. There are numerous people who cannot afford the costs of medical treatment. Doctors should render free service to such persons. My words should not be misunderstood. Even in the earning of incomes there should be a limit. Many doctors lack determination. They join a hospital on a good salary. But after a month or so, when another hospital offers a higher salary they go over to the new hospital. How long are you likely to stay in the other hospital? When you go like this, you forfeit the confidence of hospital managements. Even workers behave in this way. They shift from place to place. Doctors are obsessed with salaries. They should be more concerned about patients. When they concentrate on their patients, they will develop into excellent doctors.”

What tip does Swami then give to become a good doctor?

7. In an Inaugural session of the Second International Symposium on Cardio-vascular Diseases held in the Sathya Sai Institute Auditorium on January, 1994, Swami reveals:

“ The essential mark of a hospital is its cleanliness. Clean toilets are an index of the cleanliness of a hospital. Our Hospital is as clean as a mirror; as it is always kept clean by the team of dedicated seva dal volunteers who relentlessly work hard with a spirit of service and sacrifice. It is not the service of one, but the service of many, which has contributed to the rapid development of our Hospital! A single flower cannot make a garland. All the people - the patients, doctors, workers - work in a spirit of harmony and unity. It is this sense of unity which contributes to purity and this purity of heart secures ___________”

8. During the Inauguration of SSSIHMS, Whitefield, Bangalore, on January 19, 2001, Swami implored:

Of what use is medical science if it does not bestow health and happiness on the poor and needy? Today the educated do not care to spare a thought for the poor and forlorn. This Hospital is dedicated for the welfare of the poor. I am happy only when the poor are served. I have dedicated My entire life for the uplift of the poor and downtrodden. Doctors! Fill your hearts with compassion and serve the poor and needy. Don’t be stonehearted and money-minded. When the hour of reckoning comes, will you be able to carry with you the wealth you have amassed? No. Serve the poor with love. That alone can redeem you. Service to the poor is _________”

9. At the Valedictory function of the Second International Symposium on Cardiovascular diseases on January 23, 1994, Swami reminded the audience:

It is the duty of the doctors to use their knowledge in the service of mankind. Acquisition of skill and perfection in one's work delights one's self. Education gains significance only when it is rested on the touch-stone of practice. One must continuously work. It is activity that confers authority. A doctor gains happiness in proportion to the work he puts in. The genuine doctor is one who ___________ in work.”

10. During the Inauguration of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Whitefield, in Bangalore, on January 19, 2001, Swami enlightened us by stating:

“ Divine Grace is essential for cure. Medicines on their own cannot cure diseases; it is Divine grace that cures. Without God’s grace, even the pulse cannot beat. You are under the mistaken notion that mere medicines can cure the diseases. If that were the case, what happened to all those kings and rich men who had access to best medical facilities? So, along with medicines, one should have Divine grace too. Medicine and Divine grace are like _________ respectively’

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Vol 6 Issue 10 - OCTOBER 2008
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