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- Feedback from our readers on the August 2008 issue

Feedback on the cover story: Beacons to Bolster the Soul of Business
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Sai Ram,

My name is Ramachandra from the 2005-07 MBA batch. It just was extremely refreshing and rejuvenating to read this edition’s cover story on MBA alumni. As I have very little corporate experience, I cannot comment much on the long term impact that an MBA in Puttaparthi would deliver.

But I would like to say that it is important to pay attention to discipline during the stay in Hostel, as I believe this inculcates the many different qualities mentioned in the cover story. Remaining calm and not being driven by impulses is something that is paying off very well in my career.



Dear Radio Sai,

The coverage on SBMAF was very interesting. It is also interesting to see the transformation these graduates are bringing in the corporate world by each day undergoing spiritual transformation as they solve business problems - and at the end of the day placing the wins and losses at Swami’s Lotus Feet. These MBA graduates are truly living to the axiom 'Mind on Baba Always' while uplifting the Morality factor in the corporate world, challenged by increasing competition.

I hope these drops in the water will one day transform the corporate and non-corporate worlds worldwide.


Syam Rajasekharuni,

Sydney, Australia

Sai Ram H2H Team,

I cannot agree more to all that you have said. As a treatise it was very well articulated and you have analyzed the problem very precisely - "when the goals are wrong, it does not matter whether you succeed or not."

True, the goals of business have metamorphosed drastically. The true goal of any business is not to get the maximum profits possible. Surprisingly, the thoughts that intrigue me now-a-days are on H2H lines!  Your analysis strengthens my conclusions and makes me feel happy to see people, who take the initiative to propagate powerful thoughts and help others think!

Transformation should start at the individual level. It’s only when each of us resolves to become better human beings, there can be a visible change in society. It is only when the thoughts of the general public are stimulated in the right direction, when they give deep thought to all the issues we face today, that they will resolve to do something about it.




My name is Bharadwaj, an alumnus of the Institute and based currently out of New York City. I thank Radio Sai and the Heart2Heart Team for this excellent and timely article.

At such a perilous time in the world, with little publicity, the School has achieved tremendous importance and relevance. I was at the Stern School of Business, a premier Ivy League School, in the US and I realised nobody can give us the quality of education that we received from Swami. If we talk of placements, salaries, alumni, etc. maybe we are not comparable; but the one greatest gift that mankind will envy us for is Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Himself.




I read the article and of course it inspired me a lot, being very informative - it felt like attending a refresher course at the Business School of the Sathya Sai University.

It was a great opportunity to read and know about the inspired alumni who are the gems created by Bhagavan.

Sarath Kumar

Sairam H2H,

It was an absolute joy to read the two Cover Stories, from the July and August issues, about the Students and the Institute. They were both fantastic. They were highly inspiring and just what I have been waiting for.

After reading this, I am convinced without a doubt that things in the corporate world can only work the Sai way.

I am currently pursuing a Law degree, and long to study my MBA at the Feet of Sai.

Loving Regards,

Nimish Ubhayakar


Feedback on: Destiny’s Child
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It is with a lot of joy and humble pride that I read the article in Heart2Heart. To know that Swami's Super-Specialty Hospitals in Bangalore and Puttaparthi are transforming thousands of peoples' lives each day is truly beautiful. My humble pranams to Swami, who inspires every living being in this universe, and guides us to become better human beings. My best wishes and warm regards and pranams to all the staff at the Hospitals.

Being in the UK for five years, and working part time as a care-assistant in the local hospital for that period, has made me realise what a brilliant gift selfless love is! It benefits the receiver and also the giver, possibly more so to the latter! Even with multi-million pound budgets for the NHS (National Health Service, which is free, too) and many plans and guidelines for a smooth-running NHS Trust, I am yet to see dedication and efficiency, love and commitment on a scale that Swami's Hospitals and their staff exemplify. I can only say that when I go in to work again this weekend, the memory of this family's experience will guide me to be even more receptive to the needs of my patients.

Om Sri Sai Ram,

Ruchita Sarvaiya,

Luton, UK


Feedback on: This life is for Him
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Dear H2H,

The article is inspiring because it affirms for me that Swami has a plan for us. I am a teacher and recently a new career opportunity has been presented to me. There was uncertainty in my mind as to what the outcome will be, but reading the article about Mr Y. Siva Rama Krishnaiah's professional journey affirmed that things happen according to Divine timing.

Many years ago when I had doubts whether I should continue in my teaching career Swami appeared in my dream and with a word dissolved all my doubts. The question was 'what shall I do Swami?' and the response was 'Teaching'.

Sai Ram,

Ivo Tadic, Mount Gambier, South Australia


Feedback on: Prashanti Diary
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I would like to thank you for providing people with the amazing spiritual Prashanti Diary with Sai Baba's discourses. His discourses are so wonderful that it brings tears to my eyes and makes me feel as if I am climbing a spiritual ladder, slowly yet willingly. Thank you so much!

Jai Sai Ram!

Shama Bhatia


Feedback on: Love And Liberation
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The article from the loving Australian was beautiful and inspiring.  It spoke in an expansive yet concise manner and captivated me throughout. 

Sai Ram,

Gregory Matsumoto

Thank you so much for bringing back to memory these very insightful words from Howard Murphet, which I had read before, but had not completely registered in my mind and which had receded back in memory!

Shashikant Ambegaokar,

Vista, California, USA

Sai Ram,

Thank you for publishing the great article on Love and Liberation. Swami has worked through Murphet to explain love, forgiveness, and liberation in simple terms.

Sai Love,


Milwaukee, USA


Feedback on: My Sai - the Incredible God, Within and Without
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Sai Ram,

Yes, this article did inspire me.  I cried as I was reading it.  What wonderful magic Swami performs.  Swami gives us so much love.  I now feel I must learn to share this love with all the people around me.  

Lots of love,


Sai Ram,

This article  is a very inspiring narration of experiences with the divine Lord and His grace showered on her by Swami. It certainly inspired me to a great extent to do more than what I am doing to be part of the divine mission: Love All Serve All and Help Ever and Hurt Never.


Balaji Suresh


Feedback on: My Dear Sai, Always infallible
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This article is just wonderful. It gives an insight into the mysterious ways of our Sai; He gives what we deserve and not what we desire.  He always gives the right thing at the right time.  I would like to read other such articles where a devotee is disappointed that the Lord has not granted his wish, but finally has their desires fulfilled at a later stage.

V. S. Venkataraman Iyer,

Mumbai, India


Feedback on: Bhajan Classroom
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Dear Staff of H2H,

This is a great website and amazingly helpful! I just wanted to say my big ‘Thank You’ for all of your work to upload the script of the bhajans and the meaning in English.

This is very easy to use because of separated files for pronunciation, tune and full version. The text on the website was also useful. Now I can enjoy it more as I sing and learn bhajans - and will be more prepared for my next visit to Ashram.

Thank you so much again,

Kazuhiro Numasawa,



General Feedback

I've been reading your email for a few months and I want you to know that the stories and quizzes you provide are well worth the read. Thank you for bringing Sai Baba into my life; I am a Roman Catholic who enjoys Indian spirituality; it's very enlightening.

My favorite Sai Baba saying is "Love others as God loves you." Keep spreading the Good News. Have a peaceful week.

Love to all,

Walt Henry,


Sai Ram Brothers and Sisters in Sai,

Today I heard a talk by Dr. Venkataraman about the beginnings of Radio Sai and future of the 24 hour broadcasts. I would like to send my profound thanks to all that help and run this wonderful service to all in the listening universe.

In the beginning of hearing about this marvel, I had no interest in technology of any kind and had a prejudice initially about the satellite and internet broadcasts. That slowly melted away as I was pleasantly surprised at the talks by Baba, interviews with various international devotees and their experiences and, of course, the bhajans sung by Baba and other programs.

To date, it has been two years that every work day at my office, I am able to keep the station on for the 8 hours that I am there! My boss is not asking me to shut the station off, so I know Baba has His hand in the matter. The clients that I see in my office and the social workers are all getting a blast when they enter my office which is set up in a spiritual way with a picture of Baba and other photos of Buddha, Gandhi and a picture of the Lingam Swami produced that has healing energy. I work in an HIV/AIDs program in Queens, New York City and my level of stress is kept to a minimum, thanks to all your efforts and the blessings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

I have been a devotee for the past 34 years and could have never guessed that all the wonder I have been privileged to experience while under the direct guidance of the Avatar would have manifested; of course, everything He said has always come true. I feel that all the discourses are like going to Spiritual School in the Direct Divine Guidance of Baba with the help of you all. May Baba bless all in all. Thank you and Sai Ram.

Rosalie Loew,



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