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Under the “Spiritual Blossoms” section, in every issue of Heart2Heart, we have the feature “Conversations with Sai”. These are question and answer sessions that fortunate devotees like Dr. John Hislop and Prof. Anil Kumar have had with Bhagavan on various occasions. Now, here is a quiz based on this Heart2Heart serial article.

1. What was Swami’s reply when Dr. Hislop asked Him about the most subtle point of His teachings?

2. October 15, 1918 is Bhagavan Baba’s previous Incarnation, Shirdi Sai’s Mahasamadhi [death anniversary] day. In the October 2006 issue, we had what Swami revealed about Shirdi Sai during one conversation. Bhagavan Said:

“During the lifetime of Shirdi Baba not much attention was paid to Him. Recognition of Him as an Avathar, and interest in His life developed only after His 'death'. Thus, various incidents are recalled from memory now by devotees and written down in books… A lady made a plate of sweets for Shirdi Baba, and a dog ate them. The lady drove the dog away with blows. She then carried another platter of sweets to Shirdi Baba, who refused them.”

What did Shirdi Baba cite as His reason for refusing the sweets?

3. In our October 2007 issue, Hislop expressed his confusion: “In His Discourses, Swami says that God should be recognized as the Doer of all actions and that we should not take it upon ourselves to be the doer. How can we do that?”

Swami guided him thus: “Take the viewpoint that ______________.”

4. In the June 2005 issue, Hislop tells us that once Bhagavan was at Dharmakshetra, His ashram in Bombay. Swami had just selected 96 saris for distribution out of 100 saris offered to Him and the 4 rejected ones had been placed in a box. Hislop, who was with Swami, immediately noticed that water had collected around the box with the rejected saris.

Where had the water come from?

5. In the January 2006 issue, a visitor asks Swami, a simple yet important question: ‘ How can I recognize a right thought?’

What was Swami’s reply?

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-Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 6 Issue 10 - OCTOBER 2008
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